Tools, gummiskrapor, exercise equipment, strollers, bicycles and scooters.Some contain carcinogenic substances, indicates a review of the Swedish chemicals agency.the Purpose of the sampling was to verify the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), a group of substances that can be carcinogenic. PAHS are actually a waste product from the petroleum in making plastics or synthetic rubber, says Camilla Westlund, inspector at the Swedish chemicals agency.the Substances are colorless, but are available in, including black soot, why the inspection focused on the soft products of black rubber or plastic.In the survey included 58 products) and five of these found prohibited PAHS and in all the other detected PAHS that have not yet been discharged, but where the suspicion of carcinogenic properties.
To build a bathroom which is acoustically optimally adapted to suit your own singing voice is actually not impossible.In any case, if we are to believe the K-rauta, which, together with a number of experts designed a bathroom for one of the world's most famous tenors – Paul Potts.- What is the optimum acoustics can of course be interpreted very, very different, but in this bathroom we wanted to Paul Potts voice sounds as strong as possible and therefore it was important to create a lot of sound and reflexes, " says Claes Olsson, acousticians.the Allure of singing in the bathroom or the shower is that you get a direct feedback on how it sounds, as the voice grows, the sound stays in the room.Tiles and tiled, the tiles contribute to a natural reverb and we feel, therefore, that we sounds a little better than usual when we take tons.Towels, rugs, and other soft products do, therefore, not trouble.