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Google's core apps are almost designed to be taken for granted by owners of Android smartphones – Gmail, Maps and Photos are always there, delivering some of the core functions we use our handsets for.You’ll see a map that you can pinch and drag to fit the cached area window, along with how much storage space it'll take up.How to use Street View on your phoneYou can do a lot in Google Maps, but parts that Google doesn’t think you’ll want to use every day aren’t always the easiest to find.The app doesn't let you zoom into Street View when you're in Satellite view, as you can in a browser, but in any of the view modes you can tap and hold on a point on the map to bring up a red map marker, and you'll then see a thumbnail image at the bottom-left of the screen – tap on this and Street View will launch from that point on the map.This logs it as a saved point on the map, making it really easy to find – you'll want to remember this tip next time you're visiting an out-of-town shopping mall or parking at an airport.
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Market Scenario:Apple, Inc. has acquired a patent for photo management in India in the portable electronics segment.The patent was filed in 2008 and was received in 2016 and was filed for a portable electronic device with a touch screen that displays an array of thumbnail images and the selected image being larger than the other thumbnails.The portable SSD comprises of 64-layer V-NAND technology which offers best in industry transfer speeds and that too with a compact design.North America region holds the largest market share of global Portable Electronics Market followed by Europe and Asia Pacific regions.The growth is North America region is mainly dominated by U.S. and Canada and is attributed to the increasing demand for digital technologies and growing technological advancements in the region.The product segment is further bifurcated into mobile handsets, PDA, notebooks and laptops, media players, gaming consoles, digital cameras, navigation systems, power banks, flash drives, healthcare devices and others.This is owing to the growing technological advancements and the increasing demand for digitization.Get Sample Copy of Report @ factor driving the growth of portable electronics market is the growing need for portability feature and growing technological advancements.
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Google will fix an issue that caused some photos taken with Google Camera on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to not properly save.A Google spokesperson provided this statement: “We will be rolling out a software update in the coming weeks to address the rare case of a photo not properly saving.”The issue also affected a small number of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones in addition to other Android devices like Samsung’s Galaxy phones, Moto Z and E models, and the Nexus 5X.The bug seems to have been caused by the Google Camera app shutting down immediately after taking a photo before it had a chance to process.The photo thumbnail can be seen from the Camera gallery circle, but it will disappear when opened or reappear in the gallery a day later.Until Google rolls out the fix, users can work around the issue by leaving the camera app open until HDR processing completes or turning off the HDR function completely.
Some Pixel 3 users are reporting that their phones aren't saving photos after taking themThe issue has occurred on the original Pixel and Pixel 2 XL phones, too.There's no explanation as to what's happening, and Google hasn't yet acknowledged the issue.Some Pixel 3 users are reporting on Reddit, Google Support forums, and Twitter that their new Google smartphones aren't saving photos after using the camera.Here's how one Pixel 3 user described the issue: After taking a photo, a small thumbnail of the photo appears on the side of the Camera app, which also serves as a shortcut for the camera's gallery.But when the user opens the Google Photos app, the photo isn't there.
YouTube introduced a subtle design change to its embed feature that will allow viewers to subscribe to a creator’s channel more easily than before.The new embed function allows users to hover over the top-left corner of a video and instantly subscribe to a channel without having to leave the page, as reported by 9to5Google.Increasing subscriber counts remains a primary goal within the YouTube community — just look at PewDiePie and T-Series’ ongoing feud.It’s a small change, but it effectively seems geared toward benefiting creators’ overall channels instead of just their views.The new embed function isn’t without its problems, however, as some creators have already pointed out on Twitter.The new embed design, which also includes a subtle minimalist take on the earlier version, seems to impact the thumbnail design in some cases.
Are you facing the problem to change your password of the SBC Global email account?   like in office you are assistance as you have tried to change it several times but maybe you failed? Stop doing an experiment here now, get the advice for what to do when need to change the password of the SBC Global email account.It is so simple to change the password of any email account when someone has recognized knowledge of technical troubleshooting that’s need to quickly change your SBC GLOBAL email account ., one must have to enter the new password into the relevant fields which soon after it is possible to access the email account on any device. Here we explain you to tips to change and how to reset your email password.Now you have tried to follow these steps:-              The first step is to start on your personal device and go to the SBC Global email accountAs on your daily bases to check your SBC  GLOBAL email through the web. if you are used any client site like outlook, then you need to used web-based email to use your logged in the email account and also used to like yahoo email account which you want to work for your requirement. Google available so many sites to use it for your work.             Now the second step is to  Enter the correct email address and password to sign.Here are the tips to enter correct email and password to sign in for your account. Many people have been the mistake here. where people get unable to log your account. they don’t get remember the email address and password. So users please enter your correct email and password.             Now the third step is to Select the mail account and import button in order to click the password change button.             Now the fourth step is to Enter the old password button in order to receive the verify button on the registered mobile phone number.Here you can follow these step to receive verification and confirmation through your mobile             Enter an email, if you haven’t already             Click the Verify button             An email will be sent to the address on the account             Check the account’s email address and follow the instructions in the emailAfter clicking the link in your confirmation email, your account will officially be verified! If In case you have Not received the verification email…then what you will do???If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, please check your Spam/Junk folder. If it still gives you trouble, you can also add [email protected] to your address book/contact list and try again.Now  In this process Enter the code into the relevant field, and enter the new password into the both new and confirm password fields.Type your new password in the box or click on “Generate strong password” to have us create a random strong password for you. (Don’t worry, we don’t save these and don’t have any way of seeing what they are.)   Now the fifth step is to Having changed the password, go to the SBC Global sign in page and enter your new password at end of the procedure.Now finally if you have got your verification otp then you have to enter your valid email id and password remember one thing is that always use very easy and validation password which helps to stay from the hacker.So,  follow these steps and if you want to avoid an unnecessary message while changing the password of SBC Global email account, get in touch with tech support representatives who are available at every point of the time to get the issue fixed. So enjoy the service of tech support every time and get  more benefitNow this way help, you can save your email account from the unauthorized access and don’t forget to change the password from time to time. Doing this, you can avoid unexpected issues related to the password and experience the reliable service of the email account for all the time.ATT Email Support, SBC GLOBAL email supportSBC GLOBAL email support, SBC GLOBAL email support numberPost navigationHow to send and receive emails of DO I CHANGE MY YAHOO ACCOUNT PASSWORD WITH AT&T SERVICES