In fact it was buoyant: Investment was on a high, bright young things were raising money left, right and centre and everyone wanted to join a startup.The problem was that most of the technology the roundabout was helping to create wasn't, well, meaningful.So when we opened the doors to the Young Foundation in Bethnal Green after their staff had gone home that April Friday evening, in walked some of the most talented people in tech in London.Other hack weekends started to focus on social issues.Speaking of which, if you have a great idea for a tech for good venture, applications for Bethnal Green Ventures Autumn 2016 programme are now open!HuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
Google's re-implementation of selected Java APIs in Android has been ruled as fair use, but Oracle has stated it plans to appeal.Google has emerged victorious from a legal battle with Oracle that could have seen the company on the hook for $9 billion in damages for alleged copyright infringement within its Android platform.Oracle has been dogging Google's heels for years, claiming that the company breached copyright and patent law when it implemented various Java application programming interfaces APIs in its Android operating system - APIs Oracle held following its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.Agreeing with Google's argument that its re-implementation of the APIs constitutes fair use, the jury has claimed there is no case to answer for the advertising giant.Oracle, naturally, has announced that it isn't giving up and will appeal the ruling: 'We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market,' general counsel Dorian Daley told press in a prepared statement.'Today's verdict that Android makes fair use of Java APIs represents a win for the Android ecosystem, for the Java programming community, and for software developers who rely on open and free programming languages to build innovative consumer products,' an unnamed spokesperson told eurl Ars Technica eurl via email.
I certainly hope so; it s a lot of fun and could really save your organisation some money.Still I hope that you ve bought some spares; thoroughly checked the code, made sure that all your components work together and have thoroughly checked out the edge-cases.You ve sorted out your supply chain; made sure that you can get to your data-centre at all hours and told your boss that you are happy to be phoned up and shouted at until something broken is fixed.You might have to hire another person or two to help out but they ll be geeks too and you ll have great fun.Every now and then we ll go though the exercise and work out that the costs don t stack up over the four or five year technology life-cycle we tend to work in.But the big vendors are very worried about this trend; you might simply just move wholesale into Public Cloud and then they are going to see very little of your money if you go into one of the big Cloud companies who do their own engineering.
Thus, customers can spice up their desktops with a number of colors and lighting effects based on the Zotac graphics card alone.There s also the company s proprietary Freeze technology that regulates the card s cooling fans, including by putting the card into silent mode when it goes idle.Zotac went into a little more detail about the AMP Extreme version, saying that it will require space for two cards, even though it plugs into one slot.It will also sport a re-engineered IceStorm cooling system that the company said will enhance the card s overall performance and thermal regulation.This system will provide up to 30 percent more airflow when compared to traditional fans, the company said.Additionally, the retooled IceStorm system used on the AMP Extreme card will be visually brighter thanks to the Spectra lighting, and use three ultrawide fans with EKO Fan performance to make sure that GPU stays supercool.
In an upcoming episode of the Vice News show, company founder and journalist Shane Smith will sit down with self-exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden to discuss the state of privacy and surveillance in the U.S. During the interview, Snowden responded to a question from the public about how to secure our technology against surveillance, by showing the audience how to dismantle a smartphone to make it hard for third parties to use it against the owner.The term they used for this in the video teaser released for the episode is going black, and it involves removing the camera and microphone array from a commercial handset.After using a heat gun or similar device to loosen smartphone adhesives, the covers can be removed and the internals accessed.From there it s simply a case of detaching a few ribbon cables and loosening up some stubborn solder.The only problem with all of this though, is that Snowden suggests it would still be almost impossible to know if your handset had been hacked.The Snowden/surveillance episode of Vice News goes live this Friday at 11 pm ET/PT on HBO.
Containerisation could be coming to storage and that could be beneficialBlog B as in back-end, of course...My attraction to this technology started when it was first introduced on Sun Solaris and I had the opportunity to work with it.Indeed containers are quickly becoming one of the most compelling revolutions to hit IT in the last decade.This is not difficult, especially because Linux is now quite common among software-defined and traditional storage vendors, and mosthave already moved all of their code out of the kernel space a while ago.They have an easier way to distribute software, but other advantages come from the ability to speed up software release cycles some vendors are considering releasing one new version per month, or even more frequently and even from the ability to maintain more versions of the same piece of software on the same machine.You know the saying if it works, don t mess with it!I know, it will take time also because some software stacks were not written to be unpacked and delivered as a set of micro services … but I m also certain that the benefits of this approach are manifold and that we ll be seeing more and more containers in the back end of our storage systems.
