Michael Weitz and Abigail Tenembaum, founders of Virtuozo, coach everyone from TED speakers to CEOs to express their message effectively."Even the same audience is different at 9am on a Monday than it is after a long day of presentations at 5pm."That might mean throwing aside the PowerPoint, or adding in a personal anecdote if your message can go off-script."If you ask attendees of TED talks what drives them crazy, it's when speakers talk like they're reciting a memorised text," says Weitz."If you speak fast in a low voice, your impact will not be what it could have been.""Most people will put their foot on the accelerator," says Weitz.
Boxing Day Sales 2016: All the best early deals you can take advantage of right now.With Christmas just around the corner, here's everything you need to know to bag a bargain in the next bout of December and January UK sales.Still got some money left over after Black Friday?If you haven't already ticked everyone off your Christmas shopping list, though, fear not – there are still plenty of great bargains you can take advantage of today, and even more to come in the Boxing Day sales.We'll be updating this page with fresh deals regularly, so keep checking back, especially on December 26 when the action will really hot up!Best early Boxing Day deal – save £115 on Oral-B electric toothbrush!
Well, most of the time that wasn’t just coincidence – those photos were taken during what’s commonly known as the golden hour, also known as the magic hour.Also, while the terms are nearly synonymous, golden hour actually has a definition based on the measurable angle of the sun to the horizon, whereas magic hour is a broader term that sometimes incorporates both the golden hour and the blue hour — another measurable time based on the sun’s angle to the horizon.The temperature of the light during this time is, as the name suggests, in the yellow range when it comes to the light spectrum.When the sun is very low in the sky, its angle is more drastic in relation to the earth, making shadows longer and softer.Having long shadows in your shot helps show all three dimensions of the world when you’re trying to capture them in a two dimensional space.Shooting portraits during the golden hour
Hey so I recently applied to many internships and surprisingly this company called me back saying they want an interview on Sunday.Most of their team consists of 24-28 year olds and Im only 18.Its a paid internship and you get to travel and stuff.I currently work at a tutoring place and I used to help my dad w/ customers at his shop.Also my major isnt even business, its computer science so thats why Im surprised.Anyways do you have any tips on what I should know abut marketing ,etc.
Beyond the great amount of tips, tricks, and tools you can use, it is important to learn the thought process and philosophy needed for anyone to consider himself a growth hacker.Just to clarify the concept, let s take a look first at what a growth hacker isn t myths , so then we can establish what he/she actually is.Growth hacking is the only option for startups to make it: Again, just like in the previous myth, we need to say, that it doesn t guarantee results and it is not the only way.Growth hacking is about acquiring new users: Actually, a real growth hacker knows that the best place to find growth is through existing users.As said in thecrunch.com, This curiosity leads to a grasp of product and user experience way beyond the surface.Growth hacking has worked so far with limited resources; without this predicament, the possibilities are immense.
You ve most certainly had—or at least heard of—kale chips, but kale isn t the only leafy green that can be transformed into a crispy snack.Brussels sprout chips are just as easy as the kale version and I think a little bit tastier.Click the link below for the full recipe and description of health benefits , but all you really need to do is remove the tips of the sprouts, toss the leaves in olive oil and seasonings garlic, rosemary and sea salt are all great , and roast in a single layer at 450F for 7-10 minutes, until the leaves crisp up.Serve hot, eat up, and feel slightly smug about your healthy snack choice.I like to top mine with nutritional yeast for extra flavor and smugness.Nutritionist Know-How: My Favorite Healthy Snack Cupcakes & Cashmere
From Marketing Land:Data provider Acxiom opens up its turnkey marketing analytics environmentMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineCalled Acxiom Marketing Analytics Environment or AMAE, it offers the first full integration of the company s 2014 LiveRamp acquisition.9 reasons you should attend SocialPro in Seattle this JuneMay 17, 2016 by Marketing LandAre you a professional social media marketer focused on driving results for your company or clients?Botnet hijacks search results to siphon Google AdSense for Search revenueMay 17, 2016 by Ginny MarvinThe click-fraud botnet Redirector.Paco has infected nearly 1 million computers worldwide since 2014, according to researchers.Email provider Bluecore, UGC platform Olapic team up to use consumers photos in marketing emailsMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineThe collaboration points to the growing incorporation of user content into more marketing channels.Google launches their new mobile-friendly testing toolMay 17, 2016 by Barry SchwartzGoogle revamped the mobile-friendly testing tool after its launch back in November 2014.The Biggest Mistakes in Usability Testing, www.uxmatters.comAmazon Wants Alexa to Take Control of Your Smart Home, www.wsj.comConnexity, Inc. Launches Enhanced AudienceView, connexity.comFirst Intentionally-Initiated Out-of-Stream Format Displays Both Direct Response and Engagement Ad Creative, www.vibrantmedia.comLatest Hootsuite App Dynamically Manages Social Between Desktop and Mobile, hootsuite.comMavrck Launches Beta Program for Pinterest Influencer Activation Engine, www.mavrck.coNetLine Advances with Account-Based Marketing Platform Powered by First-Party Intent Data, www.prnewswire.comProgress Announces New Digital Transformation Solutions to Combat Digital Denial, www.businesswire.comFive Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing New Technology, www.marketingprofs.com30 Practical Tips for Producing Great Facebook Live Videos, www.problogger.net5 Best Practices to Consider Before You Use Livestreaming Video, blogs.constantcontact.comTwitter is testing a Periscope live-streaming button inside its mobile apps, techcrunch.com
We currently write about everything to do with customer support and also some hiring topics.Our target customers are owners of small iOS and Windows software startups that are looking to scale up with our services.My question is should I be interacting and reaching out to influencers of the "call center" and "customer services" niches OR should I expand content to reach out to a wider audience?such as startup growth tips, etc.Little more info about what I'm currently doing: Currently growing twitter following by retweeting and interacting with influencers of above niches.Thanks for reading guys, any marketing advice helpful for my niche would be greatly appreciated!
