Last month, Apple updated the MacBook, making its already-ultraportable laptop faster and giving it a longer-lasting battery.With that travel-friendly mindset, we went on the hunt for the perfect backpack for taking your MacBook with you on all your summer adventures.Bags, the Clinton backpack is handmade with only heavy-duty materials, including vented foam and fluorescent lining so you can easily spot all your stuff.The shoulder straps were vetted by a physical therapist, so the backpack won t destroy your back during long trips.The Incase EO Travel Backpack stores up to a 17-inch MacBook Pro in a separate sleeve so you can get to it quickly without having to shuffle all your other stuff around.The black version is also available on Amazon for $122.24 and the heather gray is currently selling for $146.60.
Where to Get Your Fix: NetflixBest Character to Follow: Ellie Kemper is fantastic as Kimmy, who in less capable hands could easily be the most irritating character on television.But if we have to choose just one, it s got to be Titus.NBCSeasons/Episodes You Can Skip:Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is not a very skippable show.And even though Kimmy s love interest Dong Ki Hong Lee cuts against some Asian stereotypes, he plays right into other familiar an early glimpse of the amazing bespoke musicals that have become one of the show s trademarks.Kimmy has a session with her alcoholic Uber passenger/therapist Andrea Tina Fey , and Titus has mixed feelings about his boyfriend Mikey Mike Carlson coming out to his family.
"We are taking a very traditional profession and delivering it in a very modern way," Roni Frank, Talkspace's co-founder and head of clinical services, told me.You can use it if it's 4am and you can't sleep.One of their bots is named Sim Sensei.In a 2014 study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, Gratch and his team had 239 volunteers go through a health screening in which they interacted with a bot interviewer which they called a virtual human VH ."We had this empathetic listening that draws people out to make them say more things, plus a feeling of anonymity," said Gratch.To make Sensei, Gratch and his team spent years studying how people convey to each other that they're interested in what another person is saying, something called "active listening."Their results suggested that — at least for treating the handful of psychiatric disorders they reviewed — doing the therapy online was just as effective as doing in person."Another therapist I spoke to who wanted to stay anonymous because of the sensitive nature of her clientele — she works with sex offenders and pedophiles — said she'd never work for a platform like Talkspace or Betterhelp, since meeting in person with her clients is so crucial to her.
Get some tough love from McKenzie IngramA friendly reminder to people in sales to learn from the past, from your mistakes and ones that others have made too.Make your emails more like that with tips from Lizette ResendezA shout out to recent or soon-to-be graduates on this one.Check out this compilation from Lindsay Kolowich if you need a little reminder.Thanks for the inspiration Robert TersonStop rationalizing your failures and own them, learn from them.Thanks Jeff Shore for keeping the integrity alive.They need help too whether that be from a therapist, executive coach, other CEOs or the rest of their management team.
Apparently, smartphones are changing the shape and size of our thumbs.The study also found those who noticed the most changes are young adults aged 18 to 34 – with one in eight developing swiper s thumb as a result of excessive swiping and using large handsets.View photosMore Kreg Steppe/It seems a third of mobile phone users felt their bodies had changed because of smartphone use and many said they had developed an indent in their little finger from holding their phones in a certain way.Our thumb muscles are highly complex and located in the base of the thumb as well as in the forearm, said Nicola Goldsmith, who is a hand therapist.As the research shows, these localised changes – such as enlarged thumbs and little finger indents – are becoming the new normal as younger adults are using the phone for longer periods of time.In addition to that, phantom vibration from a pocket – where smartphone users imagine they can feel their phone alerting them to calls, messages or notifications – is also common.
Even if the upcoming Suicide Squad is a bust at the box office, its production has been such a saga that it may one day make for an entertaining documentary.From Jared Leto sending dead rats and condoms to his co-workers, to the cast tattooing each other, to the consternation over the look and feel of almost every one of the film s characters, it has been a wild ride.The movie continued to make news Wednesday when ScreenCrush reported that the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA has officially branded Suicide Squad with a PG-13 rating, citing sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language.In a vacuum, this wouldn t necessarily be noteworthy, but with everyone trying to get a handle on what the heck this movie will look like when it actually hits theaters, the rating looms larger than usual.Remember, this was a film that was supposedly dark enough to necessitate an on-set therapist.Of course, there s also the possibility that it was never really all that dark to begin with.
