Top 3 Characteristics of a Good SEO Consultant   The SEO Consultant is Eager To Learn About Your Business.It is accepted that before an advisor can start specifying the systems for effectively turning out to be #1, the SEO Consultant mumbai should first "have a comprehension of the customers' business and showcasing objectives to build up the technique and approach for a triumphant SEO crusade."  On the off chance that the specialist is keen on the thing you are promoting and is proficient about what it is that you need to accomplish, at that point without a doubt, working with this SEO Consultant will be a breeze.The SEO Consultant is Knowledgeable in the Different Fields of SEO."Preferably, the SEO Consultant ought to comprehend things like: Business Objectives, Marketing Strategies, Demographics of Target Audience, Media Mix and Flight Dates, Creative contemplations, Messaging, Success Metrics, Dependencies, and Methods of Measurement".Website optimization Consulting requires the specialist to simply have an assortment of abilities as well as hold a wide cluster of information on the various parts of SEO.
It’s natural for all of us to want to understand and trust the tools we use.One way to build trust in automation and confidently utilize these tools is to zero in on Input, Output, and Results.More importantly to focus on leveraging automation consciously and on purpose – matching desired results to automation features.Integrating intent with powerful automation and intelligent human input will result in the secret sauce that will help you and your campaigns thrive!SEM RESULTSWhile goals and KPIs are excellent and crucial for marketing success all the way, they are not the entire picture.You need to think about some of those less tangible but probably more essential results you are driving towards by opting to implement automation in your marketing campaigns.Perhaps you want to save some of your precious time (bid strategies, scripts, scheduled Google Import) or scale your business efficiently (auto-applied ad suggestions and Smart Campaigns)?Maybe you have assigned yourself the job to augment your ad strategy to be more inclusive and connect deeply with your target audience (Responsive Search Ads)?Or perhaps you wish to build the best keyword research machine around to boost your reach on search (Dynamic Search Ads)?No matter what your desired result is, knowing what you want to accomplish in advance will help you:Match your results to automation featuresFinish the work of getting quality input readyClearly define what output equals successINPUT FOR PPC AUTOMATIONWhen it comes to automation, if there is one thing we have heard consistently, it’s that you will get out of it what you are willing to put in.So the question is: what could your input seem like?So, you can just set it and forget about it, isn’t it?No!Taking full advantage of automation features requires a little patience, iterative testing, and deep curiosity.If results are qualitative goals, the output is quantitative in this context – insights gained, time, performance.Did your overall performance trend up or down or remain constant?Is automation saving your time and increasing your efficiency or acting as a time suck and blocker?It is our responsibility to conduct a SWOT analysis and even mid-stream examinations to find out what worked well, what did not go well, and what needs to be improved moving forward.ACTUAL EXAMPLES OF SEM RESULTS, INPUT, AND OUTPUT IN ACTIONThinking and talking in the abstract is one thing and doing the work is entirely a different thing.So the real question here is: how to put the Results, Input, and Output concept into action?You will save X amount of time every week, month, etc.Smart CampaignsResult: You want to grow your business online with minimum time and ongoing management so you can focus on managing your business.Input: Enter your business and billing details, set your advertising goals and basic ad copy in just a couple of minutes.Output: Automation drives quality traffic to your website, and precise, understandable results surface on demand.Auto-Applied Ad SuggestionsResult: You want to stay updated with the latest ad formats and optimize your ad copies with minimum impact on your time.Input: Analyze ad suggestions in the UI or analyze email notifications to accept suggested ad additions or revisions.Output: Better campaign performance (assess KPIs such as CTR, conversion rate, etc.
You need to perform in-depth research work about your targeted market, customers, etc.The most important thing that you need to be familiar with your business requirements, which is necessary for deciding the best features for your website.Apart from these, we are going to explain several other factors that you need to take into account for website development.Backend ServicesYou will certainly not be able to develop a good website without a powerful backend system.As a result, it will fail in delivering a good user experience.Clutter-free DesignWhen it comes to design, you need to ensure that your website has a clutter-free design.A clean design indeed helps users in focusing your brand value.Color SchemeWhen it comes to color schemes, these are something that is most important than one can realize.Colors include capability of conveying different messages.The color scheme of your website should be matching based on the type of your services, target audience, etc.
