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Researchers from North Carolina State University and Microsoft published a study in July that found that developer interviews often evaluate for performance anxiety, rather than actual coding skills. Researchers found that students who conducted a technical interview in a private room did twice as well. The typical developer interview process can also introduce bias, so North Carolina State University is working with companies like Microsoft, Google, and CoderPad on ways to improve the format.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Developer interviews — which often involve having a candidate stand in front of a whiteboard and solve coding problems in front of a panel of interviewers — have long been a dreaded process. And according to new research from North Carolina State University and Microsoft, typical developer interviews are better at testing whether a candidate has performance anxiety than whether a candidate has competent coding skills.  During a normal whiteboard interview, a candidate has solve a problem on the spot while explaining their process to interviewers. But according to the study from July, where researchers conducted technical interviews with 48 computer science students, a candidate does twice as well if there isn't anyone watching.  "I don't think we have any definite answers here, but I think this is fairly strong evidence there is something wrong with what we're doing," Chris Parnin, an assistant professor of computer science at NC State and co-author of the paper, told Business Insider.  While tech companies may have created developer interviews with good intentions to test a candidate's programming skills, it has led to "harmful effects," Parnin says, because developers may experience stress during interviews when someone is watching them the entire time. "We as an industry have inadvertently reinvented a stress test instead of an actual measure of technical skills," he said.  Now, North Carolina State University is already starting to work with companies like Microsoft, Google, and CoderPad to explore ways to make small improvements in the interview process.  Developer interviews can create unnecessary stress and anxiety Parnin himself felt "there was something off" when he went through developer interviews in the past. This feeling stuck with him.  He eventually started doing research on programming interruptions, where he found that if a developer is interrupted in the middle of programming, it can take 10 to 15 minutes to recover.  "As I started doing more research as a professor, this kind of connected with me," Parnin said. "This idea that if programmers consider interruptions as one of the worst things that can happen, it's weird that the technical interview is designed around being asked questions about what you're doing but being surveilled the whole time." Before beginning the study, the team gathered feedback on what developers said about technical interviews, and one of the most common things that came up was how much anxiety and stress these interviews cause.  Besides stress, the interview process could also be riddled with bias, Parnin says. For example, if two candidates solve a problem correctly, interviewers may be biased towards hiring the candidate who projects more confidence, even if that person's solution isn't technically better.  Some candidates might also have an advantage over others when it comes to coding interviews because of where they went to school. For example, Stanford offers a specific class that teaches students how to pass a technical interview. "If you look at other schools, they never have done these sorts of tests so [candidates] go out and bomb them," Parnin said. That means that candidates who weren't privileged enough to attend a school with practice exams are automatically at a disadvantage. "Turns out, these signals are just noise," Parnin says. "We're just measuring something else. If we can allow for multiple pathways for people to be interviewed, then it could potentially help reduce some of the problems associated with this." Also, the developer interview process often results in college students spending more time practicing interview problems to get a job than working on schoolwork about fundamental computer science concepts. Companies like Microsoft and Google are already looking into changes in the interview process Since Microsoft helped shape the study, the results could potentially help guide it in rethinking its own interview process, Parnin says. For example, Microsoft may look into moving into a more conversational interview where the focus is on solving a problem together, rather than being interrogated. Microsoft has already been rolling out some changers in its interview process. Starting in early 2016, Microsoft's developer division began rolling out the "Alternative Interview Framework" to better match an applicant's skills to what the job really requires. It's now used by Microsoft's developer division to interview product managers and program managers.  Likewise, NC State is still in the early stages of working with companies like Google and CoderPad. Many companies have already adapted the whiteboard interview process to take place virtually during the coronavirus pandemic, and Twilio is even de-emphasizing it. Read more: The pandemic is changing how companies like Amazon Web Services and Twilio hire software developers, as Silicon Valley rethinks the interview process Parnin suggests that some potential ways to remove stress for candidates during the process include take-home exams, having candidates build a real-world project, adding private time during interviews, or having developers explain their thinking process retroactively. "There's not going to be one easy answer for this," Parnin said. "Each company will have to reevaluate what's the best way for them to tailor the interview process so that it's more humane."SEE ALSO: Silicon Valley insiders say that the shift to remote work could finally make a dent in tech's diversity crisis. But companies will need to address several key challenges for the change to stick. Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What it takes to be a PGA Tour caddie
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Business Insider hosted a webinar with YouTube creators Ruby Asabor (176,000 subscribers) and Katy Bellotte (477,000 subscribers) on how they're making money and adapting as creators during the pandemic.  During the webinar, Asabor and Bellotte both told Business Insider's Amanda Perelli that finding a healthy work-life balance was a challenge they faced as influencers.  Blocking out time for self care and creating a schedule were the most important takeaways that they wanted to share with other creators who are navigating their time management.  Subscribe to Business Insider's influencer newsletter: Influencer Dashboard. For digital creators, managing time means finding a work-life balance when your life often becomes intertwined with your work, especially for lifestyle influencers. Between brand partnerships, scheduling posts, selling products, and creating content, influencers have to juggle many tasks at once.  In a webinar hosted by Business Insider's Amanda Perelli, we heard from two YouTube creators, Katy Bellotte (477,000 subscribers) and Ruby Asabor (140,000 subscribers). The two creators have built stable careers out of their YouTube videos and various side businesses. Bellotte started her YouTube channel when she was 14 years old and now she earns between $2,400 and $5,000 for sponsored Instagram posts, as well as monetizing her YouTube content.  