Over the last couple months, my co-workers and I have been up to something that leverages a bot and have had many conversations with bot makers on this exact topic.So, here are seven business models that I expect bot makers to have the ability to leverage and redefine in the coming months.B2B Bots that help people and teams be more productive, manage tasks or tackle communications challenges will replicate business models being used by existing B2B software.I m willing to bet that for B2B bots, the SaaS model is going to be the business model that floats to the top.While the bot will tell you that swapping Cumin for Coriander is okay in a certain recipe through its native function — it will also send you an article that talks about 5 Sriracha Infused Recipes That Will Leave Your Guests In Awe.Rather than using an expensive research firm or inaccurate focus group, you can run a research campaign with DisOrDatBot and ask users in your city whether they prefer Radiohead or Nickelback.Slack Bots that don t have a Q focus could also leverage this model.Acquire targeted leads.For example, you could talk to the Oprah Bot if you needed life advice, the Mechanic Bot  for information on your car or the Marriage Bot  if you want anonymous marriage counseling.Marriage counselors can charge anywhere from $75 to $200 or more per hour depending on where you live, the experience of the therapist, and the type of setting can all play a factor in how much counseling costs.You need to create an experience that saves time and has a meaningful impact on lives and business.During an interview with Harry Stebbings of 20 Minute VC, Sam Lessin, Founder @ Fin and Partner @ Slow Ventures explains that business models for bots are yet to be determined and I couldn t agree more.It s going to be an interesting next couple years and I m excited to see what founders myself included come up with for the business model for bots.
There are not many people know it, but it's actually a more common disease than diabetes, says Jakob Dahlberg, co-founder of the startup company Arthro Therapeutics. He has been with his father Leif Dahlberg, a professor in orthopedics and physiotherapists Carina Thorstensson, developed a digital method of treatment for osteoarthritis that it claims is many times more effective than traditional treatments. They are in contact with their therapist via direct messages. The breakthrough came with the County Council, thanks to a study of Arthro Therapeutics recently published in the medical journal JMIR, Journal of Medical Internet Research. Arthro Therapeutics recently took up just over 8 million in funding from the University of Lund and business angels Sophia Bendz and Hampus Jakobsson. The money is enough to get the company to fly.
Here's an uplifting story to start your weekend: SAP employee Felicia Shafiq just found out that she'll be part of the Canadian Paralympics Volleyball team taking place in Rio this summer concurrently with the Olympics.As we previously reported, Shafiq is a senior support engineer who lost both of her legs a few years ago due to illness and now walks with prosthetics.Her therapist suggested she try out for the para-sitting team and things took off for her from there.In addition, through SAP's volunteer program, Shafiq also spends her time teaching kids with disabilities to play sitting volleyball."I have a diamond tufted headboard in the works," she once told us.Shafiq's story shows even that kind of tragedy doesn't have to stop a happy life.NOW WATCH: An in-wall vacuum makes sweeping so much easierLoading video...
In Heather Jack s short film Let s Not Panic, a young woman develops a crush on her therapist, and when the world begins to end, he s the one person she can turn to.There s definitely some Wes Anderson influences in this fun short film, and it s surprisingly heartfelt and funny at the same time.It s worth watching all the way to the end, and the whole story-within-a-story turns out to be a cool way to frame some of the ridiculousness that ensues.Vimeo Staff Pick
Other participants in the round include existing investors such as Spark Capital, Soft Bank, Metamorphic Ventures and TheTime.Talkspace believes that affordable therapy is as easy as an online platform, where users can be connected to a licensed therapist on the web or through the Talkspace app.The company offers an unlimited messaging plan for $25/week, letting users message their therapist as many times as they want.With the new funding, Talkspace plans to launch a number of new features, including group therapy.Frank also mentioned that most traditional therapists are not being supported by a data network or even by their own therapist peers, and that Talkspace s model can solve for that.Beyond that, Talkspace wants to expand geographically as the online platform allows users and therapists alike to connect with others anywhere in the world.
Image Source: Entertainment One UKNearly three years ago, Ricky Gervais revealed that he would be returning to the world of The Office to see what bumbling boss David Brent had to up to for all these years.He released a few YouTube videos reprising his role as the character, and even went on tour with his band, Foregone Conclusion.But now, after all the years, the movie finally has a trailer.Rather, this story will follow Brent on his continuing journeys following his stint at Wernham Hogg:Doc Brown will play the role of Dom Johnson, Brent s confused bandmate, Tom Basden will play Dan, Brent s road manager, Nina Sosanya will play Brent s therapist and Andy Burrows of Razorlight will be the drummer for Foregone Conclusion.The movie will be coming to theaters in the UK on August 19th, but earlier this week, Gervais confirmed that Netflix had picked up the rights for the movie to be its exclusive distributor in the US.Here are a few signs that you need a new phone.
Over the course of its nine-season, 201-episode run, The Office earned a spot among the most acclaimed comedy series of all time in the U.S. — much in the same way the BBC series that inspired it became one of the most successful British programs ever.The new mockumentary film David Brent: Life on the Road revisits the original British incarnation of The Office, with a look at former regional manager David Brent — played by Ricky Gervais — 12 years after the events of the sitcom.BBC Films and Entertainment One released the first official trailer for Life on the Road this week ahead of its international premiere in theaters later this year and its arrival on Netflix in 2017.For those who might not be familiar with the original BBC series, Gervais David Brent is essentially the same character Steve Carell famously played in the American version of The Office, with Carell s Michael Scott modified to fit the U.S. setting for the series and some of the actor s sensibilities.Along with Gervais reprising his role as David Brent, the cast of Life on the Road includes Ben Bailey Smith Law & Order as Dom, and writer/comedian Tom Basden Plebs as Brent s road manager, Dan.The film also introduces a new cast of characters playing David s co-workers in his traveling salesman job, including Jo Hartley Not Safe For Work as Pauline, Tom Bennett PhoneShop as Nigel, Andrew Brooke PhoneShop as Jezza, and Nina Sosanya Love Actually as David s therapist.
