Squall Leonhart GunBlade Sword consist of some sort of sword blade with some type of gun action built into the hilt, with its barrel running inside the length of the blade.They are mostly used like normal swords, but triggering a round sends a shockwave through the blade, creating a vibration as the weapon passes through an opponent to increase damage.
A sword, believed to be Edward III's sword, exists to this day and stirred much controversy throughout much of the twentieth century. It is pictured and described in Appendix D of Records of the Medieval Sword, by Ewart Oakeshott (1991). The entire sword of king Edward iii is an aesthetically striking piece and a true testament to the beautiful and complex metalwork of the Medieval period.
Fate Stay Night Saber Orta Black Saber Alter Sword if made of FRP.FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics)is a kind of synthetic resin, and it has the following characteristic properties: lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance in highly acidic environments, high plasticity and other advanced characteristics.
Sting Sword is a magical Lord of the rings series sword made by Elves in the ancient days, it was wielded by Frodo Baggins and was given to him by his cousin Bilbo Baggins, the original ring bearer.The sword served Frodo in his harrowing journey.It glowed showing that the ringwraiths were near the bearer.This amazing Sting sword measures 22 inches overall with a high quality  20" lengthy stainless steel blade with the thickness of 1/4", engraved with beautiful silver Elvish runes sketched on it.It features a firm and solid metal guard and pommel along with a 9" lengthy hardwood handle cast with leather-wrapped fitting.It comes along a firm leather scabbard for holding the sword.
Two Handed Sword Two handed handle with real hardwood grip and gold center fixture ,Detailed studded gold pommel.Guard is metal made, gold in color with great design.Two Handed Sword fits neatly into sheath that is included as seen in picture.Also this sheath has a loop for easy carrying.This sword is made strong and is not a toy.Sword of the Mighty Warrior Sword of the Mighty Warrior is an awesome high detail Persian warrior sword.All metal sword with steel guard and fittings.Heavy stainless steel blade with printed lettering.Real leather wrapped handle.Fate Stay Night Saber Excalibur Avalon Cosplay Sword Fate Stay Night Saber Sword is made of FRP.
EL CID Rapier Sword EL CID Sword by Mariano Zamorano of Toledo Spain is a hand forged replica reproduction of the El Cid Colada sword circa the 11th century.This fully functional combat ready rapier sword was painstakingly hand made with a hand forged double-edged carbon steel blade.The twisted quillons and knuckle-guard, leather wrapped grip and spheric pommel trimmings are made by hand in iron by the world famous, fifth generation, Toledo Spain swordsmith Mariano Zamorano.Bearing the famous "MZ" trademark, this limited production sword is a prized collectible for the discriminating collector.William Wallace Brass Sword william wallace sword replica measuring 52" long.An authentic rough leather sheath, with a strap for belt fitting, is included.Made from polished stainless steel, the blade is double-edged with a hilt and pommel made out of solid brass.
Swords Planet is proud to bring you the most popular movies/video Game replica swords.Find swords from Lord of The Rings, 300 Spartans, Eragon, Gladiator, Troy and Video Game Swords like Buster Swords, Keyblades, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Heart, Devil May Cry, Anime Swords and much more!Video Game SwordsBuy with confidence from one of our online collections of Video Games Swords, it includes Devil May Cry Series, Dragon Ball, Zelda, Bloodrayne swords and many more.The Hero Shield measuring an overall length of about 25.5inches, was the starting shield in the Majora Mask that was wielded by Link, the hero in the Legend of Zelda Series.This Majora Mask’s Mirror Shield is pretty similar to the great Hylian Shield, featuring a massive red bird with the hunched head pointed down with much larger wings than the body, the lavishing blue base, the Triforce (ultimate power) moving above the bird to below it and the metal decals.However, this simplified and abstract style version of the shield is sturdy providing adequate protection against attacks.This amazing Majora’s Mask Hero’s Video Game Shield is constructed with high quality, stainless steel material with an overall width of about 19 inches.The Angel Sanctuary is a  Kaori Yuki creation that appeared in  the Magna and anime series.