Asabor's YouTube channel Lavish Ruby shares finance- and business-related content and she said she currently has 11 income streams between all her side hustles. Many successful influencers end up quitting their 9 to 5 jobs to go full time as creators on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. In doing so, they sometimes end up working more cumulative hours on their career than before, but in exchange, are pursuing their passions. "I always say, I feel like what I do on the internet and in my many side hustles and things that I have going on, I think I work more hours than I did ... when I was at my 9 to 5," Bellotte said. "In terms of hours, I'm working probably … from the second I wake up to when I'm scrolling on my phone at night." Like Bellotte, Asabor also finds herself working more than she would at a 9 to 5 job. "I have a lot going on, I have multiple businesses, and I have my YouTube channel of course," Asabor said. Her YouTube channel and businesses, including Lavish Life Academy (a program where she teaches financial and investment skills), require her to be constantly paying attention and be updating her viewers and students. "The only day I really give myself off is Saturday and that's because I'm forcing myself," she said. Finding work-life balance takes time to learn  "Our life becomes our work, which is kind of delicate territory when it comes to separating and finding a work-life balance," Bellotte said.  Although she's been working in content creation for over ten years, she's still learning how to find that balance and where "work ends ... and my normal life begins."  Asabor, who graduated from college in 2019 and has since been running her YouTube and small businesses full time, echoed a similar feeling. "Since college, I've always had a lot on my plate," she said. Self care needs to be a priority, even if that requires asking for help Both said that part of finding work-life balance and managing your time as creator depends on prioritizing mental health and self care.  "I need to budget time into my day to not work on anything," Bellotte said. Without self care, which can even just look like getting enough sleep every night, her work and her ability to help others around her were compromised.  "You have to understand when you need help," Asabor added. There are times where she even has her brother help remind her to eat lunch and take a break from working.  It's also important to create a schedule "Every single day, I have a specific topic," Asabor said. Mondays she has meetings with her interns where she assigns tasks. Tuesdays are her Lavish Life Academy days when she shares her webinars. Wednesdays are for follow-ups and business operations like managing product shipments.  Days dedicated to filming are also important to schedule, especially when sponsored content can take time to be approved by a brand, she said. Asabor recommends that creators plan out videos almost a month in advance and use a planner to outline the day-to-day and even week-to-week. To learn more about their influencer businesses, watch the full exclusive Business Insider webinar below:     Here are a few other topics covered in the webinar: How to price yourself as an influencer when landing a brand deal and ways to negotiate. How to start a Patreon, from pricing to choosing what to offer your followers.  Why it's important to have several different revenue streams as a creator, and a breakdown of how they make money through membership programs, YouTube revenue, and sponsorships.  How much time they spend each day and week working on their businesses, and tips for time management. Lessons for other digital creators who are just starting out in the industry.  Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How waste is dealt with on the world's largest cruise ship
Recent alleged financial misstatements at a trio of startups highlights the much lower reporting standards for private companies. Unlike public companies, private ones aren't required by law to have their results independently audited,  and they aren't mandated to release quarterly or annual reports. What information such companies do disclose to their investors is typically governed by the contracts the two parties sign when investors buy stakes in the companies, but those agreements can allow the companies to limit the information they share with earlier backers or those with fewer shares. Although financial shenanigans can take place at both private and public companies, the fact that there's less information available to investors about private companies can make it harder for investors to assess their performance, startup experts told Business Insider. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One of the benefits private companies enjoy is they don't have to follow all the rules that govern publicly traded ones, particularly when it comes to disclosing their financial information. Those companies' investors may not have accurate or up-to-date information about them — and their management teams might be able to engage in financial shenanigans or even fraud a bit more easily — sometimes causing the investors to take big losses. That even goes for the expert investors famous for conducting due diligence before they put up millions to fund tech startups — venture capital firms.  In recent weeks, at least three startups have been reported to have engaged in alleged financial improprieties. The CEOs of two of those startups — Trustify and Youplus — have been indicted by federal prosecutors on fraud charges for misrepresenting their companies' financial results. The CEO of the third — HeadSpin — was ousted from his company in May, after its board launched an internal investigation into its financial results, according to The Information. HeadSpin plans to return to investors $95 million of the $117 million in venture funding it has raised to date, according to The Information's report. It also plans to reduce its valuation by nearly 80%. Oddly enough, although some of the VC firms that invest in a startup may have the right to review its financial condition and performance, other investors in the same fundraising rounds may not have that access. By contrast, a publicly traded company must reveal its financial condition not only to all its shareholders, but also to the general public.  "Public companies have to put out there to the world lots and lots of information," said Herb Fockler, a partner in the corporation group at Wilson Sonsini, a Silicon Valley law firm well known for working with startups and venture investors. That information has to be audited and corporate leaders face severe civil and criminal penalties if they lie about or misstate it, he said. Compared with private companies, having to abide by such rules "makes it a lot easier to find stuff about public companies," he said. Although financial malfeasance and misstatements can happen at public and private companies alike, the recent incidents involving HeadSpin, Trustify, and Youplus highlight the different, lower financial reporting standards for startups and other private companies, and the difficulty investors in such companies can face in trying to keep tabs on them. Those differences in reporting requirements have become more important to the public at large as everyday citizens and investors have become increasingly exposed to startups through mutual funds that invest directly in such companies or through pension funds that invest in them by backing venture or private equity funds. Private companies face less strict financial disclosure laws Federal laws and regulations require public companies to disclose their results quarterly to the public at large and to have their financial statements audited by independent accountants annually. Such companies have to disclose the results of those audits, including any problems the auditors find, whether in their numbers or in the systems they use to prevent fraud. They also have to disclose to the public in a timely manner whenever they have reason to believe that their financial statements may have significant errors. The legal obligations for private companies are less strict, less well-defined — and not as well enforced, Fockler said. Federal securities law requires companies — public and private — to disclose "material" information to potential shareholders whenever the companies sell stock, and bars them from making misstatements about it. Certain state corporate and securities laws also require corporations to disclose financial information to their investors.  