The illicit sale stems from a leak that dates back to February 2013, one which was only disclosed by Tumblr earlier this month.The leak database has already been added to the ever-growing index on Troy Hunt s Have I been pwned?Many of the leaked records reference deactivated but not deleted accounts, Hunt notes.Only a few weeks ago we saw a similar incident with LinkedIn and chances are it will only be a very short time before we witness another, Worrall commented.The password concept worked well in theory a decade ago, but as technology has advanced and our digital environment has evolved, they are simply not conducive to the modern world, he concluded.More security commentary on the incident from security pundits Graham Cluley here and David Bisson here.
Advances in GPS devices has made them more accurate and useful.The data can be streamed to viewers to deliver play-by-play commentary and track the race without having to be in attendance.Real-time data helps multiple organizations including the entertainment sector, law enforcement, government entities and consumers.In terms of governmental usage, attaching sensors to planes, missiles, and even military personnel can help plan proper means for situation resolution and proper attack positioning in wartime situations.Military TargetingMilitary targeting is made possible from GPS devices being attached to airborne items to track missile paths, bombing patterns and track aircraft flight patterns.The ability to plan targeted attacks by analyzing the data returned from sensors and other GPS locating devices ensures that the coordinates for an attack are correct.The ability to set specific coordinates from a remote location helps keep civilians in wartime cities safer as warnings can be issued to evacuate, or roam with caution, to prevent mass casualties whenever possible.A total of 32 satellites is currently in orbit, having an immense impact on life as a whole.Social media platforms have integrated GPS software to allow for geotagging and location posting.
That notwithstanding, Siri s position as a less than service may soon be coming to an end.And delving deeper into the matter, Tech Insider recently posted an intriguing expose into the specific types of features VocalIQ may eventually bring to the table, hopefully sooner rather than later.According to the report, Apple decided to pull the trigger on its VocalIQ acquisition after discovering that the software was far more capable than any competing AI software on the market, including Google Now and Microsoft s Cortana.Tech Insider adds:For example, imagine asking a computer to Find a nearby Chinese restaurant with open parking and WiFi that s kid-friendly.Simply saying something like Find me a Mexican restaurant instead, will bring you new results, while still taking into account the other parameters like parking and WiFi you mentioned before.That s certainly intriguing, and hopefully Apple will finally wake up to the fact that Siri has some serious catching up to do in an increasingly competitive market.
Lauri Lyly's Chairman and the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK: SAK's President and CEO Jyri Häkämies appeal to unions that they will continue to kiky negotiations immediately, despite the expiry of the deadline, covenants, terms of releases. SAK kind of Metalworkers 'Union and the Employers' Federation of Technology Industries have been able to negotiate a deadline. Also, many other areas of the negotiations are still in progress. EK's member companies' employees, 18.7 per cent is currently within the scope of the outcome of negotiations.
Metalworkers and Technology on Tuesday failed to reach an agreement on the extension of working hours. Metal According to the Association, it offered a model in which the working hours would be made at the local level. "Our shows have been applied for practical life. The technology industry seems to be the most important thing to get only automated solution, where everyone would be decided personally to agree on the extension of working hours, "Aalto says. Metalworkers announced leaving the negotiations that one edge is conditional on the outcome of negotiations in all areas of the covenant agreement. Since this does not happen, the Federation announces that it can not accept the already agreed two Contracting outcome of the negotiations in its field.
Granted, Nintendo has never made cutting-edge technology a focus, but with Playstation VR bringing virtual reality to the PS4 and Microsoft rumored to have a VR solution of its own in the works, Nintendo is looking to have a big fight on its hands."As far as NX goes, I've said it's different and obviously a new experience," Kimishima said.Should it follow in the footsteps of the 3DS or Wii U, however, all hope may be lost.Nintendo President Satoru Iwata even said as much when first announcing the console, saying it will incorporate a "brand-new concept."Nintendo's previous generation of consoles, the DS and Wii, gained traction by launching at $150 and $250 £99.99 and £179.99 respectively, so whether it's focused on dominating your living room or your public transportation commute, Nintendo knows where the sweet spot lays for pricing its consoles.The Wii U's lifespan can't extend another two years with the severe lack of third-party support, so it's not unreasonable to expect this system's lifespan to be cut off at four years.
Supply chain sources who might be real or might just be guessing, claim to KNOW what is going to be inside this year's impending iPhone 7.This will be the year Apple switches to 32GB of operating memory across the range, apparently.So expect prices to rise accordingly, as there's no way Apple would offer people more stuff for the same price.The same sources also suggest the iPhone 7 series may come with 2GB of operating memory as a default lowest-end option, which would be extremely nice to have as it certainly had an effect on the multitasking powers of the iPhone 6S; the first Apple model to break the 1GB barrier.This bit of educated guesswork that's bound to be right one year comes from Kevin Wang of IHS Technology, who says these numbers come from "supply chain research" and not simply guessing that sooner or later Apple's going to have to start upping memory in line with the competition and to store all the photos of their faces that the kids seems to enjoy taking all the time these days.Make sure to check out our @GizmodoUK Twitter feed, and our Facebook page.