The 2in1 tablet Chuwi Hi12 is one of the best options among the Cherry Trail tablets especially thanks to the excellent 2160 1440 pixel resolution screen and the useful, but rare 3:2 aspect ratio.But until today one of the lacking features has been the stylus support, well not anymore because the Chuwi HiPen H1 just launched in order to fix that.Chuwi HiPen H1 is an active stylus designed specifically for the use with the Hi12 tablet and on paper it looks really good.Featuring 256 pressure levels software adjusted even 512 levels , aluminum metal body with 1.2mm/1.6mm writing tips, under 2mm precision limit, 30-degree writing angle support and palm supression control technology just does the trick.The pen has two buttons capable of mimicking the mouse buttons and being powered by the dry AAAA battery it can be used for up to 250 hours.The auto sleep function helps to preserve some power so the battery exchange won t be a common occurence.Chuwi HiPen H1 is a pretty handy addition to the Hi12 tablet accessory family and with the official retail price of $29.99 it s also nothing crazy expensive and out of the reach.So for those looking to use the great 12-inch tablet screen fully with some active stylus then this is the way to go.You can get it for example here for even a dollar cheaper.
A hair salon in Seoul in South Korea has got a right nice upgrade in the form of Samsung mirrors which are fitted with OLED panels. The 55-inch mirrors shows various tips on modern haircuts, information hairdos and flashy hair colors. When the mirrors do not show information and images so they function as ordinary mirrors. Hair Salon is one of the first in the world with these mirror displays and it seems that Samsung will start selling the panels to more businesses in the future. theverge.com
I market for a small company and I'm embarking on some foreign territory: sampling/trying to get noticed by magazine editors.Has anyone had success doing this?Is it best to reach out via email first or just be straight forward and send them a package?Any tips or advice for a small fish?
Haseeb Qureshi is an Airbnb engineer who drew a lot of attention last month for his blog post that explained how he negotiated a starting pay package from $120,000 to $250,000 in a matter of a few weeks.Qureshi has an interesting background — he's a former professional poker player with an English degree.Despite getting rejected by all 20 jobs he initially applied for, Qureshi worked his way up by learning how to code on his own, and ended up landing 8 job offers, including positions at Google, Uber, and Yelp.Earlier this month, Qureshi updated his blog post with tips on how to nail your interview and find your dream job.We've put together some of the highlights: View As: One PageSlides
As Ellie Powers, who leads Google s developer efforts around Google Play, told me, the team will be on the lookout for apps it can feature and then handpick some of the most promising ones.Once users are enrolled in a beta test, their ratings in the store won t count toward the overall rating for an app.Instead, these users can now give private feedback to developers through the store without the need for developers to set up forms or email addresses the way they often do today.Firebase now offers developers a pre-launch report that summarizes all the issues these automated tests find.The report will show diagnostics and screenshots, as well as tips for fixing crashes.To ensure developers also tune their apps for users in emerging markets, Google is launching a set of guidelines with checklists for optimizing their apps, as well as a more in-depth guide with tips and best practices for expanding into these markets.
Here are some tips to help give you a jump start.Studies show that Millennials actually associate their identity with what they buy.They want to know that the brands they associate with properly represent and enhance their lifestyle.Facebook livestream has taken off as of late, because people love the concept of being "live", and interacting with their favorite influencers in real time.Produce Content in Multiple FormatsInfographics, long form text posts, webinars, video tutorials, short guides.Beyond that, you're simply diluting your content.