But what counts as "material" information is fairly vague, Fockler said. Also, private companies generally aren't required to have their financial information audited or to disclose it to the public at large. And such companies often limit access to their financial results to only certain investors. "I doubt that companies are sending out monthly financial statements to a lot of their investors," regardless of whatever obligations they may technically have under state laws, he said. Investors and companies are often in a 'tug of war' Instead, the extent to which startups disclose their financial results, to whom they disclose them, whether they have them independently verified is generally left up to what they negotiate with each of their individual backers, venture capital experts told Business Insider. Often — but not always — investors will demand to see startups' financial results and even their contracts with clients before giving them new funding. "Potential investors can ask for anything they want, and companies may or may not give them everything they want," said Sean Foote, a managing partner at Transform Capital. "There's a bit of a tug of war there." Post-investment financial reporting requirements are typically included in the investor-rights agreements that startups sign with investors when they get new financing. Generally the companies' board members have pretty wide-ranging access to their financial information and records. The contract terms also could require companies to provide to investors things such as quarterly and annual reports and even monthly financial updates. The terms also often require companies to have their annual reports audited. But those audit requirements are often left out or waived for early-stage companies, the experts said. When a startup has little to no revenue, spending its often limited funding on independent audit usually doesn't make much sense, they said. "It's just expensive" to get an audit, said Robert Hendershott, an associate finance professor at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business. And at young companies, "there's usually not that much going on." It's much more common for mature startups to have audited financial statements. Typically when such companies have substantial revenue, investors will demand that they bring in accountants to verify their numbers. Audited reports are particularly important for such startups when they are preparing to go public or to be acquired, the experts said. Some investors can be left out But even when startups have audited financial information, it's not unusual for at least some investors to have no access to them, or even to the unverified financial updates. Typically companies limit disclosure of their financial information to shareholders who meet certain thresholds in terms of the amount they've invested or the number of shares they own. Those thresholds usually go up as the company gets larger, raises more money, and new investors are brought in. So, even longstanding investors in the company can find themselves no longer getting updated information on its results. "Particularly if you're a smaller investor, asking for copies of audited financials is often going be met with silence," said Stephen Palley, a partner at the law firm Anderson Kill, who works with startups and investors. The thinking behind such limits is that responding to financial information requests from dozens of smaller investors is not worth startup managers' time, the experts said. Instead, such investors are supposed to trust that the board of the company will oversee its managers and make sure they're acting in their interests, and to understand that those managers need some freedom of movement to use their judgement to run the business, Palley said But the result of such an approach is that in some cases even shareholders with substantial investments in startups can be excluded from updated financial information about them. In one particular case, a startup initially denied access to its financial records to one of Palley's clients, even though the client was one of the company's larger investors and had a stake that was worth more than $1 million. "It took a lot of screaming and gnashing of teeth" to get the financial information, Palley said. The lack of information can be costly The inability of investors to keep close tabs on startups can be costly. In the case of Youplus, federal prosecutors have accused CEO Shaukat Shamim of bilking investors out of $17 million, which he allegedly used in part on personal expenses such as luxury clothing. Prosecutors charge Shamim gave them a fake bank statement that indicated the company had 35 clients and $600,000 in revenue; in reality, according to the Department of Justice, it had just one client and $65,000 in revenue. Similarly, federal prosecutors charged that Trustify CEO Daniel Boice raised $18.5 million in funding from investors by falsely overstating the company's revenue and the amount of cash it had on hand and understating his own compensation. Prosecutors also charged Boice with diverting "several million" of the dollars he raised for the company to his own personal bank accounts. At HeadSpin, its board launched an internal investigation in March, a month after it raised $60 million in Series C financing, according to The Information. The board brought in accounting giant KPMG to audit HeadSpin's books and then a forensic accounting firm to scrutinize certain transactions, according to the report. The investigation found that the company had just $15 million in annual recurring revenue last year, despite giving investors a forecast that it would have $100 million, The Information reported. Got a tip about startups or venture investing? Contact Troy Wolverton via email at [email protected], message him on Twitter @troywolv, or send him a secure message through Signal at 415.515.5594. You can also contact Business Insider securely via SecureDrop. Read more about startups and venture investing: Stanford business school graduates knew their classmates would soon found great startups, and they created a unique club to invest in them. The result is a $1.5 million fund bound by loyalty, community, and democracy One of the very few Black women VCs says diversity can slow down business decisions — but that's actually a good thing This Silicon Valley pharmacy raised $39 million in three separate rounds with the same bare-bones pitch deck This startup launched a drink-delivering robot but switched to a service that lets customers place their own food and drink orders. It just raised $3 million using this pitch deck SEE ALSO: Meet the husband-and-wife team that run AngelPad, the exclusive startup accelerator whose early bet on Postmates just led to a $2.65 billion Uber acquisition Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What makes 'Parasite' so shocking is the twist that happens in a 10-minute sequence
