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Sony has revealed a new, limited-edition set of its popular noise-cancelling headphones, with the WH-1000XM4 Silent White promising a finish that’s more than just eye-catching. A fourth color option, the white joins the existing black, blue, and silver options that have been available until now. According to Sony, the Silent White finish will “reflect the concept of silence and serenity … Continue reading
Picture the scene. It’s summer, lockdowns are easing, and you’re ready to venture back out into the world. You’re feeling brave after a year stuck inside, brave enough that you’ve picked out an all-white outfit. You read up on how to make the color work in the likes of Vogue and GQ, but suddenly, disaster strikes. You notice something. “The Verge’s top rated wireless headphones!” you exclaim to no-one in particular, “they’re only available in black, blue, or this weird dork-ass beige?!” It’s ok, don’t fret. Sony is releasing a limited edition of the WH-1000XM4 headphones in all white. Better still, it’s real white, not that orthopedic brown Sony’s being trying to pass off as “silver” all these years. Sony promises these “Silent White”... Continue reading…
Morphe, which sells James Charles products, has been flooded with negative social-media comments about the YouTuber. The company has stayed silent.
In a YouTube video, James Charles admitted to sexting with boys who now say they're under 18. Brands have not reacted.
Since Wednesday evening, media watchdogs report, the network hasn't mentioned Gaetz's name a single time.
Xiaomi said it would develop smart electric vehicles through a wholly-owned subsidiary led by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.
The two newest models, the Eelex 8000 and the Eelord 6000 were first shown off in January.
Why is it important to find the right B2B influencers? Are there right and wrong ways to approach the process of choosing the best B2B influencers? The crucial task of selecting B2B influencers who will drive the greatest success for a brand isn’t a simple one, yet it’s one often shrouded in mystery — a question that we’ll explore utilizing a collection of do’s and don’ts. There is no single more important element in B2B influencer marketing than finding subject matter experts who will provide the best relevance, resonance, and engagement for your brand. Join in as we take a look at what a smart B2B influencer selection process looks like, and why some approaches are better than others. If you're wonderful why influencer marketing is a winning solution for B2B brands, also be sure to check out our recent "Why Influencer Marketing Should Be a Priority 2021 Tactic for B2B Brands." [bctt tweet="“There is no single more important element in B2B influencer marketing than finding subject matter experts who will provide the best relevance, resonance, and engagement for your brand.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis" username="toprank"] Don’t — Rely Solely On Follower Counts Mere follower count tallies tell only a partial tale when it comes to whether an influencer’s audience is first and foremost authentic — and not filled with fake accounts and the like — along with being topically relevant to the issues that are important to a brand. A potential influencer’s follower count plays a role in the selection process, certainly, however learning whether an industry expert’s followers are actively engaging with them by posting, commenting or by utilizing other forms of social sharing is usually a more important element when it comes to finding ideal influencers. This type of follower analysis requires a deeper variety of research into whether a potential influencer will likely be a good brand match, and as we’ll explore, it requires both taking full advantage of powerful tools for measuring social media engagement as well as a human touch. As our CEO and co-founder Lee Odden has shared with audiences since the dawn of B2B influencer marketing, in the B2B world you actually have to be an expert to be a great influencer — you can’t just be good at making videos, tweeting, or other individual particular forms of social messaging, as is often the case in B2C. Do — Measure Follower Relevance, Resonance & Engagement As we’ll explore, there are numerous helpful tools and platforms that help to a certain extent in the process of finding the best influencers for a particular brand, however their numerical measurements and rankings are only able to do so much, and often work best when several tools are used and then combined and analyzed by a competent B2B influencer marketing researcher. It’s key to look at a potential influencer’s topical relevance, and their resonance — the degree to which that topic resonates with the audience network of a particular influencer. [bctt tweet="“There are numerous helpful tools and platforms that help to a certain extent in the process of finding the best influencers for a particular brand, however their numerical measurements and rankings are only able to do so much.” @lanerellis" username="toprank"] Don’t — Take A B2C