Investors are more likely to sell a stock with a profit and less likely to sell a stock at a loss.Although this may seem counter-intuitive, it is in line with studies of how investors in the stock market make decisions.The fear of turning a “paper loss” into a real loss is strong.When is a good time to sell a winning stock?Some would counsel never to sell winning stocks, while others caution that selling is a deliberate process just like buying.Say you have a stock that had a good run and now you wonder whether you should take your profits and run or wait for a sign that the stock is about to reverse direction.There are several warning signs that can tip you off to changes that may mean the price is headed south.Fundamentals FailIf the company’s fundamentals (sales, debt, cash flow and so on) begin to show signs of stress, it may mean something has changed that will negatively affect the stock’s price.Don’t wait for the market to panic over a decline in revenue or another key fundamental, be prepared to unload the stock while you still have a healthy profit.Target PriceMany investors set a floor on the stock’s price so that if it falls below a certain level, they sell.You can also set an upper limit that triggers your sale.The rationale here is that you may be afraid that the stock will have a difficult time supporting a market price above a certain level and any hint of bad news will send the price into a nosedive.Other investors simply say, “I want to make this return, and when I hit that, I’m going to move on to another opportunity.”Dividend Cut or EliminatedWhen companies start cutting or eliminating dividends, it is time to consider dropping it seriously.Dividend cuts are serious events and signal financial difficulties that investors should pay close attention to.Strategies for SellingOther strategies for selling include the thoughtful consideration that events are moving against your stock and you need to act.If a stock you own becomes the focus of media attention and receives a lot of buzz, it may be time to look at taking a profit.
With the promise of being fast, accurate and large; this blog discovers and discusses the unlimited opportunities and possibilities of what Swastika’s Algo Trading has to offerThe Definition of Algo Trading: An Overview of its significanceBy definition, in algo trading, computer-generated algorithms are used to execute trades, where machines oversee the tasks (called program sets) that would otherwise be done manually by a trader.In simplest words, Algo trading is a computer program that determines and executes the manual steps in trading as a defined set of instructions.According to a research by The Cost of Algorithmic Trading: A First Look at Comparative Performance, algorithmic trading is especially beneficial for large order sizes that may comprise as much as 10% of overall trading volume.In India, algorithmic trading is still less than 50%, and firms are relatively small in size.Given the rapidly growing trend and demand of HFT and Algorithmic Trading in developing economies & emerging markets, there have been efforts by various exchanges to educate their members and develop the skill sets required for this technology-driven field.The Benefits: How is it better?Making the trade process automated helps in tracking even the smallest changes in price and execute the trades on-the-go, faster than the trader can.That helps in improving the order entry speed, diversifying trading systems by permitting the user to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time by optimizing the potential to spread risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positionsAlso, an algorithm such as ours is able to scan for trading opportunities across a range of markets, generate orders and monitor trades.
Share market is a place where everyone wants to make money through investments irrespective of terms.Many investors are masters in doing intraday trading, however, some of them want to play safe and often go for long term investments.For beginners, it is always difficult to decide whether to invest or not to invest in the stock market as they think that stock trading is full of risks.Although the share market is full of risks, it offers a huge positive return to many investors.To successfully trade in the stock market, all you need is to learn some highly impactful tricks and tactics and you are ready to go.Before you get a deep dive into stock market trading: let’s understand the basics first.Demat and Trading Account:This is the foremost step to enter into the stock market.Once you open a Demat account, you can start to invest in the stock market.Stock Market ResearchMany beginners believe that stock research is not that important, they instead rely on futile stock tips and unreliable sources.As you all know, financial markets are full of risks, inconsistencies and volatility.Therefore it is crucial to do a bit of research and planning before buying any stock.Stock market research and analysis are crucial for any investor because it helps them to get the full insight of stocks such as stock’s history, its past performance, its share price and trends.Based on the research, you can get an idea when the stock will give you a positive return or not.Difference Between Primary And Secondary MarketWhen a company first time lists its shares (IPO) in the share market, it is known as the primary market.Once the shares get listed on the stock exchange, the company gets an authority to trade in the market, which is termed as the secondary market.Who determines the share price in the stock market?The share market majorly depends on demand and supply.
Nowadays, everyone aspires to earn a serious amount of money and trading gives the right kick-start to your money-making dreams.You just have to learn the insights by enrolling in courses and grow your money by several folds.These webinars are part of trading courses that one has to do before putting his hard-earned money into trading.Let’s help you get insight into the topic:Grow Your Investments Like You Never DidWith stock trading webinars, you unlock the key to earning a high amount of money from trading.Investing in a twelve-month trade or more keeps the hassles out of moving in and moving out of positions too frequently.You get a chance to earn more money in the long run than just small profits.Get to Know the Right Time to Move MoneyMoving in and moving out at the right time is the key to making profits in the stock market.The online seminars equip with the knowledge to make the right move.