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Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk got into a tiny tussle on Twitter Friday over "socialism." Sanders on Thursday introduced a bill that would place a 60% tax on the wealth gained during the coronavirus crisis by billionaires including Musk and use the money raised to pay all American's out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for a year. In response to an article about the bill, Musk tweeted out a meme that essentially criticized Sanders for spending other people's money to fund "free government programs." Sanders hit back at Musk, calling him out for criticizing programs that help the vast majority of Americans when he and his companies had benefited from billions of dollars in government assistance. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Bernie Sanders showed Friday he isn't afraid to call out hypocrisy — particularly when it comes from someone like Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk on Friday tweeted out a meme critical of Sanders and his brand of socialism. The tweet was in response to an article about a bill Sanders introduced Thursday that would place a 60% tax on the wealth gained by billionaires such as Musk during the coronavirus pandemic. The meme, dubbed the "Official Bernie Sanders drinking game!" showed a picture of Sanders along with the text: "Every time the Bernster mentions a free government program, chug somebody else's beer." — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 7, 2020 Sanders, who's no neophyte when it comes to defending his leftist views and programs, wasn't about to back down from such criticism. In a tweeted response, he called out Musk for benefiting to the tune of billions of dollars from government subsidies and linked to an article from The Los Angeles Times that detailed the assistance Musk and his companies have received. "Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare," Sanders wrote. "Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else." Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare. Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) August 7, 2020   According to The Los Angeles Times article, Musk and his companies — Tesla, SolarCity, which is now owned by Tesla, and SpaceX — had received an estimated $4.9 billion in government support through May 2015. That assistance came in a variety of forms, including grants, tax breaks, subsidies for construction, environmental credits, and discounted loans. The amount of that assistance has only gone up since then. For example, Tesla garnered $428 million from selling regulatory credits in its most recent quarter. The company receives those credits from California for selling electric cars and sells them to other automakers who don't sell enough to meet the state's requirements. Sanders' bill would raise billions from billionaires Sanders' bill was cosponsored by senators Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY. The bill would tax any wealth gained by any of the 467 billionaires in the US between March 18 and January 1 of next year and use the amount raised from the tax to pay for the out-of-pocket health expenses of every American for a year. Millions of US residents have lost their health coverage during the pandemic after losing their jobs. Even those with insurance have sometimes faced steep bills after contracting the coronavirus. The co-sponsors estimated that those billionaires had seen their wealth increase by $731.8 billion between March 18 and Aug. 5. Musk, according to a fact sheet from them, had seen his own wealth go from $24.6 billion to $70.5 billion. He would face a tax bill of $27.5 billion under the measure Much of the wealth gains cited by the bill's sponsors are a result of soaring prices. In order to pay such tax bills, the billionaires would almost certainly have to sell large numbers of shares which could undermine their companies' stock prices — and their wealth. Got a tip about Tesla, tech — or Bernie Sanders? Contact Troy Wolverton via email at [email protected], message him on Twitter @troywolv, or send him a secure message through Signal at 415.515.5594. You can also contact Business Insider securely via SecureDrop.SEE ALSO: Stanford business school graduates knew their classmates would soon found great startups, and they created a unique club to invest in them. 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The coronavirus outbreak has hit many US businesses hard — one survey found that 75% of small businesses saw fewer sales in March.  It's especially difficult for businesses that rely on face-to-face interactions, like bars and salons, or companies that host in-person classes like yoga studios and cooking schools.  Business Insider talked to seven entrepreneurs who are trying to get some of their revenue back through virtual services on Zoom and FaceTime.  Click here for more BI Prime content. When the coronavirus outbreak forced the majority of US states into lockdown in March, it sent shockwaves through many businesses. But perhaps none were hit harder than companies that relied on face-to-face interactions to fuel their revenue — businesses like bars or salons, and companies that offer in-person classes, like yoga studios or cooking schools.  A Goldman Sachs survey from March found that 75% of small businesses were seeing fewer sales, and 51% of small business owners said their business could only continue operating for a maximum of three more months. Across the country, as many as one in five restaurants could close for good, putting millions out of work, and services like barber shops, hair salons, and other beauty services have been debilitated by the shutdown. But the crisis — and the lasting toll it's expected to have on the US economy — has forced some business owners to get creative, moving their services online in an attempt to recoup some revenue lost over the past several weeks. Trivia hosts, chefs, winemakers, yoga instructors, and others are looking to videoconferencing services like Zoom and FaceTime as a new frontier, a way to host virtual sessions and classes and connect them with customers across the country — and the world — they would never have met otherwise. One San Francisco sex toy company started hosting "build your own vibrator" parties over Zoom to engage customers with its products, Fast Company reported.  In some cases, it's only bringing in  a fraction of what they were making previously, while in other cases, entrepreneurs are raking in more money than ever before.  Business Insider spoke with entrepreneurs across the US who have transitioned to virtual services over the last few weeks. They shared how they're finding customers, whether they've seen an increase or decrease in revenue, and what the future holds after life begins returning to normal. SEE ALSO: 6 ways entrepreneurs can make the most of the coronavirus slowdown, from the owner of a hostel who hit record cancellations and has prepared for 3 months of lost business SEE ALSO: Zoom is so popular in Silicon Valley, even a Google executive's child reportedly prefers it over Google's software Stephen Walsh started a trivia business from scratch when the outbreak hit. Now, he's making more money than he ever has before. Stephen Walsh was hosting doing events on the Baltimore bar and restaurant scene when the coronavirus outbreak reached the US. His income dried up practically overnight.  He decided to turn to trivia nights, which he'd been hosting on and off for about 10 years, as a new source of income, but he never expected it to take off like it has.  For about 45 straight days, Walsh Trivia has been hosting three or more virtual trivia sessions every day, sometimes with as many as 300 participants at once. Walsh has such diehard fans in Alaska, he's added an extra session for their time zone. After one participant told their friend about the games — who happened to work for the American embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan — Walsh now has teams playing in embassies around the world. The embassy in Nepal even has two teams: Kathmandu and KathmanTwo.  