The latest iPhone 7 rumor to surface comes from an analyst called Kevin Wang.Wang claims that supply chain research has revealed that the new iPhone 7 will have 2GB of RAM and internal storage will start at 32GB and go up.Wang is in a position to get information on the coming iPhone; he is the director of Semiconductor Value Chain and mobile Devices & Networks for IHS Technology.Previous rumors have claimed that the iPhone 7 will have up to 256GB of storage.Another rumor has tipped a larger camera and four speakers integrated into the smartphone.Rumors will certainly continue to flow about the iPhone 7 and we will have to wait until someone leaves a prototype at a bar or the device launches and Apple spills all the details to find out which rumors are true.
Virtual reality is truly an incredible technology that deserves to be in everyone's hands, or eyes rather.Called FlashBack, it is a combination of technologies that could let even less powerful smartphones and laptops handle the load required for a smooth, jitter-free, nausea-free VR experience.The Vive and Rift need rather beefy desktops or at least laptops, while Cardboard and Gear VR require somewhat top of the models.Microsoft Research's FlashBack sort of stitches up together existing technologies and algorithms, like compression, for example, to allow even less powerful devices to display VR content without stuttering or exploding in your face.Of course that works nice and well for pre-recorded content, but VR is dynamic, at least in the way that what is displayed depends on your orientation or location.It will be interesting to see where, or if, Microsoft takes this technology, as its focus is geared more towards Augmented Reality rather than Virtual.
The computer tooth design software and milling machine are photographed at Oasis Dental Office in Dublin, Calif., on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.With new software and computer aided design systems and equipment, dental offices are able to digitally scan a tooth, design a crown, mill the crown, and install the crown all within one office visit."Gann was able to transform her mission impossible into dental reality thanks to an emerging technology that has melded the digital realm with the world of dentistry.In conventional dentistry, patients needing a crown typically undergo a numbing of the mouth, then are asked to bite down on a gooey substance to help create the impression for the temporary and the permanent crowns.You get a better restoration in less time.""The patients think it's like magic," Petrush said.
Originally 26/04/2016 The acquisition of Nokia Technologies has set up a new Digital Health division, which is headed by the former CEO of Withings, Cédric Hutchings. Hutchings reported to the Director of Nokia Technologies division Ramzi Haidamusille. "Digital Health Unit to connect Withings prevention of skilled personnel and Technologies Nokia diseases and focusing on patient care teams to experts. The new unit offers a range of award-winning pioneering work Withings based on digital health care products. " Nokia Haidamusin that this is the beginning of an exciting new phase in the history of Nokia Technologies, the company will expand its product portfolio for intelligent digital medical technology. "Nokia's trademark symbol of innovation, connections, and consumer-oriented technology and the Withings-commerce to bring us in an ideal position to take advantage of the enormous potential of the area of ​​health care.
Riku Aalto STT says Tuesday that the Finnish Technology Industries and the Metalworkers' Union negotiations on the competitiveness of the agreement are broken. Promoted by the parties could not reach a common view concerning working hours. "We just agreed that the negotiations on this item has been discontinued," chairman of the Metalworkers' Union Riku Aalto says Yle. According to Helsingin Sanomat representative service workers Pam fails to resolve the outcome of the negotiations by the deadline. The government is about to extend the conference at 16 o'clock, when the outcome of the negotiations should have already be there.
According to local news outlets, Russian rail operator RZD is planning a high-speed rail system for transporting freight between the north and south as well as the east and west of the country.The first stage of the proposed project would see Moscow connected with ports in St Petersburg serving the Baltic Sea.Speaking to RBC, Anatoly Zaitsev, head of St Petersburg Railway Innovation Development Centre, said the proposed project would cost between $12 and $13bn £8.2-8.9bn, €10.8-11.7bn .Why advertise with usUnlike the Hyperloop's system capsules riding on air cushions at supersonic speeds in vacuum tubes, RZD had initially been working with magnetic levitation for its own system."In this initial phase of the work we are at the expense of private investors made money and have demonstrated magnetic levitation, we can lift any weight," said Zaitsev.In principle, yes, and our transport strategy through 2030 reflects the use of new developments accumulated in the sphere of transport, including new transport means."