It feels like everybody's talking about the benefits of democratizing data in the corporate environment.But what does that actually look like?Opening up data to the company starts with the simple step of granting access, but the more important act is the follow-through: getting people to use data regularly.Here are some tips for getting data in front of employees and encouraging them to actually care about it.
Dojo Madness has raised $4.5 million to launch LOLSumo, a real-time coach that helps League of Legends gamers improve their esports skills.Berlin-based Dojo Madness wants to exploit machine learning to help provide actionable analytics and other tips for esports fans.The round was led by March Capital Partners, with the Investment Bank of Berlin IBB , and existing investors London Venture Partners and DN Capital.The company has has created a set of tools that harness the power of the latest innovations in machine learning to help gamers improve their skills.Dojo Madness  first product, LOLSumo is a real-time coach for League of Legends.The app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since its launch last September, and the app delivers insights for 70,000 daily active users.LoLSumo suggests the best build and provides users with hints and tips specific to that champion as well as his or her chosen mastery/summoner spell combinations.For instance in the attached screenshot, you will see a hint specific to the champion Jhin which outlines his Deadly Flourish ability.After each game LoLSumo provides the user with a performance badge based on global averages vs his or her current rank and highlights specific performance metrics from within the game.Creep Score, Kill/Death/Assist Ratio, Wards placed, Damage Dealt to Champions and Gold Per Minute are some example metrics.The new funding round will be used to expand Dojo s coaching apps to other esports titles, as well as to expand into new data services in esports.
Berlin-based eSports startup Dojo Madness is on a mission to help gamers level up.It does this via a mobile app, initially targeting League of Legends, that essentially turns your phone into an eSports coach, offering tips on strategy before and during gameplay, and analysis afterwards based on data culled from your in-game performance.To further develop its eSports coaching technology, which Dojo Madness co-founder and CEO Jens Hilgers tells me utilises machine learning coupled with huge amounts of in-play data, the company has raised a $4.5M in Series A funding.The round was led by March Capital Partners, with Investment Bank of Berlin IBB and existing investors, London Venture Partners and DN Capital, also participating.And although API limits means this doesn t quite happen in realtime, coupled with its own machine learning and algorithms, Dojo Madness is able to provide some in-play guidance — though not enough to cheat the game, Hilgers stresses — as well a more comprehensive coaching debrief afterwards.Meanwhile, eSports as a whole is estimated by market tracking firm NewZoo to be worth $463 million in 2016, up 43 percent from last year.
Ultimately, it is about building a virtual bank, where consumers not only get a better understanding, tips and advice on all their finances, but also can act on it, says Fredrik Hedberg, founder and product manager at Tink. The round also involved the Danish venture capital company Sunstone Capital as well as the Dutch bank ABN Amro, which Tink has partnered with in the past. We think it should be easy to make smart financial choices and want to contribute to greater transparency, which will benefit both the consumer and the best banks. Getting investors with extensive experience as well as develop partnerships with traditional banks is obviously a big step for a company Tink says Daniel Kjellén, founder and CEO of Tink. Through the partnership with Tink will enable us to develop even better digital offerings for our customers. The combination of our integrated offering and Tinks functionality is a good example of how established banks and Fintech companies can create customer benefits together, "says Christoffer Ore, head of the department for business and private customers at SEB.
The sandwich method of feedback, where you squish criticism between compliments to smooth it over, is played out and everyone knows it.We ve mentioned it before, and of course, dropping the method isn t a reason to be a jerk when you deliver criticism, but most of us can see through the feedback sandwich sometimes called the hamburger method for what it is, and would appreciate more direct honesty instead.Grant explains:But when I looked at the data, I learned that the feedback sandwich doesn t taste as good as it looks.You didn t really mean it; you were just trying to soften the blow.He then goes into some tips to help you deliver more credible, direct, and honest feedback, especially when it s difficult to give.He also suggests taking yourself off the pedestal when delivering feedback—you re offering your opinions and perspectives, not putting yourself in a superior position.
Web: You already know your resume should look good, stand out from the pile, and be customized for every job you apply to, but doing all of that isn t easy.EnhanCV can help, and makes sure your resume is suited for the job you want, and optimizes it to get through applicant tracking systems and screening robots.The service is free to start, and starts you off by asking you questions about your career, interest fields, background, and experience.Once you fill in all of the fields, the site offers tips and career advice to help you make sure your resume is readable and full of the information you need to land a new job—and that s attractive to hiring managers and HR reps.In addition to the usual information about your skills, work history, education, and experience, EnhanCV also lets you add things like your day to day in graph form, some of your hobbies and other personal tidbits to add flavor to your resume, your volunteer work, and other interests that may tip the scales in your favor.If you d like other options, consider the previously mentioned CV Maker, Sumry, another webapp we love, or our own Lifehacker resume template.