Walsh uses a combination of Zoom and Google Forms to host the sessions, and he charges $3 per team "captain" and $2 for any additional player after that. The number of teams is capped at 40, and Walsh recommends no more than 10 players per team. Players pay him either by PayPal or Venmo.  Walsh said he typically hosts at least two games per night that are open to the public, and then some that are closed to specific companies or organizations, who are charged a flat rate to play. While he has social media accounts and has bought a few Facebook ads, he said the best marketing has just been word-of-mouth.  "I know that this is short-term, but it's been an incredible opportunity for me," Walsh told Business Insider. "I've never earned what I'm earning now doing any other job. In my dream world, I will not go back to doing any other job. I would love to do this because it doesn't feel like work."  Maggie Norris was initially intimidated by moving her cooking classes to Zoom, but said she thinks it'll make her business more successful long term. About 18 months ago, Maggie Norris had to shut down her Phoenix-based cooking school, Whisked Away, for four months after a flood destroyed her kitchen. Now, her cooking school has been shut down for a very different reason, but Norris said she's seeing it as an opportunity to take things online.  "My business has shifted more in the last three weeks than probably in the last five years," Norris told Business Insider. "I figured, well, you know what, if I can come back after a flood and not doing classes for four months, I can handle this."  Norris was hosting five or six cooking classes per week for hobbyist chefs, as well as local health clubs and the Desert Botanical Garden. About three weeks ago, she decided to try hosting a free class for some regulars on Zoom as she got comfortable with the process. Now, she's hosting four or five Zoom classes per week.  Norris charges $8 per device, which she said is significantly less than she charges for in-person cooking classes, but she's able to host more people — her home kitchen can only accommodate eight people, but she's hosting about 20 people over Zoom. Norris also expects to be able to ramp up the number of classes she does per week, since virtual classes only last an hour, versus three hours for in-person classes. Norris has also started offering private classes for situations like company team-building, which she said are more expensive because participants are able to decide what they make, and the classes are more interactive.  "I was at a point in my business where classes were filling up as soon as I posted them," Norris said. "It's definitely not what it was, but actually I don't want it to be right at this moment because it's still kind of in a building process. But I'm hoping that it'll get to that point."  Ultimately, Norris said, the situation has a few perks, even though she's not making as much money as she was before the outbreak: her daughter is able to join her for all the classes, and she's able to have evenings free to spend with her family.  "I know the current situation has pushed many people out of their comfort zones, to say the least. Change is incredibly scary especially when you have a successful business that has run off of the same formula for years," Norris said. "Teaching virtual classes was never in the plan, but being pushed in that direction and taking advantage of the opportunity will make my business more successful in the long run." Sarah and Brice Garrett own a 5-year-old winery in Paso Robles, California. While their tasting room shutting down has impacted the business, they've noticed an uptick in sales. Sarah and Brice Garrett, the owners of Serrano Wine, opened their tasting room two years ago. Up until the coronavirus outbreak hit, the couple worked in the tasting room every weekend from 3 p.m. until the last people decided to leave.  "The tasting room was important in cementing our role as winemakers," Garrett told Business Insider in an email. "It has been a huge piece of building our wine club and following, as well as establishing respect and brand recognition. We are very young for winemakers (26 and 27 currently) and that led to many not taking us seriously as a brand." But the day that bars and tastings room shut down in California, the Garretts had to shift their business. They immediately started hosting wine tastings online, first over Instagram Live and then over Zoom, in order to stay connected with their customers.  But hosting an online wine tasting presents a different set of challenges than an in-person tasting — namely, ensuring everyone is drinking the same wine. To that end, the Garretts allow two weeks to purchase a four-bottle bundle of wines for $125, shipping included. The actual tasting itself, held over Zoom, is free. Once customers receive the wines, the tastings are held over two consecutive Fridays so that participants aren't forced to open four bottles of wine in one night, Garrett said. The Garretts have hosted five tastings so far, and at the most recent event, had 18 screens participating, each with anywhere from one to four people.  The outbreak has affected Serrano Wine's business on multiple fronts. Garrett said the winery hasn't finalized any grape contracts or purchased new barrels for the upcoming season because things are so uncertain. And while sales are higher than normal, the winery is paying "quite a bit more" for packaging materials as a result. Garrett noted that when it comes to the virtual wine tastings, they're making significantly more per tasting, given that customers are buying four bottles rather than five one-ounce pours.  But even when things return to normal, the Garrets don't plan to end the virtual aspect of their tasting business.  "These tastings have given us a larger audience, and there is no reason for us to stop," Garrett said. "When we are allowed to reopen we will have to devote more hours to our tasting room, but we want to make time for at least one virtual tasting experience per month."  A hair salon in Brooklyn is sending clients quarantine color kits. Nicci Jordan Hubert is the cofounder of The Bird House hair salon in Brooklyn, New York. She and her sister Brooke Jordan were forced to close their doors on March 15th and lay off all their stylists. "You still have a job when this thing is over," Hubert told her employees over the phone. "Leave all of your supplies in your drawer because the second we reopen you'll come back to us, please."  Hubert and Jordan were saving up with the goal of opening a second location, but they instead used that money to give their employees a couple more paychecks, then provide for their own families during the pandemic.   Hubert said they've lost 95% of their monthly revenue, but gift certificates and at-home color kits have kept minimal income coming in. The salon sold out of its first batch of 100 Quarantine Color Kits, which provide clients with everything they need to touch-up their roots or apply all-over color for $75 to $150. Existing clients already have their hair-color formulas on file, but new clients need to upload a well-lit photo or schedule a FaceTime consultation. "It's in imperfect science, but it is better than nothing," Hubert said.  Most services, like cutting hair and applying highlights, Hubert said just can't be done from a distance. But she said she's spending every day thinking about what her clients and stylists need.   "We believe very, very strongly that hair care is a form of wellness, she said. "So for me to have that ability to color my roots and still feel just a little bit like myself during this quarantine, I feel so grateful that I can do that. And I feel so grateful that we can provide that for our clients." A yoga studio in Washington, DC, is maximizing class sizes with livestreams. Jennie Light owns Bluebird Sky Yoga and art studio in Washington, DC. She wasn't sure how to react when the mayor and CDC were first warning of shutdowns, but she tried to stay open for as long as possible, ramping up regular cleanings and researching what other yoga studios were doing.  "One of the trickiest things is battling the moral decision of what the right answer was, what the science actually says," she told Business Insider. But when the city mandated the closure of all non-essential businesses, including gyms and fitness studios, Light had to come up with another way to keep her yogis happy. She started live streaming classes over Zoom, offering four classes per day. The next week, the studio got back to its usual daily schedule of about seven classes.  The studio also started a new calendar of workshops, like a Thai yoga massage workshop which couples and friends could do together on Zoom. Light or one of her managers handles technical support for every class to keep them interruption free and secure from cyber intruders. "That's an aspect of our business that we never had to deal with before," she said.   She has two part-time employees, who she's kept on payroll with help from a PPP loan, but her 31 instructors are independent contractors and therefore, are not covered by the government emergency funds she received.  Light said revenue has decreased by 30% from March to April. Membership hasn't dropped significantly, but the studio is losing some people who have lost their jobs or are struggling financially. On the flip-side, going virtual has opened membership to people across the US and even other countries like Canada and France. "It's made up for some of the membership loss, but not all of it," Light said. "You can have more students in a class than we could fit physically in our space." Virtual classes are flexible for parents who had difficulty juggling their schedules and finding childcare before the pandemic. That aspect has gotten Light to consider offering virtual options even after her classes return to the studio. "People could watch on their own time or they could have a kid running around the background, no big deal," she said.  The owner of an art studio and gallery is trying virtual paint and sip events to keep her community alive. Delilah Martinez started her art studio, VIP Paints, seven years ago by inviting friends and family into her apartment for paint and sip parties — which her landlord allowed her to do until she outgrew a second apartment and moved her business into a storefront. The space now doubles as Vault Gallerie to host artists in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.  After surviving years of gentrification, rising rents, and corporate competitors, Martinez said she was finally gaining traction and financial stability by the end of 2019. Then coronavirus complicated things.  First, she tried to limit classes to 20 people. Then to 10. When it got to five people in a class, she tried rescheduling, hoping to reopen come April. It's usually a busy season, with lots of bachelorette and birthday parties. "I was devastated because we had many upcoming classes and private events that were all prepaid. Refund requests were flooding in," she said.   She refunded $2,000 in the first two days of closing the studio. That amount has more than doubled since. Martinez sold stickers online, but she knew that wouldn't be enough to pay rent. So she started hosting virtual painting classes on Zoom, which cost her more money upfront to get all the supplies to ship to customers. This meant she had to increase her prices to $30 to $40 per class.  So far, she's hosted four small virtual classes, but they've made up a fraction of lost business. Martinez is mainly doing it to keep her brand and community going. "I live in a really cool community where we all support each other and we've been trying to figure out ways to all help each other," she said. To her, art is a stress reliever, especially for people who need an outlet during these difficult times. "I'm going to continue because this is what I love to do."   A founder in Atlanta is tackling postponed weddings across the country with virtual planning sessions. Sarah Chancey founded her wedding planning company, Chancey Charm, as an online service that's grown to over 35 locations across the country owned by individual planners licensed to use the brand's name.  Since the pandemic hit the US, Chancey's team has had more than 50 postponed weddings, three cancellations, and over $40,000 in deferred or lost payments. A lot of spring and summer weddings have been moved to the fall, but some couples are pushing further — even into 2021.  But the planning doesn't stop. Now, virtual planning is even more important than before as planners face what Chancey said will be the busiest fall they've ever had. "It's going to really stretch us because we already had a very full fall season," she said.  The company has always leaned on technology, especially since it targets destination weddings and planners can't always meet their clients in person. All the magic happens in its online portal, where brides can get digital design boards, which map out every detail — from the flowers and dresses, to the color palette and decor. "This design blueprint really takes all of that anxiety away for them because it's giving them a chance to see it all in person." Planners also meet one-on-one with clients on Zoom to go over their budget, timeline, and get vendor referrals. Chancey Charm has offered these services as part of its full-service planning, but since the pandemic, the company is also offering them separately for couples looking to save money and who want to plan most of it on their own, but can use some guidance along the way.
HS in Georgia issued 5-day suspension but lifted punishment after family objected.
The best Google Drive add-ons give your Google apps new capabilities and, in those we've selected, allow you to work more efficiently or creatively. You can add extra features to Google Drive apps using a library of add-ons available from the Add-ons menu in any of the Google apps.  Most Google Drive add-ons are free, though some have paid features as well.  Here are 15 of the best add-ons for getting the most out of Google Drive.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Google Drive is a formidable alternative to Microsoft Office. Though its array of features may not be as extensive as Microsoft Office, Google Drive is free, always available online, and offers robust collaborative tools.  Google Drive has another advantage too: A vast library of add-ons that can give it additional features and capabilities. Armed with the right add-ons, you can transform Google Drive into a tool that does exactly what you need.  The 15 best Google Drive add-ons  You can browse the extensive library of add-ons from any of the major Google apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides. Just click "Add-ons" from the menu and then click "Get Add-ons." Or browse this list, which contains 15 of the most useful add-ons available right now. HelloSign Need to sign a document? That's what this add-on does. HelloSign lets you import or create real hand-written signatures and insert them in documents in Google Docs.  DocHub Like HelloSign, DocHub lets you sign documents – but it offers much more as well. DocHub lets you fill out, sign, mark up, and annotate PDF documents and then send them to other people, all from within Google Drive. In fact, DocHub might be the best all-around PDF tool you can get right now.  Speakd Microsoft Word has a helpful feature found in its "Review" tab called "Read Aloud." If you've ever wanted something like that for Google Docs, you can now have it by installing Speakd. It's a handy accessibility tool for people who need help seeing the screen as well as a proofreading tool for writers who prefer to listen for errors.  