Influencer Approach For Reaching B2B Audiences B2C influencer marketing’s traditional approach, often built on paid relationships with minor or major celebrities — while occasionally utilized in B2B marketing — typically isn’t well-suited to creating the kind of expert credibility that B2B buyers and customers are seeking. Instead, smart B2B marketers use an influencer selection process that heavily relies on locating the most relevant subject matter experts for a particular topic — professionals who may be famous only on a certain niche industry Reddit channel or other social media platform. Their form of celebrity, however — while on the micro side — resonates well with B2B buyers, as the fame a good B2B influencer has built is based on genuine expertise about a topic. As Lee has explained over the years, if you want the best influencer content, invite the scientist, engineer, educator, or academic to share their perspective. When they do this as an influencer, it’s going to lift the quality of your brand’s content and help make it great. Simply seeking true celebrities for influencer marketing and hoping for massive engagement offers very little return on investment in the B2B arena, where influence has reached a level of democratization. This presents new opportunities for influencers, and makes the process of finding the right influencer more challenging than ever, despite having what may be a bigger pool of influencer talent than ever to work with. As Lee and others have suggested, smart brands will find B2B influencers that help them go for a little bit from a lot of different people in an important niche, where the micro-influencer approach has increasingly become more relevant as a way to build advocacy and co-create content in a way that speaks closely to the voice of the customer. Do — Recognize B2B Brands’ Unique Influencer Challenges The process of selecting the best influencer matches for B2B marketing should include substantial recognition of the nature of B2B influencer marketing, with its unique challenges such as significantly longer buying cycles than in B2C, while also being aware of the opportunities that are unique to B2B influencer marketing. There’s little doubt that today’s B2B buyers are overwhelmed with options, and that they have often grown distrustful of marketing and advertising, which has increased the power of influencers, who are expert sources of trusted information. Choosing the right B2B influencers leads to the creation of credible connections with people who are actively interested in paying attention. B2B’s longer sales cycles result in vast amounts of content being created to help buyers learn, and the research they do is increasingly self-directed, so unlike in traditional B2C influencer marketing, B2B influencers must have the credibility to influence others. When you've successfully found the best B2B influencers, you generally have people who are truly invested in improving their industry in the long run, so taking the extra time and performing the additional steps to discover and vet them are costs that are usually well spent. Don’t — Settle For An Automated Generic Approach We’ve touched on some of the tools and platforms available to help marketers find potential influencers — utilities such as Traackr, Onalytica, BuzzSumo, and dozens of others — and why even when combined, the numerical rankings such services can deliver will only take you so far in your journey to find the best B2B influencers. As Lee has noted in his various presentations on B2B influencer marketing, it’s important to utilize software during this stage — tools that can crawl millions of social messages and algorithmically identify the people who have a particular combination of reach, network size, popularity — but more importantly — the topical relevance that shows that a potential influencer is indeed publishing content on the topic that you as a brand want to be the best answer for. Do — Use A Human Touch To Refine Tool & Platform Recommendations Perhaps the single most important work in finding truly the best influencers for a B2B brand takes place once the apps have been utilized, the platforms have been thoroughly put through their paces, and the social tools have crunched their final numbers — this is when the human touch begins, and takes the B2B influencer selection process to an entirely different level of success. Using platforms and social tools, successful B2B marketers can have piles of data on potential influencers to work with, but what sets apart the best plan from the rest is when a professional familiar with every facet of B2B influencer marketing methodically assesses that data as just one piece of the digital tapestry of successful B2B influencer marketing success. A cohesive approach to the B2B influencer selection combines the best data available about potential influencers with a human touch that includes such elements as: Staying True to a Brand’s Mission Weeding Out Irrelevant Data Prioritizing the Best Data Moving Influencer Recommendations into Solid Strategy Other human-powered elements that go well beyond influencer research platforms and tools include the use search, customer relationship management (CRM), and social data relating not only to potential influencers but to a brand’s mission, to get an understanding of what it is that people are thinking about relevant to the brand and their customer connections. This type of information can help uncover intersections of topics that can be factored in when selecting the best influencers for a particular brand. [bctt tweet="“The best plans use a professional familiar with every facet of B2B influencer marketing to methodically assesses data as just one piece of the digital tapestry of successful B2B influencer marketing success.