Needless to say, share trading is quite a risky game as you need to learn a lot of things before stepping into the stock market.However, it is possible to play safe while dealing with the stock market and earn consistent returns.The misconception about stock trading is that investors feel they can make easy money in the stock market.Also, the success of share trading heavily depends on research, market knowledge and some experience.In this article, we will share the best tips to get higher returns from share trading: Diversify your stocksAs the famous quote is saying never put all of your eggs in one basket.In case, if a stock looks like a potential stock that gives a guarantee to success, make sure to not place all the money on it.Diversification allows you to distribute your capital among different stocks.Not only does it help to provide you greater returns, but also helps to minimize your risks.
To achieve high returns over a short period, many investors prefer to do trading over other investing strategies as it helps them to get maximum investment benefits.There is a lot of trading experience and guidance is required to achieve high return and hence most investors prefer to take a stock broker’s advice before investing in any stock.To trade successfully in equity trading, it is compulsory to open a trading account with any stockbroking firm.Well, when it comes to the top stock brokers who offer subsequently low brokerage rates with quality advisory services, then Swastika comes second to none.Swastika not only provides regular follow up calls but also quality customer services that leave the user satisfied.If you are a newbie who often gets confused with trading terminologies, you come to the right place.Swastika’s learning courses will help you to get a deep insight into stock’s and its investment methods.Let's understand what is an Equity Trading Account and how do we successfully create Demat accounts.Both the accounts can be interlinked to your savings accounts for the transferring of funds.Trading AccountA trading account lets you successfully trade in Indian stock market.
This is because stock trading is something that always attracts investor’s attention as it gives them a fair chance to double money in minimum time.As the normal stock price tends to rise or slow daily, investors continue to make investments in the stock market trading hoping that they will get higher returns against their investments.Investments in potentially stable companies help investors to gain high profits.No matter how much profit or loss they earn, they are still addicted to stock market trading as it involves benefits and risks as well.For new investors, who want to do trading in the stock market, it would be ideal if they do some stock market research as it assist them to get full insight into stock market such as the value of a stock, its performance for the last 5 years and how well it will done in next 5 years and more.Here are the advantages of stock market trading: High Returns Against Short term LossesStock market investment has a potential to generate high returns which can beat the inflation within a short period as compared to other investment types such as PPF, bonds and more.However, long term returns are always better than short term losses.Receive Ownership in the stakes of the publicly listed companyAs soon as you buy shares of a publicly listed company irrespective of the size of a share, it gives you a proportionate control over the stakes of that company.Earn DividendsOnline stock market trading is the best way to invest your money wisely and get high returns.
We always cherish the memory of saving our pocket money in our own personal dumb box. The habit of saving what we earn will help you during any financial crisis. In this article, our main focus is to bring out the best saving scheme in both the private and government sectors. Through saving regularly with your regular income you become financially strong and free. National Savings Certificate(NSC)            It is a fixed income saving plan which anyone can open in any post office located in India. The starting age for an investor is 18 years and the tenure period is of two types: 5 years and 10 years.
Whatever he touches turns into gold.As making predictions about long term investments are comparatively more comfortable than making predictions in short-term investment.Some More Experts’ Stock Trading TipsStock Trading Tips 1: Manage the risks through focusInvesting is right when the right amount of focus is laid on managing probable or threatening risks that can siphon off profits.Stock Trading Tips 4: Think for Longer-Term It isn’t easy to comprehend, consider and foresee the entirety of the powers that influence markets to move by taking small steps.If you need to find out about investments, the ideal way is to discover a coach that can show you what occurs.Stock Trading Tips 6: Be Patient by David BakkeShow restraint.Take a gander at a bigger-term execution of a specific investment (ranging between 5 to 10 years) as opposed to the short-term implementation.Stock Trading Tips 7: Remember to Roll Over by Jon Stein.While you’re at business, the business frequently gives administrative charges identified with support and unprecedented keeping of the four hundred and one thousand plan.
Mostly it’s the big guy with resources including financial and legal muscles who bulldozes his way while almost running over the poor, hapless little David.But what if the proverbial David, akin to David of mythology proves his might, and gets Goliath to do cart-wheels on the moon?Quite similar is the case with GameStop, an American corporate entity into the business of retailing (mind you, brick and mortar thru and game, gaming-related merchandise and consumer electronics.Till the world was all brick and mortar, GameStop was, and according to authoritative sources, it still is the largest retailer of video games with over 5500 stores dotting North America (which includes the US and Canada), countries in Europe, and down under (which includes New Zealand and Australia).In its heydays which was as far back as a decade in the year 2011, its revenues approximated USD 10 billion which sadly fell drastically and in less than a decade in 2019 came down to USD 6.4 billion.Back in the year 1984 when it started, it came about in Dallas in Texas, US, and was called Babbage’s.With sub-brands including EB Games, ThinkGeek, and Micromania-Zing, it lumbered along as the biggest seller till Digitization caught up.Adding to this was the company’s failed bid to get into retailing smartphones and to an extent the pandemic.