Zoom Zoom – that seemingly ubiquitous web conferencing service – has an add-on for Google Drive. After installing it, you can easily schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings in Gmail and Google Calendar. If you spend a lot of your time on Zoom these days, this add-on can streamline your day.  Lucidchart Diagrams When words aren't enough to convey your message, try creating a chart. Lucidchart Diagrams is an add-on that you can use to draw a line art diagram – like a flow chart, organizational chart, or any other kind of structured diagram – using a simple set of lines, shapes, and boxes.  Flat for Docs If you're a musician or simply have an occasional need to include musical notation in a document, there are add-ons standing ready to help. Flat for Docs is a musical notation editor that you can use to create notation or tablature and insert it in a Google Doc or Google Slide. This is the "lite" version, which is free; if you upgrade to the full app, you get additional features like the ability to play back the transcribed music.  Auto-Latex Equations While many people never need to insert math equations in a Google Doc, if you are a mathematician, teacher, scientist, engineer, or other technical professional, you might have to express the language of math in documents. Auto-Latex Equations lets you insert algebra, trig, calculus, and more in Google Docs rather than relying on the equation editor in Microsoft Word.  Crop Sheet Sometimes the best add-ons are very focused, single-purpose tools. Such is the case with Crop Sheet, which lets you select just the part of a spreadsheet you want to preserve, and the tool then eliminates all the extraneous bits in a single stroke. If you spend a lot of time in Google Sheets, this is a real time saver. Google Forms may be one of the lesser-known Google apps, but it's a favorite of educators who use it to create tests and quizzes. With, you can enable time-tracking in your forms, which means you can easily embed timers in forms, track how long students take to complete the form, enforce automated time limits on test-taking, and more.  Translate My Sheet Need to share your spreadsheet with people who speak another language? Make it easy for them. Install Translate My Sheet and then you can translate your entire Google Sheet to the specified language, or only translate a selected range of cells. There are more than 100 languages supported.  Text Cleaner Microsoft Word has a feature that can clean up a document before you share it with others. Text Cleaner is similar, but in some ways even more powerful — you can use it to remove unwanted formatting throughout your document. But it's also very configurable, so you can choose what formatting elements (like bold, italics, links, multiple spaces, and more) the tool removes or preserves before you activate it.  Pear Deck Teachers need a lot of love, especially now with many classes taking place remotely, making it even harder to keep students engaged. Pear Deck is designed to add interactive elements to Google Slides – teachers can add interactive questions to their presentations and choose the kind of responses (like text, multiple choice, and even drawings) to keep students engaged. The app makes it easy to share responses with the class.  RingCentral Fax When was the last time you even saw a fax machine? Even though you may not use one, that doesn't mean other organizations don't still rely on this aging technology. If you need to send a fax, the easiest solution may be to install RingCentral Fax and send your document from Google Docs.  MindMup2 Have you ever created a mind map? It's a diagram you can use to visually organize information – like a line-art organizational chart, though potentially much more flexible and free-form. MindMup 2 lets you easily create your own mind maps within Google Drive, complete with advanced drawing tools with lines, shapes, colors, and text.  Doc Builder If you frequently create documents from the same templatized building blocks, then Doc Builder might make your life a lot easier. This add-on lets you create reusable snippets of text and add them to your files from a sidebar to the right of your document. Related coverage from Tech Reference: What is Google Drive? A guide to navigating Google's file storage service and collaboration tools How to share files on Google Drive in 3 different ways, and choose who can view, comment, or edit How to save attachments from Gmail to your Google Drive on a computer or mobile device How to add the Google Drive app to your desktop on a PC and sync all of your files easily How to use Google Drive with Slack by connecting your accounts to send files SEE ALSO: The best Google Assistant smart speakers Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What it's like inside North Korea's controversial restaurant chain
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "I'd like to say this is some good and necessary trouble,"— Hannah Waters, the Georgia high school student who was suspended after posting photos of North Paulding High School's crowded hallways on social media. The school rescinded Waters' suspension today following widespread criticism.  WHAT'S HAPPENING This weekend's Sturgis motorcycle rally is expected to attract 250,000 people. Most of the 7,000 residents of the South Dakota town want it postponed over Covid, but it's going forward, and the usual huge crowds are expected.  US economy added 1.8 million jobs in July, beating expectations. The unemployment rate declined nearly a point to 10.2%. (More below).  Negotiations are stalled over the pandemic relief bill. A week after the expiration of unemployment benefits, Democrats and the White House are still trillions apart. Republicans are offering $400 unemployment for four months. Democrats want to keep it at $600, and are demanding huge aid for state and local governments.  Trump executive orders ban US companies from working with TikTok parent ByteDance or WeChat. The order targeting the Chinese companies takes effect in 45 days, presumably giving Microsoft a chance to complete an acquisition of TikTok's US operations. TikTok says it will sue to overturn the order. The Trump administration also sanctioned Hong Kong's chief executive and other Hong Kong and Chinese officials for their role in Hong Kong's new security law.  VIEWS OF THE DAY The jobs report was good, but the labor market is still a mess.  Friday's jobs report showed that the US economy added 1.8 million jobs in July and the unemployment rate ticked down to 10%. This is good news, but it's important to put it in perspective.For one thing, the unemployment rate is still historically high — higher than at any point during the Great Recession. Secondly, the rate of jobs gains slowed from June, indicating that the resurgence in coronavirus cases may be cooling off the recovery. Third, we've still only added back around 40% of the jobs we lost in March and April, despite three straight months of jobs gains since then. Fourth, the recovery is unequal: the unemployment rate for white Americans is dropping much faster than for Black Americans. Basically this is a "well it's slightly less of a disaster" kind of report. For instance, the number of newly permanently laid off workers — as opposed to workers temporarily laid off but expecting to be hired back — stayed steady at around 2.9 million despite expectations that it would rise. But that's still 2.9 million more people not expecting their job to come back. The jobs report was good news and showed the labor market is improving. But that same labor market is also in historically terrible shape and millions of people are in dire economic straits. And, importantly, this report covers the period before the government aid dried up. — Bob Bryan How Trump's Census manipulation will hurt you.  