Email marketing is the prodigal son of digital marketing, making it very crucial and important to any digital marketing strategy, sending holistic emails to potential prospects and customers has turned out to be highly effective, aiding high conversion rates and turning one time buyers into loyal brand fans.According to statistics, over 4.1 billion people worldwide use Email.That’s like half of the world’s population using email, so, not using an active email marketing campaign in this era is a massive loss to your brand.Email marketing was and will be one of the convenient, effective ways to communicate with your consumers and target audience.
What should be included in the design of a good website?The four basic principles to paying attention to build a good website.And you will find it out on your own by asking yourself.It is being said about the visual design of the website here.The copied content affects the website's rank on the search engine results page and increases the possibility of being penalized by Google.Clear site navigation.It will be beneficial for your website in two ways, SEO for Google and website visitors.As the saying goes, 'The first impression is the last impression,' It is the design of the website that is first to impress the visitor.
Must-have Features of a New-age Messaging ApplicationIt is essential to pick the right feature-set for creating an impactful messaging app.These will make the app appealing to the end-users and provide them a unique chatting experience.Authorization of the Users to easily sign-up via phone numbers, social media, email IDs, etc.Account creation, profile setting, and ability to customize their profiles on the chat app.Instant messaging, message delivery status, group chats, etc.Ability to import contacts so that the users can instantly connect with others in their contact list.File sharing functionality to exchange files like photos, audio clips, documents, videos, and any other similar content.Blocking or reporting unwanted users.Push notificationsGeo-location trackingEnd-to-end encryptionSynchronization of the app across multiple devicesA Few more Advanced Features to ConsiderVoice and video callingAbility to permanently destroy messages, statuses, stories, etc.Photo editing featurePublic channels for users to connect with like-minded users or simply read/view the content they like through these channelsEntertainment elements like emoticons, gifs, animations, stickers, etc.Live-streaming optionsChatbots- an advanced marketing tool for monetizationIn-app games (though it is a rare feature)Vital Steps to Architect an Engaging Messaging AppResearch by doing a thorough analysis of the market, best apps available, current trends, competitors, target audience, etc.Try downloading and using some of the existing apps for in-depth knowledge of messaging apps and also identify the issues in such apps.Decide on the concept of the app, its unique selling proposition, and brainstorm on how the app will befit the target audience.Ensure that you are targeting to fix some issues and gaps that the existing apps from stores have.Identify your business objectives, strategy to create the app, and app monetization techniques.Decide whether to go for messaging app's MVP or a feature-rich model.Choose the platform- whether Android or iOS or both.Pick reliable features to be embedded in the app from the aforesaid list.Identify a proven and experienced messaging app development company and partner with it for your project.Share your objectives with their team and work together to create your dream app with a seamless UX/UI design.Communicate with them from time to time during the chat app development process.Test the app thoroughly before launching it in the market and modify it if required.Implement the planned monetization strategies before the app’s release.Now publish the app on the respective stores.Collect inputs from the users, conduct surveys, get insights on how well is your app doing in the market.Keep maintaining it and improving it according to the response from the target users.Gradually add new features as you progress.In the write-up, “What are the Key factors a Startup should Focus on While Developing a Mobile App?” you will get additional insights on this subject.Potential Challenges in the Messaging App Development JourneySecurity Threats: Users want assurance that their conversations are safe and their data does not leak out in any case.Also, all other probable downsides of the server you identify and the remedial measures for those issues should be considered in advance.Unstable Internet Connections: Internet connectivity can weaken or cut off due to several unpredictable reasons.
Mobile partner networks for Android app installs have deals for a fee depending on a standarREASONS TO BUY APP INSTALLATIONSIt means that you need to perform an efficient ASO in order to stand out from the crowd and get your app noticed by the target audience.This is what will help you gain respect.Remember that every day, hundreds of new apps launch in many of the major app stores.To really stand out from the crowd, you'll need a good tool.The following are some of the advantages of purchasing software installs: > Guaranteed rise in the Play Store; > Building a reputable app that is trustworthy and safe;> Simple and fast marketing tool to get you where you want to go; > You don't have to wait months, if not years, to get the app into the top ten.When you get app updates from us, we guarantee that your app will grow in the app store rankings.Android  The best way to improve Android app installs and downloads is to use the Android App Install program.For Smartphone owners, mobile media users, and affiliates, the cost per install program offers ways to make money by supporting applications or games.