CSPANOn Wednesday, the inspector general of the Department of State issued a scathing report on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private mail server during her tenure there, further securing the episode's legacy as perhaps the most historic case of "shadow IT" ever.The corporate counsel had the story spiked because it exposed a Sarbanes-Oxley breach—not exposed by me, but by the company's failure to have a backup system.Often, people use shadow IT at work because of a lack of official IT resources to support a need.Looking at the government sector, shadow IT has constantly gotten people in trouble for a host of other reasons: federal records laws, Federal Information Security Management Act FISMA violations, and privacy violations.And lest we forget, well before Clinton came to the State Department, members of the George W. Bush administration used a private e-mail server at run and paid for by the Republican National Committee—at least 88 accounts were set up for Bush administration officials in order to bypass the official White House e-mail system and avoid the regulations around presidential record retention, the Federal Records Act, and the Hatch Act which bans the use of government e-mail accounts for political purposes, among other things .Besides, Clinton's excuse basically boils down to this: other people broke the rules, so she should have been allowed to as well.
Whilst designing a website for Discovery Student Volunteering Project at Swansea University, we were asked if we'd like to go with them to Siavonga, Zambia, and supply computers to schools which are linked with Swansea schools under the British Council Connecting Classrooms scheme.Classes of over fifty were normal- with desks arranged in rows facing the blackboard and windows and doors often insecure.Children who had never touched a computer mouse now use the Raspberry Pi for Word Processing, spreadsheets etc.To make the project sustainable, we are addressing these issues:1 Training teachers, which we began to do in July 2015 with several well-attended courses.We've begun to train a young, female volunteer and hope to bring her to Swansea for intensive training.Watch this space.........HuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
The architecture of the software is modular and offers numerous components, these include the likes of Nova for providing virtual machines upon demand; Swift is a scalable storage system that supports object storage; Sahara is a data processing service for OpenStack managed resources; and Neutron provides network connectivity-as-a-service between interface devices.OpenStack started as a joint project between Rackspace and NASA and is now managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit entity that was established in September 2012.Rackspace donated the code that powers its storage and content delivery service and production servers, while NASA contributed the technology that powers Nebula, which is an open source cloud computing program that provides on-demand computing power.Since its creation OpenStack has come in for criticism for its complexity, particularly related to installation.Adding to this problem has been a lack of skills available when it comes to installing and managing the system.The OpenStack community has placed a large focus on overcoming these issues with the creation of training and certification programs and work to simplify any complexity.
Zoox executives have been tight-lipped, saying little in public about the Palo Alto, Calif., company s plans.Zoox s profile, however, has increased recently amid heightened interest in autonomous cars and the potential for using them as self-driving taxis that can be deployed by ride-sharing services such as Uber Technologies Inc.While auto giants including GM have been working on self-driving cars for several years, companies like Zoox could play an important role refining the technology.The company s co-founder, Tim Kentley-Klay declined to comment on the investment.In interviews and presentations given in 2014, Mr. Kentley-Klay showed the company s blueprint for an oblong-shaped vehicle where the passenger compartment had four seats facing one another.According to investment registration documents, Zoox already spent nearly $15 million on operations in 2014 and 2015.Corrections & Amplifications:Zoox co-founder Jesse Levinson formerly led Stanford University s self-driving car program.
Over the years, our expertise in leprosy has meant that we have become innovators and leaders in the field fighting against it, and other neglected diseases.This year is no different as we, at Lepra, pioneer the use of mobile technology along with standardized questionnaires in our work, and it's helping us to change lives.We work on the ground in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique tackling leprosy and other neglected diseases like lymphatic filariasis and malaria.These findings are allowing us to refocus our work and meet the need more aggressively.Gathering such data is allowing us to identify what more we can be doing to help those affected by neglected diseases.Having been piloted by our staff in a few of our selected projects this year, the data collection method will now be rolled out across the rest of our work in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique.
He ll be one of the speakers at our AR/VR day, which will focus on strategy for the augmented reality and virtual reality markets.Marks topic for his fireside chat is What works in VR and What Doesn t. He should know, as he is one of VR s pioneers, and recently ran the Sony PlayStation Magic Lab that came up with the PlayStation VR technology.That s August 1, and it leads into our traditional GamesBeat fare.Our ninth annual GamesBeat event takes place at the Terranea Resort on August 1 to August 3 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.He has secured licenses with Hollywood studios such as Disney, Lionsgate, MGM, NBCUniversal, Paramount, and Warner Brothers for games based on some of the world s most beloved movie franchises.Last year, Chou launched a multipartner effort to take Marvel: Contest of Champions into the Chinese market.1 game in downloads in China.Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of alliances at AMDTaylor is a seasoned veteran of the video game and semiconductor industries.He previously held senior positions at Rightware, MasterIMage 3D, and Nvidia.Jason Rubin, head of Oculus StudiosRubin runs the team at Facebook s Oculus division that creates, funds, and works with developers to build first party games and experiences for the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Samsung Gear VR.He is responsible for expanding Lionsgate s content creation into video games and other interactive ventures, including incubation of new properties, investment in existing games and digital media vehicles and leveraging Lionsgate s franchises and other branded properties into the gaming space.It s no accident that Lionsgate has announced a bunch of game-related deals, such as planting the seeds for an esports TV show and backing Hong Kong game studio Fifth Journey.