In early May, Bloomberg News Service reported that Marketo was working with financial services firm Morgan Stanley to explore strategic alternatives, including a potential sale.At the time, speculation centered around several competitors as possible suitors, including Microsoft, SAP and Adobe.Last month, the San Mateo, California-based firm announced a variety of ambitious new directions, including what it described as its largest technology investment thus far — a next-gen architecture called Project Orion.Gerald Murray, research manager at industry research firm IDC, told me that the newly private Marketo can now focus on Orion, which he described as the most ambitious announcement from any marketing vendor all year.Orion is potentially transformative to the company and the marketing industry, Murray said, because it establishes a massive big data, distributed processing platform that can handle the huge processing requirements of major enterprises.He noted that Microsoft, which has spent three years consolidating its Marketo-based marketing operations into a single global center, can now integrate them into a single instance on Orion.
Announcing the plans to plough more money into startups, Nagraj Kashyap, veep at Microsoft Ventures, said: "In Microsoft s history of engaging with and supporting startups, we ve done a lot of investing, but not a lot of early stage.He continued: "On one side of the spectrum, we help early stage companies with tools, technology and consulting through Microsoft Accelerator.Not surprisingly the tech titan is starting with a presence in the San Francisco area, as well as Seattle, New York City and Tel Aviv, "with the goal of expanding to other geographies in the coming years."Kashyap said that as the cloud "remains the single largest priority for the industry" the biz will prioritise investment in that area.He said: "Companies developing product and services that complement Azure infrastructure, building new business SaaS applications, promoting more personal computing by enriching the Windows and HoloLens ecosystems, new disruptive enterprise, consumer productivity, and communication products around Office 365 are interesting areas from an investment perspective."He concluded: "We re not aiming to hit a specific number of investments annually, but you should expect steady activity over the course of the year."
She was an actress who pushed boundaries, an inventor who went unappreciated in her time, and a sex symbol who was very much appreciated in her time.But Hollywood has never been comfortable with a woman s pleasure, and the film was banned for years in the United States.GIF Part of Hedy Lamarr s orgasm scene in the 1933 film EcstasyAnd if the FBI wasn t interested in Lamarr s many sexual exploits including *gasp* relationships with women, detailed in her 1966 memoirs then you d think they would ve taken notice of her inventions.During World War II she helped invent a wireless communications technology called spread-spectrum radio, which couldn t be broken by the Nazis.The technology was the foundation for wi-fi and the wireless telecom industry as a whole, as explained in the comprehensive 2011 book Hedy s Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.Despite both Mandl and Lamarr s Jewish heritage, the fascists were quite cozy with Mandl and his arms dealing.
Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters Will Apple already the third losing streak of the fighting against the university? Californian University of Technology Caltech challenge Apple's right to wireless local area networks WLAN technology related to, among other things, says Cnet. Alleging that Apple has used an unauthorized four patents relating to the speeding up of data transfer and enhanced over a WLAN connection. The university received in 2006-2012 Patents technological people, which is part of the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac WLAN standards. Apple's alleged use of patented technology iPhoneissaan, iPadeissaan, Mac computers and Apple Watch -kelloissaan. The university had time to blame Apple for four years infringements of patents on iPhone Siri Assistant.
The Finder from FlashForge is a 3D printer designed for the beginner.It averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon read reviews and it's $699 list price has been reduced by 29% to just $499.Perfect for home or a school, being both wallet friendly as well as user friendly makes this a good model for anyone who has ever wanted to get hand-on with this cutting edge technology.The unit features a slide-in build plate, assisted bed-leveling, and an intuitive color touchscreen.All heated components are encased, and the PLA is non-toxic, making it safe to use as well.Learn more about the FlashForge 3D printer and take advantage of this 29% discount now on Amazon.
The Finder from FlashForge is a 3D printer designed for the beginner.It averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon read reviews and it's $699 list price has been reduced by 29% to just $499.Perfect for home or a school, being both wallet friendly as well as user friendly makes this a good model for anyone who has ever wanted to get hand-on with this cutting edge technology.The unit features a slide-in build plate, assisted bed-leveling, and an intuitive color touchscreen.All heated components are encased, and the PLA is non-toxic, making it safe to use as well.Learn more about the FlashForge 3D printer and take advantage of this 29% discount now on Amazon.
Hackers infiltrated Time Inc. s Myspace social network and published user data on an online forum shortly before Memorial Day weekend, the company said Tuesday.The data stolen includes e-mail addresses, user names and passwords for accounts created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old Myspace platform, according to a statement.The breach doesn t affect any Time Inc. information or financial data, the New York-based publisher said.Myspace is in the process of notifying affected users and working with law enforcement.In a blog posting Tuesday, the social-networking site said it believes the breach is attributed to Russian cyber-hacker Peace.This same individual is responsible for other recent criminal attacks such as those on LinkedIn and Tumblr, and has claimed on the paid hacker search engine LeakedSource that the data is from a past breach, the company wrote in the post.In February, Time bought Viant Technology Inc., the owner of Myspace, to get more data to help sell targeted advertising.In a recent earnings call, Time Chief Executive Officer Joe Ripp called the deal game-changing for us.