What can poll results tell B2B marketers about a year unlike any other, and how can this valuable audience data help us enhance our marketing strategy as we head towards 2022? For more than two years we’ve run weekly social media polls on our Twitter profile, and for over a year we've simultaneously placed a weekly user poll on our LinkedIn* page. Occasionally we like to share some of the fascinating insights you have given us in the form of results from our polls, in order to see the B2B marketing trends that have emerged during this unprecedented year. Let’s take a look at a wide variety of marketing trends, how and why marketing is changing in 2021, and the growing effectiveness of B2B influencer marketing, all through a lens of poll-derived feedback from our B2B marketing audience. Building on the insights we shared in “Show Me The Numbers: 20 B2B Marketing Insights From Audience Poll Data,” our most recent poll numbers paint a sometimes-surprising picture of B2B marketing sentiment in 2021. Eye-Opener #1 — Remote Work How has the pandemic changed your views about the long-term feasibility of remote work? Most B2B marketers now have much greater acceptance when it comes to the long-term feasibility of remote work than they did before the pandemic. Our poll backs this notion, with over three quarters of respondents on both our LinkedIn and Twitter polls saying that they have either more acceptance or much greater acceptance of remote work as a long-term practice. Hybrid work scenarios are also very much a part of conversations about the future of work, as I recently explored in "Hybrid & Remote Work Trends That Will Alter The Future Of B2B Marketing." Eye-Opener #2 — LinkedIn Live Have you created LinkedIn Live content yet? Among our LinkedIn poll respondents, some 58 percent said that they have either created content using LinkedIn Live or planned to do so. Looking to see how brands are utilizing LinkedIn Live? Check out our "Livestream Marketing: 5 B2B Brands Rocking LinkedIn Live" for examples from JPMorgan Chase, CompTIA, Microsoft, NASA, SAP* and others. Eye-Opener #3 — Post-Pandemic Marketing What will be the most important type of B2B marketing what the pandemic is over? 39 percent of our LinkedIn poll takers said that always-on marketing would be the most important type of post-pandemic marketing, followed by 26 percent who said search and social, 19 percent who picked marketing technology, and 16 percent who chose influencer marketing. 40 percent of our Twitter poll respondents said that search and social will be most important, 30 percent said marketing technology, 16.7 percent picking influencer marketing, and 13.3 percent for always-on marketing. The results point to the mixed viewpoints and uncertainly surrounding just what will be the most important when the global health crisis subsides. Our own Nick Nelson recently explored the topic, in "Brave New World: The Model for B2B Marketing Success, Post-Pandemic." Optimizing our B2B marketing strategy for a post-pandemic world requires understanding where the key shifts have occurred, and how to adapt. From executive thought leadership to rethinking marketing experiences, Nick's article explores five ways B2B marketers can smartly adapt and thrive in a reshaped environment. Eye-Opener #4 — Short-Form Video Platforms Which short-form vertical video creation and sharing platform are you most likely to use? YouTube Shorts was the top vote-getter when it came to short-term video platforms for B2B marketing content, with Instagram Reels coming in as the second most likely to be used among those taking our polls. 27.3 percent of our Twitter poll-takers said that they didn't plan to use either of the two, or TikTok. Eye-Opener #5 — LinkedIn Stories Do you plan to incorporate LinkedIn Stories content into your marketing efforts? As LinkedIn Stories rolled out, 39 percent of our LinkedIn poll-takers said that they planned to test the format, while 26 percent noted that they definitely planned to incorporate the feature into their marketing efforts. 22 percent said they had no plans to implement LinkedIn Stories, while 13 percent noted that they would probably implement the feature. On Twitter, 50 percent noted that they would either probably or definitely utilize LinkedIn Stories in marketing efforts, with 20 percent planning to test the feature and the 30 percent noting they didn't plan to use the format. Eye-Opener #6 — B2B Influence Which area of your B2B influencer marketing program has seen the greatest success during the pandemic? 