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis" username="toprank"] Don’t — Use Only A One-Off Approach A short-term approach to B2B influencer marketing isn’t well-suited to activating the unique power that the top B2B influencers have to deliver stellar results to brands. One-off B2B influencer campaigns are akin to merely borrowing influence by working with top industry experts, and when that’s the extent of a brand’s commitment, they’re not going to reap the full value and the many benefits of influencer marketing. As Lee has noted, when you take a short term approach, you’re also typically not going to form the type of ongoing emotional connections with influencers that are central to an always-on approach to B2B influencer marketing. Countering the short-term variety of B2B influencer marketing is always-on influence, which succeeds in part because buyers are always on, and our digital world of today certainly also is. Do — Utilize The Power of Always-On Influencers When choosing B2B influencers, be cognizant of the advantages of an always-on strategy, which thrives in making the type of lifelong commitment to clients and customers that creates avid fans. Despite its advantages, just 19 percent of B2B marketers are running ongoing influencer marketing programs, research from our State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report shows. Among the many reasons why ongoing B2B influencer marketing programs are successful, the following insights from our research help reinforce the point: 60 percent of marketers who use always-on influencer marketing programs are very successful versus 5 percent who do periodic campaigns 12 times more marketers are very successful when they run an always-on influencer program versus those who opt for periodic campaigns 89 percent of B2B marketers who use an always-on approach expect their budgets to increase or remain the same in the next 12 months 94 percent say that influencer marketing will grow in importance over the next 12 months 75 percent saw an increase in their views of brand content using an always-on approach The process of finding and selecting the right B2B influencers benefits when right from the beginning it’s understood that an always-on approach to influencer marketing will be used. Among the human elements that go beyond prospective influencer ranking data to find the best influencers is an understanding of whether the relationships between brands and influencers will be short-lived or one that will stand the test of time. A healthy selection process takes this into consideration, along with all of the other influencer research elements we’ve touched on. Say ‘I Do’ To A Best-Answer Influencer Search via GIPHY By knowing what not to do when it comes to finding and selecting the best B2B influencer matches, saying “I do!” to the right ones suddenly becomes much more straightforward. We hope that the insights we've explored here will help inform your own B2B influencer selection strategy. More B2B brands than ever are turning to a dedicated specialist B2B influencer marketing agency such as TopRank Marketing, which has worked with brands from Adobe, LinkedIn, and SAP to 3M, Dell, Oracle and many more. Our research shows that 60 percent of marketers don’t have the right in-house skills or knowledge to execute an influencer marketing program. Learn how to begin an influencer marketing pilot program or start a full-featured always-on influencer program. The post Choosing The Best B2B Influencers Is Key To Success — Here’s Why appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
What would have been Microsoft’s redemption in the mobile market has, by now, almost gone completely silent. In addition to launching at an inopportune time in the middle of a pandemic and global economic crisis, it also launched with slightly dated hardware that didn’t do justice to its price tag. Despite that and the mixed feedback that the Surface Duo … Continue reading
A woman accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment questioned President Biden and Vice President Harris's "courage" in a now-deleted tweet.
A Twitter post by the Nation of Islam linking to a video where its leader Louis Farrakhan claims the coronavirus vaccine is deadly has remained on Twitter since March 1.
Two Democrat US Representatives have written to a bunch of cable and streaming providers calling on them to do something about claimed misinformation on TV news.