The National Weather Service just predicted that this will be an "extremely active" hurricane season, with 10 to 16 more named storms, adding to the 9 that have already formed. That's huge, valuable news that will guide how cargo ships and planes are routed, how off-shore drilling rigs are staffed, when crops are harvested.  The very best meteorologists on the planet, trained at grand American universities and hired by the federal government, interpolated data from satellites launched at a cost of billions of dollars and weather stations and buoys and sensors distributed by the thousands. It's a triumph of data, complexity, human capital, and public investment.  On the other hand, the Census, the most magnificent collection of data in the history of the world, will be a cruddy mess this year. Even though the pandemic has caused havoc in the Census, Trump officials have cut short the count by a month, declined to extend the data analysis till April, and actively discouraged immigrants from completing census forms. All of this means that tens of millions of households will likely be missed. This would help Trump and his allies politically, and would send fewer federal resources to poorer parts of the country.  But it also spoils one of the most valuable tools the US has. Businesses rely on accurate Census data to make decisions on how to staff, where to put stores, how much to pay, and what kind of products to market. Governments rely on it to decide where to build roads and schools, what to tax, and where to rezone. Making it census data worse to meet a short-term political end will cascade error through the system, making all of us poorer and more ignorant. In their war against the nonexistent deep state, Trump and his allies have undermined and ruined one of America's greatest strengths. The federal government gathers and analyzes mass data better than any organization that has ever existed, and that has helped make us all rich. Corrupting that will harm the rest of us long after Trump has left Washington. — DP Trump's right: There should be a fourth presidential debate in early September. Like the child-custody arrangement in an especially hostile divorce, the presidential debate schedule is the worst — yet still tolerable — scheme you could come up with under the circumstances. Every four years, a bipartisan commission on debates manages to get everyone to agree to a bare minimum of debating: three very short, very controlled presidential debates, crammed into four weeks right before the vote.  Any reasonable observer of American politics should admit that it's a deeply inadequate and poorly timed arrangement. During the primaries, candidates debate over and over and over again for months, with wildly different formats. It's crazy that the two leading candidates for the most important job on the planet face off so briefly and so late. We've known it would be Biden vs Trump for nearly six months — and the country has experienced historic convulsions — yet they will only debate the issues for a few minutes during a brief burst from September 29 to October 22.  The Trump campaign is struggling and craves any opportunity to change the dynamics, so it's not surprising that Rudy Giuliani hectored the debate commission this week to add a fourth debate in early September, or at least to move the final late October debate to early September. The Commission yesterday rejected the proposal — that's not what was painstakingly agreed to — but the Trump campaign has a point!  For the pandemic and other reasons, both parties are making heroic efforts to get their people to vote early. By the time the first debate rolls around on September 29, early voting will have started in at least a dozen states and millions will have cast a ballot. In a political system where the presidential campaign lasts almost two years, it's stupid that people can vote before the candidates ever even debate.  The commission was right to reject Trump for trying to alter the rules in the eleventh hour, but they should remember his complaint in 2024. If we're going to extend voting back into September, then early voters should get the chance to see a debate before they mail in their ballot. — DP Focus, Donald, Focus If there is a single issue in global economics right now, it's ensuring that the US passes another coronavirus aid bill so that the mighty US consumer can keep spending.  Problem is, as I wrote in my column this morning, negotiations for this bill have fallen on the White House, and Trump can't seem to focus on this issue. For the past few weeks he's been trying to load it with worthless additions — like $1.8 billion for a new FBI building, and a payroll tax cut that economists say would only help the richest 20% of Americans. No one has time for this nonsense. Some of the blame for this should go to Senate Republicans, who wrote the first draft of the bill. As they were writing it their caucus descended into chaos, with more libertarian members of the party freaking out about giving too much money to people during this crisis (as if it's not our money.) They needed Trump's political cover to pass something with a huge price tag (which is what the country desperately needs), so the bill they put forward was weak and unacceptable to Democrats. All of that just adds more difficulty to the White House's negotiations at a time when Trump seems most interested in golf, bashing Joe Biden, and destroying TikTok. — Linette Lopez Twitter flags state-affiliated accounts, but what's the point?  The experiment in social media self-regulation had a couple of interesting developments yesterday. Twitter says that as part of a mission of "providing people with context so they can make informed decisions about what they see and how they engage," the company will now affix the label "government account" for official government accounts, but not the personal accounts of government officials and lawmakers. That means the @POTUS account (previously used by President Obama) gets the "government" label, but @realDonaldTrump — the account of far-greater consequence and much bigger audience — will not.  Same thing for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's accounts: @RepAOC with 316,000 followers gets the "government" label, whereas @AOC with 8 million followers does not.  News outlets and the editors and reporters who work for them, such as the Russian government-funded RT and Sputnik, will be labeled "state-affiliated media." — Anthony Fisher BUSINESS & ECONOMY Hong Kong's rich are moving gold to Switzerland and Singapore. The outflow began a year ago, as they try to protect themselves from a possible Chinese crackdown.  What time of day should you apply for the job you want? Insider asked recruitment experiments, and the answer is 11 am. LIFE "Cloud Bread" — the fluffy, three-ingredient concoction that's taking over TikTok. It's not really bread, but a meringue with corn starch that can be colored and flavored in wild ways.  Bon Appetit tumult continues, as three Test Kitchen stars leave. All three are people of color, and all were dismayed by the slow pace of change at the food magazine, which has been accused of marginalizing and underpaying its non-white staff.  THE BIG 3* The US Air Force is developing a hypersonic Air Force One. Aerospace company Hermeus announced a contract to develop the presidential jet, which is intended to fly 3,300 miles per hour. It's at least 10 years from manufacture.  How big was the Beirut explosion? It was much bigger than the largest US conventional bomb, and like a 3.3 earthquake. Five of the best foods to lower blood sugar and control diabetes. Oatmeal and nuts are on the list, not surprisingly. *The most popular stories on Insider today.Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How the Navy's largest hospital ship can help with the coronavirus
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