42 percent of our LinkedIn poll-takers said that inspiring trust was the facet of their B2B influencer marketing program that had seen the greatest success during the pandemic, followed by thought leadership growth, raising brand awareness, and attracting customers. Among our Twitter poll-takers thought leadership growth was the top vote-getter, followed by inspiring trust and attracting customers. Eye-Opener #7 — Scaling For Success With Influence What is the top factor in successfully scaling a B2B influencer marketing program? When it comes to scaling B2B influencer marketing programs, the leading factor  among our LinkedIn voters was finding ideal influencers, followed by having a process and leadership buy-in. Our Twitter voters selected leadership buy-in as the top factor to successful B2B influencer marketing scaling, followed by finding ideal influencers and having concrete objectives. Eye-Opener #8 — Top Fears What is your biggest fear in marketing? When fall rolled around, we were curious about some of your top marketing fears. On both LinkedIn and Twitter the leading fear was the uncertainty of the pandemic, with some also choosing fear of failure. I expanded on turning fear into success in an article to accompany our poll, in "10 Horrifying Marketing Fears & How To Turn Them Into 2021 Successes." Eye-Opener #9 — SME, Expert, of Influencer? Which terminology do you prefer for a professional who holds sway over a target audience? B2B marketers differ when it comes to use of the term influencer. 52 percent of our LinkedIn poll-takers said that they preferred the term influencer for a professional who holds sway over a target audience, followed by 24 percent who favored subject matter expert, 14 percent picking the term authority, and 10 percent who chose the term leader. Our Twitter poll-takers predominantly preferred subject matter expert, following by influencer and then authority. No matter which terminology use prefer or use, the power of influence is key in today's B2B marketing, as our CEO Lee Odden recently shared in "Brandfluence – Why Growing Executive Influence is Essential for B2B Marketing." Eye-Opener #10 — The Benefits of Digital Tools Which area has benefited the most from the increased use of digital tools the pandemic has brought about? Influencer marketing was seen by both our LinkedIn and Twitter poll-takers as the top beneficiary when it comes to areas that have grown during the pandemic. Content marketing was the second choice, followed by always-on and values-driven marketing. Eye-Opener #11 — What B2B Marketers Are Looking Forward To What are B2B marketers most looking forward to in 2021? Post-pandemic life was by far the top choice of both our Twitter and LinkedIn poll-takers, followed by in-person events and physical meetings. How can B2B marketers help prepare for post-pandemic success? Nick Nelson explored this question in detail, with "Brave New World: The Model for B2B Marketing Success, Post-Pandemic." Eye-Opener #12 — B2B Tactic Optimism Which business marketing tactic are B2B marketers most optimistic about in 2021? When we asked which business marketing tactic poll-takers were most optimistic about, on LinkedIn 36 percent chose content marketing, 29 percent search and social, 21 percent influencer marketing, and 14 percent who chose always-on marketing. Among our Twitter poll-takers some 50 chose content marketing, 25 percent search and social, followed by 16.7 percent who picked influencer marketing, and 8.3 percent who chose always-on marketing. Eye-Opener #13 — Why Do We Follow Brands? What is the primary reason you follow a B2B brand on social media? 69 percent of our LinkedIn poll-takers said the top reason they follow brands on social media is to learn from the brand, with 20 percent choosing brand news, 7 percent for tracking competitors, and 4 percent for communicating with a brand. 50 percent of our Twitter poll-takers picked learning from a brand, 37.5 percent communicating with the brand, and 12.5 percent who picked tracking competitors. Eye-Opener #14 — Brand Storytelling What is the top factor when it comes to creating successful B2B brand storytelling? 47 percent of B2B marketers taking our LinkedIn poll said that authenticity was the top factor in successful B2B brand storytelling efforts, followed by 24 percent who picked empathy, 18 percent who chose creativity, and 12 percent who said that heart was the leading success factor. 47.4 percent of our Twitter poll-takers also chose authenticity, followed by 21.1 percent for creativity, and 15.8 percent for both empathy and heart. Eye-Opener #15 — The B2B Clubhouse? How important is Clubhouse in your 2021 B2B marketing strategy? As Clubhouse gained traction among B2B marketers, we asked how important it will be in 2021 marketing strategy, and among our LinkedIn poll-takers 57 percent said that the jury was still out, followed by 26 percent who said that it's not important, 13 percent who said it was very important, and 4 percent who said that Clubhouse would be somewhat important in their 2021 strategy. 52 percent of our Twitter respondents said Clubhouse was not important, followed by 28 percent who noted the jury was still out, 12 percent who considered it very important, and 8 percent who said that it was someone important. Learn more about how audio-based social platforms can work for B2B brands, in Lee Odden's "How B2B Brands Can Boost Confidence in Livestream Video, Podcast and Clubhouse Marketing," and "How B2B Marketing Influencers Are Finding Success On New Social Channels," by our senior influencer marketing strategist Debbie Friez. Eye-Opener #16 — Social Media Manager Qualities in 2021 What's the top quality you look for when hiring a social media manager? When we asked our audience what was the top quality they look for when hiring a social media marketing manager, brand storytelling was the top choice both on LinkedIn and Twitter. Storytelling's importance in creating