Scientists have developed an AI that can generate music from silent piano performances, just by watching the movements of the player’s hands. The system, called Audeo, analyzes top-down videos of someone tickling the ivories to predict which keys are being pressed in each frame. It then produces a transcript of the music, which a synthesizer translates into sound. The researchers trained and tested the AI on footage of pianist Paul Barton playing tunes by famous composers. They then evaluated the accuracy of the Audeo’s compositions by playing them to music-recognition apps, such as Shazam and SoundHound. The apps identified the tune 86% of the time  — just 7%… This story continues at The Next Web
The toll taken on the mental health of editorial staffs over the past nine months isn’t front and center enough, according to media experts and seasoned journalists. The post ‘It’s a silent epidemic’: Mental health in newsrooms needs more attention appeared first on Digiday.
One in five people could be walking around with ‘silent’ Covid-19, a study published in the journal Thorax suggests, leading researchers to suggest these people may act as an important driver of viral spread in the community.Lead author Professor Sung-Han Kim, from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Asan Medical Center, Seoul, said the findings add further support to the use of face masks by the general public.He also said the scope of testing for Covid-19 should be expanded to include asymptomatic individuals in high-risk settings, such as nursing homes or healthcare facilities. In the UK, asymptomatic people are not currently tested for Covid-19, however care home residents and staff members are able to get tested even if they don’t have symptoms.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US recently U-turned on its advice around testing asymptomatic people and now stresses the need to test asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people, including close contacts of a person with confirmed Covid.Related... Everything You Could Possibly Need To Know About Face Masks And Coverings What did the new study on silent Covid find?The new study found those with asymptomatic Covid appear to have similar viral loads to those with symptoms, echoing the results of past studies. Viral load refers to the total amount of virus a person has inside them. In theory: the higher the viral load, the more infectious someone is likely to be.Researchers looked at a large cluster outbreak of Covid-19 in Daegu City, South Korea, early on in the pandemic. The close contacts of the cluster were traced and more than 3,000 cases of Covid-19 were uncovered, ranging from people having no symptoms at all to severe effects.Those with mild or no symptoms were admitted to dedicated care facilities for isolation and monitoring. The 213 participants involved in this study had been admitted to one such facility.People were classified as symptomless if they had none of the following: fever; chills; muscle pain (myalgia); fatigue; runny nose (rhinorrhea); blocked nose; loss of taste or smell; sore throat; swallowing difficulties; cough; phlegm production; coughing up blood; headache; dizziness; loss of appetite; nausea; vomiting, abdominal pain; and diarrhoea.Related... Will A Curfew Work? Here's What Scientists Think In 213 patients with the virus, 41 (19%) remained asymptomatic. Of them, 39 (95%) underwent follow-up testing after an average of 13 days, while in 172 patients with mild symptoms, 144 (84%) underwent follow-up testing.The follow-up testing is important as it showed those with silent Covid didn’t then develop symptoms, which would’ve meant they were pre-symptomatic. A large proportion of mildly symptomatic patients with Covid-19 and asymptomatic individuals showed persistent positive upper respiratory RT-PCR results at follow-up. Asymptomatic individuals and symptomatic patients also had very similar viral loads.Researchers said further studies are needed to clarify whether the persistence of viral DNA in people without any symptoms warrants precautionary quarantine measures. They added that most of the participants were in their 20s and 30s, so the findings might not apply to other age groups.Nevertheless, they pointed out: “Considering that most asymptomatic individuals with Covid-19 are likely to go unnoticed by healthcare workers and continue to reside within communities, such individuals may act as an essential driving force for the community spread of Covid-19 and the ongoing pandemic state.”Related... 