Samsung Pay has been an exclusive service for Galaxy phones since it launched last year but a new report suggests it may be ready to launch on iOS before other Android devices.There is a catch though: it won't act in the same way as Samsung Pay works on the Galaxy S7 Edge, so you won't be able to pay for goods physically with the iPhone using this service.NFC technology – the embedded sensor used to make mobile payments – isn't accessible for apps that aren't made by Apple for the iPhoneSlimmed downInstead Samsung is reported to be releasing Samsung Pay Mini as an app for iOS and Android, a service exclusively for online transactions - something it currently doesn't offer.The report cites "IT and financial industry" sources, according to the translated link and at this time there's no way of verifying the information is correct.We're waiting for more information to emerge on what this would actually offer - especially as very few iPhone users would be locked into the Samsung ecosystem already, which would be one key reason to use the South Korean's payment service.Everything you need to know about Samsung Pay
Samsung says the 4K display produced by LG does not fall under the technical definition of a 4K TV whereas LG strongly disagrees.Now a recent rule by the International Committee for Display Metrology ICDM , the body formed for establishing display standards, requires labelling a separate contrast modulation in TV definitions which Samsung says will discard LG's 4K claims."Since a RGBW display has an average contrast modulation of 60%, it shouldn't be recognised as UHD 4K, unlike a RGB display which has an average contrast modulation of 95%.With the latest decision of the ICDM, companies can provide accurate information to consumers by labelling even a mere difference of definitions," a Samsung Electronics representative told Business Korea.Meanwhile, LG disagrees with Samsung's interpretation of the new rule and says: "Claims that RGBW technology is not 4K by some people are not taken.With the decision of the ICDM, it is internationally recognised as 4K, ending the controversy."
We're still just coming to grips with the long awaited commercialization of virtual reality technology and Samsung, unsurprisingly, is already trying to push the boundaries of technology and wallets.Almost ironically, Samsung might have found a use for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium's 4K screen as well.In virtual reality contexts, however, a 4K resolution at that size, giving it a pixel density of 806 PPI, ism't just a bragging right.It says it's still a prototype, so the Galaxy Note 6 or, as the leaks put it, Note 7 , might be out of the question.That said, Samsung's partnership with Oculus means that the latter might have access to that technology as well."Bio Blue", for example, could help reduce the amount harmful blue light coming from screens and bombarding our eyes.
To help encourage better password etiquette Microsoft has taken the bold step of banning easy passwords on all of its accounts.Well Microsoft has been carefully monitoring the most common passwords along with the most vulnerable and has created a blacklist.With variable sharing options you can send passwords to colleagues that also have Dashlane while keeping the password secure even from them.It s also one of the easiest to use as well thanks to an ultra-simple interface.Rather than using autofill, 1Password uses extensions in Chrome, Firefox and Safari which gives you quick and easy access to your vault on any of your computers.This is a great all-rounder for the single user who just wants a complete solution.
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Google has won the latest round in its long-running copyright lawsuit with Oracle over the use of Java software code in its Android operating system.The San Francisco jury agreed with Google's argument that copyright law allows fair use of the Java elements because they were just a part of a larger system of software that the company created for a new purpose.Oracle lawyer Dorian Daley said: "We strongly believe that Google developed Android by illegally copying core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market.We believe there are numerous grounds for appeal and we plan to bring this case back to the federal circuit on appeal."Supporters of Google, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation EEF , applauded the jury verdict."This verdict comes after an earlier district court opinion finding the API labels in question uncopyrightable was reversed by the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case."
Work with University of Birmingham could reduce cooling energy by up to 83 percent compared to using air cooling aloneLenovo has revealed a potentially ground-breaking project that will see new cooling technology provide a significant boost to the power of its data centres.The company has teamed up with the University of Birmingham to work on a Water Cooling Technology project to increase the compute capacity in its data centre offerings, reducing its hardware footprint and cutting cooling costs.The water cooling system, which took nine months to develop from start to finish, delivers water directly into the rear of the server to cool it, rather than using conventional fans.Water typically enters the system at up to 45 C; the subsequent heat transfer from the system components to the water typically results in the temperature increasing approximately 10 C and, in doing so, reduces the temperature of the system.The system will eventually be connected to the University s central BlueBear HPC service and the technology will be used to power the University s private research cloud deployment.This includes Fujitsu, which last year claimed that its Primergy Server Liquid Cooling systems was able to halve typical data centre cooling costs – a big plus when a typical data centre uses up to 40 percent of its power for cooling.
Facebook looking for new cio Tim Campos. Current CIO Tim Campos has been on Facebook since 2010 and may well therefore be regarded as something of a veteran in the social media industry. But now he has announced that he will leave the company at the end of the year to start a new business, and Facebook are now new cio. Campos himself said in an interview with CIO Journal that Facebook are looking for a CIO with strong technical leadership that is innovative in the development of new enterprise systems that can deliver exceptional quality services to a global workforce. According to a job listing, the company wants to have a CIO with a master's degree in computer science or business administration with a technology that important part, or degree. It further requires 15 years of leadership experience in a global organization, the CIO or other IT leadership.