memorable B2B marketing experiences is explored in details in my "Microsoft’s Miri Rodriguez on How B2B Marketers Are Embracing Empathy For Better Customer Storytelling #B2BMX," and Nick Nelson's "Your Guide to Effective Storytelling in B2B Content Marketing." Open Your Eyes To Your Audience & Take Action via GIPHY Keeping your eyes open to the pulse of your audience — whether it’s from poll results, questionnaires, surveys or other types of feedback — can go a long way when it comes to making your B2B marketing efforts more authentic, and also helps ensure your communication is a two-way street and not just a publish-and-forget effort. We hope you’ve found this eye-opening peek into some of our own poll results helpful as you navigate the uncertain marketing landscape 2021 has given us. Let us know your thoughts by voting in our current weekly poll about what qualities make a great B2B influencer marketing specialist  — you'll find it on LinkedIn here and on Twitter here. Learn even more about poll data, statistics, and how to utilize audience feedback in every form by taking a look are some of the related articles we’ve written on the subject, such as the six listed here: Show Me The Numbers: 20 B2B Marketing Insights From Audience Poll Data Social Media Polls For Marketers: 6 B2B Brands Winning With LinkedIn Polls 17 Revealing B2B Marketing Insights From Poll Data The Power of Social Media Polls: The Drill-Down on 3 Platforms + 5 General Best Practices 24 Essential B2B Influencer Marketing Statistics Hungry for More: What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Episodic Content * SAP and LinkedIn are TopRank Marketing clients. The post B2B Marketing Poll Sentiment: 15+ Eye-Opening Insights To Fuel Summer Success appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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If you want to take your business to the next level, then you must consider hiring the services of a digital marketing agency.A digital marketing service provider works closely with you to create a unique marketing strategy that targets your target audience and gives you the best results possible.These marketing services include:Leading digital marketing services companies will work closely with you to determine what keywords are most important to your target audience.You'll be able to find out what words your target customers are likely to use to find your product or service, which will greatly increase your chances of converting those visitors into leads and sales.They'll help you incorporate those keywords into the copy on your website, on your blog and in any other advertising and marketing efforts you may be involved in.A good digital marketing services company will work hard to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).It works to make sure that when people are searching for products or services similar to yours, your site pops up toward the top of the list.
“Accurate and thorough data is the bedrock of all effective findings, as it offers a wealth of knowledge about customer desires and preferences, as well as a roadmap for the business to follow.”Market research, which encompasses all types of market, opinion, and social research as well as data analytics, is all about analyzing and interpreting data in order to gain information and insights that can be used to forecast future events, actions, or customer behavior.Market research aids in the comprehension and interpretation of an increasingly dynamic environment, as well as the creation of a viable business strategy.The customer will determine if a product or service is a luxury or a necessity, and if so, whether or not they need to spend money on it.Understanding the complexities and particular obstacles that the healthcare sector faces has become critical.When an enterprise has the right ideas, the brand message becomes much more authentic and valuable to the target audience.An in-depth market research has a number of benefits for businesses, including: assisting players in the sector in getting to the heart of the factors that influence healthcare decision-making.Market Research also provides industry dynamics to various players in the sector to aid in the development of a practical budget and forecast.The watchwords for health care in the twenty-first century are quality, result, and significance.In a sector as critical as healthcare, the public has its own set of needs, desires, and biases that affect their decisions.
Today, you are going to learn step-by-step how to set up your very own web design service.There are several questions that you should ask yourself before you invest money and time into a new company.How many years have you worked as a web designer?Designing A Killer Portfolio The next step in building your web design empire is coming up with a killer portfolio.This will help you build up a portfolio that will sell you out there.If you need investors and partners for your new startup, a good business plan can help you attract them.Find Your Target Audience Once you have that killer portfolio ready, you will need to find your target audience.For example, if you have worked in the home improvement niche building websites for years, you may want to target those companies.