that Margot Robbie Harley Quinn got a rat, Will Smith Deadshot got a bunch of bullets, and the rest of the cast got a dead pig.Hands her a box.Leto was apparently so aware that he was going to be a nightmare that he warned the crew ahead of time, with costume designer Rene Fontana saying When we first met him, he said—look, girls, I m going to be pretty intense, I m going to be the Joker when I come for fittings.He was growling at us, and we d play back.The spelling alone would be bad, but, again, the story as told by Barinholtz to Howard Stern via Hitfix makes this sound less like a plan and more like a series of drunken mishaps:She has a tattoo gun, so the cast would get drunk and she d be like, Alright, let me give you a tattoo.Everything was so intense that there was a sort of therapist/life coach-type person around the set just in case.
Relationship therapist Gary Chapman pioneered the concept of the Five Love Languages.So to break the language barrier, you might want to consider tech support.It s about well-timed and thoughtful messages of affection.Although shallow flattery on a Monday goes a long way.If you want a soft-core solution to scratch your itch, look to Spoonr.The quality-control sirens are sounding in my head, so I will not be diligencing this recommendation.
A major concern with excessive and intense chest movements, like with push-ups and bench presses, is that you can overwork your shoulders and end up hurting them.If want to protect your shoulders and strengthen them at the same time, try face pulls.Okay, have your chuckle now, but face pulls are actually a legit and great back exercise.Dr. John Rusin, a physical therapist and strength coach, explains in T-Nation that since most of us spend our days rounded over a desk, driving a car, and what have you , face pulls help give our backside a lot more needed attention.They build strength in those oft-neglected smaller back muscles, which can go a long way in protecting your shoulders from a lot of push type or chest movements.Work face pulls into a day where you work out your upper body, or as a warm-up before you start your chest workout.
The concept of an AI psychoanalyst has been in circulation for decades, tracing all the way back to Joseph Weizenbaum s ELIZA chatterbot in the 1970s.But now researchers from the University of Southern California are taking the idea to the next level, courtesy of a machine learning algorithm designed to analyze a person s speech patterns and help diagnose the possibility of depression in the process.The tool is part of an ongoing research project called SimSensei, referring to a Kinect-powered virtual therapist able to read patient s body language for signs of anxiety, nervousness, contemplation and other emotional attributes.More recently, however, the project has increasingly focused on not just understanding the responses given like Apple s Siri does, for instance , but also the manner in which they are spoken.I m not so interested in what people say, as how they say it, Stefan Scherer, one of the researchers involved with the work, tells Digital Trends.We re focusing on aspects of speech like voice quality — from the timbre to the color of the voice: whether it s a tense voice, a harsh voice, or a breathy voice.
Conventional wisdom says that automation, artificial intelligence, and chatbots may do away with many human-to-human interactions and reduce opportunities for emotional connection to mere transactions.However, there s a new chatbot that endeavors to help people to open up, get in touch with their emotions, and, if needed, seek the help of mental health professionals.The chatbot Joy made its debut on Facebook Messenger today.My goal is not to replace therapists but rather to get more people who are in need to see a trained professional.Right now, it s pretty simple, but in the future, it could connect you with a trained human therapist or even perform basic reminders and routine check-ins automatically, said Danny Freed, who was inspired to create the bot after a friend committed suicide.Freed says Joy is primarily targeted at people who don t currently see a therapist or have much interaction with their own mental health.According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 43.6 million adults 18 or over suffered from a mental illness in 2014.Freed admits that some people with serious mental health issues may treat Joy like a Band-Aid, but he thinks the bot s impact will be positive.There are millions of people who are struggling with their own mental health but are keeping it bottled up inside of their own head.Amongst other things, Joy can provide an outlet to these people and encourage them to talk about their emotions, he said.Joy speaks to users daily about how they re feeling.
All you need to get a professional massage is a table and a licensed therapist, but much of the business still goes through spas, which have to pay a premium for office space.That was the realization that led Merlin Kauffman, a serial entrepreneur who had been getting massages since he was 10 years old, to found the on-demand massage startup Soothe in 2013.You can think of Soothe like
Customers can direct exactly how their new website should still in a limited beta but it is coming.In the past, technological leaps primarily sent blue-collar workers packing.Recent progress with artificial intelligence, however, has put a shocking amount of professional, salaried careers on the chopping block.Studies show that almost every other thing professionals do on an average workday can already be automated by A.I.The BBC even predicted that nearly half of the most commonly held careers are above a 50 percent risk of automation before 2035.What follows are 10 of the professions A.I.It generates pitches for advertising campaigns and personalized messages to target individual clients and move them to action.