Finding Mars is easy this week, as it shines brightly in the eastern sky, offering observers a chance to see a stunning view of Mars. Mars is currently the target of multiple spacecraft, journeying to the planet in search of water, and perhaps signs of life. But, while space agencies around the globe send robotic explorers to Mars, the Red Planet also offers skygazers a chance to view the world as it shines brightly in the eastern sky each evening. [Read: The first black hole ever photographed gets a glam up — it’s now glittering] On October 6th, Mars will… This story continues at The Next Web
In November, NASA set to launch a new Earth-observing satellite designed to monitor sea levels and provide atmospheric data to support weather forecasting and climate models. The spacecraft is called Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. NASA will launch the spacecraft on November 10 on a 5.5-year primary mission. Its primary mission is to collect the most accurate data yet on global sea … Continue reading
Yesterday NASA and Northrop Grumman successfully launched a Cygnus resupply spacecraft atop an Antares rocket headed to the International Space Station with almost 8000 pounds of supplies and equipment on board. The rocket launched at 9:16 PM EDT on Friday from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. The rocket launched from the Virginia Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad 0A. … Continue reading
Elon Musk's company is ready to escort a new Space Force spacecraft into orbit, but it didn't happen Friday night as planned. Saturday night will bring another chance.
The 'deep space self portrait' was released to coincide with National Day in China.
NASA and SpaceX confirmed the specific launch date for the first crewed mission of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. The agencies are targeting 2:40 AM EDT Saturday, October 31, to launch the SpaceX Crew-1 mission with astronauts to the International Space Station. NASA says that the new target date will resolve a conflict with the Crew-1 launch and the arrival of … Continue reading
On Tuesday, Northrop Grumman will launch a Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station carrying crew supplies and new science experiments.
Europe's new world-finder discovered a tortured planet around a bright blue star.
Things we take for granted on Earth can be complicated in space. One example is going to the bathroom. The ISS has had a toilet on board since it was placed into orbit. Over the years, there have been problems with the space toilet. NASA is sending several pieces of equipment to the ISS this week aboard the Cygnus spacecraft … Continue reading
A small German instrument sent to the Moon on China’s Chang’e 4 robotic spacecraft has taken the very first measurements of space radiation as it exists on the lunar surface. The findings come from the DRL German Aerospace Center, which reports that the human body will struggle to deal with this surface radiation over any long duration without adequate protection. … Continue reading
This afternoon, NASA held an online conference to talk about TAG, an upcoming event under the OSIRIS-REx mission. During this event, which is scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will briefly touchdown on the asteroid Bennu in order to collect a small sample of gravel before taking off again into orbit. The space agency … Continue reading
The Osiris-Rex mission team spotted some Vesta crumbs on Bennu's face.
NASA's Juno spacecraft watches as Jupiter's moon Io leaves a fleeting mark on the gas giant.
NASA has released the latest update on its OSIRI-REx mission, which involves a spacecraft that is closely orbiting a very rocky, somewhat angular asteroid called Bennu. The space agency explains that Bennu is an asteroid made of rubble from other space rocks; it is the result of some massive collision in the past. Studying the rubble has revealed the presence … Continue reading