What’s better than getting to eat your favorite sweet dish to curb your sweet cravings even at midnight?There are three basic models that you can consider before starting up with the development process.The idea is to provide ease to both the customer and the restaurant with food deliveries.GrubHub was established by two developers in around 2004.To do so, you first need to understand the obstacles you may come across, and they are:No idea about your target audience is.Lack of information about the versions of the app you need.Less understanding about the features that your food delivery app should have.You don’t know how to connect with the restaurants for food delivery services.Your dashboard lacks the required features to manage your services, employees, restaurants, and inventories.Well, the fact here is that!You can always curate the menu of your on-demand delivery app to make it a little more appealing.To do so, you need to define your target audience first.GrubHub has the idea to deliver a wide selection of dishes.But, on-demand food delivery applications such as GrubHub, have the USPs of delivering anything.
Looking for Technology User Database USA?Then you are at the right place Paceb2b provides a B2B  email list that can help you to reach your target audience in less time.Sales lead generation is a marketing strategy if you want to increase sales for your business.
An influential presence on Social Networks will help you increase the diffusion of your products.There are several social media, but you must target only those that are relevant to your business.Use participation strategies in your publications, do not leave questions or complaints unanswered, and try to get new customers and retain old customers by creating value-adding content and solving queries.Do not forget that social networks are public platforms in which going viral can play for or against your online store.Twitter to access the target audience and carry out monitoring: Twitter is great for reaching many new customers and engaging in conversations through the use of hashtags.It is convenient to actively listen to what is said about your products since it is a network in which opinions (both positive and negative) can reach a greater diffusion than in others.The use of AI-fuelled platforms can help hasten the process.It is also an easy way to see the type of users your competition has, and if you think it's necessary, follow them and try to attract them to your online store.Create a Fan Page on Facebook to retain your customers: In recent times, Facebook is gradually shifting towards being more of an eCommerce platform with the introduction of the 'buy button.
And to relieve other businesses from the stress of researching, he explained those 5 things in the article below.Let us check them out.Top 5 Key Things You Need for eCommerce Store1.Optimized Website for eCommerce StoreIf you don’t have a website yet, it’s not a big problem!You can now build your website from scratch, ensuring it has smooth navigation, a user-friendly interface, an attractive layout, clear product images, and more.See more: How to Pick a Web Platform for Your Business?Whereas if you have an existing website, make sure it takes less time to load, probably less than two seconds.What if they are in the industry for years?Sell what your target audience is looking for.An existing business, on the contrary, has to think about the products they would like to sell online.You can sell niche-specific t-shirts or integrate a product designer tool to sell custom t-shirts.In short, decide your USP (unique selling proposition).Referral and Affiliate ProgramsMany e-store owners would say that loyalty programs and other referrals such as discounts and coupons are outdated.
The real test of business driven by content is the quality and the presentation of it.The grammar and structure of every language varies dramatically as the region changes.Take the differences between UK and US English, as an example.At CliniApps, we not only provide well-researched content writing services but also keep your target audience in mind and fine-tune it the content for readers from specific regions.Be assured that your audience will never be turned off by what it reads.We can assist you in content you may need for any type of publishing including, newsletters, periodic emails, website, and blogs.
Corporate video marketing is an important aspect of any business.A good corporate video also helps in ranking you in the top Google search results.It is a corporate video maker company in Pune that will boost your business prospects to a great extent by preparing amazing corporate videos that will always rank higher because of stunning graphics and excellent content!Here are the main points relating to how a corporate video will help you rank higher on Google.Place the video on a websiteIf you place a corporate video on your business website, it will help you to gain a place among the top search results as a video will make users stay on the website for a certain amount of time.Show a short demo of your product or service.Your corporate video should act as a magnet which attracts the target audience due to its alluring graphics and perfect explanation of your product.Entertain, Entertain and Entertain!Always prepare a video that keeps the user hooked so that the average time spent on the website will be increased and eventually, it will help your website climb the ladder of rankings!Embed your videosMake sure that you embed your videos on your business website.A brilliant corporate video will surely maximise your chances of featuring on the page 1 search results.