Foreign exchange is a global market that is incredibly liquid with enormous trading volume.Before jumping in forex trading, there are various unique advantages of forex trading over other financial markets that every trader must know.Top 11 Advantages of Forex TradingHere in this article, we are going to focus on some unique advantages of forex trading.1.High LiquidityThe foreign exchange market is the most liquid market in the whole world.In the world of finance and high forex, liquidity indicates the easier movement of money in and out with little price difference in buy and sell prices.But this could turn into a great disadvantage as well because the price movement can happen on any side.Here are some currency pairs which are more popular than others.Minor Pairs: SGD/JPY, USD/ZAR, and CAD/CHFMajor Currency Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPYExotic Pairs: TRY/JPY, EUR/CZK, and USD/MXNEmerging Currency Pairs: EUR/RUB, USD/CNH, and AUD/CNHYou can trade in all these currency pairs with a trading account.4.24/5 AvailabilityTrading in the forex market is a continuous process because it is a global market, and if a market closes in one country then somewhere in the world a new market opens in another country.Spread is the difference between the asking price and bid price.For example, in a forex trade selling price is 1.3428 and buying price is 1.3427, then the spread for this transaction is one pip.Some brokers also charge a commission on the transaction.
The stocks are issued by the companies to raise capital, and stock prices fluctuate based on the company’s performance.The stocks can be bought and sold either privately or on a stock exchange.Shareholders buy their stocks in the form of Initial public offerings (IPO), and they get a dividend.It is a cash disbursement in favour of buying the company’s stock.Type of stocksThe Stocks can be classified as follows :Based on ownershipCommon Stock – The holders of common stock have voting rights and can elect the board of directors in a company.After paying creditors, bondholders, and preferred stockholders, common stockholders receive leftover assets.Preferred stock – Preferred stockholders get no or limited voting rights in the company.You can also refer to books, videos, and Blogs to learn stock trading.For starters one can refer to these books listed below : The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis by Benjamin GrahamThe Interpretation of Financial Statements by Benjamin Graham and Spencer B. Meredith.Expectations Investing, by Alfred Rappaport, Michael J. Mauboussin.Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits (and other writings) by Philip Fisher.“The Essays of Warren Buffett,” a collection of Buffett’s annual letters to shareholders.The Theory of Investment Value, by John Burr WilliamsOne Up on Wall Street and Beating the Street, both by Peter LynchExtraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by William LefevreSet an Investment GoalIt is a crucial step after starting stock trading.You should do a risk assessment should before moving ahead with the investment.Research on Companies before InvestingOnce you have a brokerage account, conduct company research to find out which stocks are providing better returns.You can acquire a desirable amount of stocks.
Today, millions of traders trade every day in the forex market.Yes, it is indeed a huge ratio.Therefore, one needs to step with utter cautiousness in the forex market.2.One can derive profit from the underlying profit in forex trading.Yes, of course, it takes a lot of practice.The forex market never sleeps.The market is open twenty-four hours a day for five days a week.
As far as the doubling of money is concerned, penny stocks come second to none.If you are a regular trader or investor, you must have heard the term penny stocks.According to the Indian stock market trading scenario, stocks whose market capitalization is less than Rs 10, comes under penny stocks.Due to low market capitalization, these stocks seem alluring to many investors as these shares are available at low price and investors would purchase more shares with low investment amounts.Let’s understand penny stocks with a suitable example: A company XYZ Limited has a share price of Rs 500 and a penny stock to be Rs 5.Penny stocks can be considered as a miss or hit opportunity.
Taking a cue, Paris, Milan, London, Philadelphia, Madrid, Bombay, New York and man others came into existence.Total Market CapThere are around forty-five thousand plus companies listed across the stock exchanges in the world.Here is the list of best companies in 2019 as per Forbes:-Apple, ICBC, Bank of China, Royal Dutch Shell, JP Morgan Chase, China Construction Bank, Ping an Insurance Group, Bank of America.Global 2000 industries and companiesOil & gas:- Hundred and tenDiverse financials & Banks:- Four hundred and threeConstruction:- One hundred and twenty-threeInsurance:- Hundred and twoTechnology:- One hundred and fifty-fourQuintessential tips to learn stock trading:- Trading in any commodity or market needs knowledge.Go through the balance sheets, thorough analysed copies and company’s performance book which get delivered every financial year.Those books tell you the entirety, business decisions, and profit-loss making during the period.Follow the instructions below concerning all:- Mind make-up:-  You should have clarity on holding and selling of a share.See which way it settles day by day by analysing the stock.Gain resourceful information:-Knowledge is power.
William J.O'Neil, an American technician in one of his books, named "How to Make Money in Stocks," defined Cups and Handle.A cup with a handle shaped chart indicating the flow of trend is termed as Cups and Handle technical chart pattern.But, still, some of the traders adhere to O'Neil's rules.A stock forming pattern indicates a trend, and with a Cup and Handle, the uptrend could be known.Things to keep in mind when observing Cup and Handle pattern:Cups with long ‘u’ indicate a strong signal to invest.Volume should decrease with price and increase when the price goes higher.