8 Myths About Covid-19 Testing, Busted So, what does this mean?Until we know how long, and to what extent, asymptomatic people might be infectious, testing should be extended to certain groups as a precautionary measure, the researchers recommended.While we don’t know exactly how many people tend to be asymptomatic, we do know that the number could range from 20-50%. It could be even higher.A study from Italy published at the end of June found that of residents who tested positive for Covid-19 in the municipality of Vo’, a small town near Padua, 42% were asymptomatic. Another study of 9,000 people selected to take a coronavirus test in Iceland found 50% of them tested positive for Covid-19, but didn’t have any symptoms.While it’s good news that some people aren’t getting sick from coronavirus, this presents a problem if those people are still going to the shops and to work, because they think they’re fine, but are inadvertently spreading it around.Dr Jenna Macciochi, an immunologist and author of Immunity: The Science of Staying Well, previously told HuffPost UK asymptomatic carriers are “one of the biggest challenges” with easing lockdown restrictions.Related... This Is How Covid-19 Is Spreading In The UK Right Now Can Covid-19 Cause Hearing Loss? Pubs Might Be Closed By The Weekend, Matt Hancock Suggests
Anyone can make infosec mistakes, but Cisco isn't anyone Comment  Cisco this week launched a version of WebEx Classrooms, a version of its online collaboration suite tweaked for educational purposes and promised to enable “secure hybrid learning”.…
Trump spent a good portion of the day attacking opponents on Twitter, but did not offer support to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Baik itu kalangan remaja maupun orang dewasa.Teruntuk anda yang hobi sekali nonton film namun malas ke bioskop, kami mememberikan alternatif untuk kita nontin tanpa harus keluar rumah.Ada aplikasi, situ nonton streaming hingga download legitimate selain di Lk21 Layarkaca21 Indoxxi Ganool dalam gede dicari orang.Dunia digital semakin maju terutama bagi nonton, download lalu surging film.Kamu boleh surging TV dan nonton flick film sepuasnya sama sekali tanpa reklame, dengan koleksi dalam sungguh-sungguh lengkap.Koleksi motion picture sangat lengkap mulai untuk \, India, Thailand, hingga Artist.junto de sediakan daftar situs acquire motion picture dan aplikasi buffering ternama yang legal kemudian juga menawarkan film-film free of charge.1 ) VikiTak tumbang melalui situs-situs lainnya, Viki jua sangat menarik.Viki yaitu aplikasi layanan internet motion picture yang bermarkas pada Amerika Serikat.IflixIflix anda bisa loading TV, Movie, dan banyak program mainan yang menarik.Aplikasi internet online ini jadi lokasi terlengkap oleh variasi plan berita, mainan, sinetron, dan olahraga, semuanya lengkap tersedia di ini.Kamu sanggup menikmati siaran langsung laga olahraga ataupun sinetron kesukaanmu melalui Vidio.ViuKalau kamu suka menonton theatre Korea atau mengikuti pengembangan filmnya, aplikasi Viu pas untukmu.Koleksi motion picture serta drama dari Korea Selatan, Jepang, Thailand, Dalam negri, hingga India sangat lengkap.Memiliki kategori Viu Original dalam hanya bisa diakses melampaui situs dan aplikasi sah Viu.Kamu dapat menonton semua koleksi movie serta drama Asia dri notebook computer dan smartphone secara ringan dengan kualitas tinggi.6.Untuk dimulai trailer, film layar lebar, film pendek, dan silent film yang meraih anda download dalam motif ruisseau.
Google left thousands of machines in businesses with broken Chrome browsers this week, following a silent experimental change.Business users accessing Chrome through virtual machine environments like Citrix kept seeing white screens on open Chrome tabs, blocking access to the browser and leaving it totally unresponsive.It left many IT admins confused over the problem, as businesses typically manage and control Chrome updates.After complaints, Google was forced to reveal it had launched an “experiment” on stable versions of Chrome that had changed the browser’s behavior.Google had simply flipped the switch on a flag to enable a new WebContents Occlusion feature that’s designed to suspend Chrome tabs when you move other apps on top of them and reduce resource usage when the browser isn’t in use.“The experiment / flag has been on in beta for ~5 months,” explained David Bienvenu, a software engineer at Google, in a Chromium bug thread.