Nine Finnish startup-companies are bred for cancer patients ideas including clothes and practical applications.New tools believed to bring relief to cancer patients to everyday life and treatment experiences.for Example, don't Worry-the app works like Tinder, but to provide peer support to cancer sufferers and their loved ones.the wellbeing of Patients in hospital after the period has begun to pay more attention, as more and more cancer will survive the disease alive.
the Sote-reform has been talked about mainly in savings and big structural reforms.Less has been discussed about the quality of care and effectiveness: the fact that Finland lost every year thousands of human lives the wrong kind of treatment, the treatment chain of disconnection and lack of communication.what is crucial is the treatment effectiveness is Already seen that the social and health expenditure represents 15 billion additional bill to the national economy by 2030.value-based health care focuses on the treatment effectiveness.Unnecessary treatments and complications happen less – things are done right the first time.
the General unemployment fund YTK praises plans for YOU-the offices of the delegation of the Coil and the unemployment fund.TE-office tasks are the decision of the government transferred to provincial responsibility.the Work and ministry task force released Thursday the report, which, according to YOU-the office belonging to the unemployment security and job alternation leave system, the implementation of the related tasks can be transferred to the unemployment funds and kela for the year 2018 from the the Same time the TE office to provide a binding labour policy statement can be waived, told the trade magazine on Thursday.the working Group to strengthen government policy also means that the current ELY centres and TE offices abolished.However, the TE office from remaining in employment related to the tasks that the policies of the government according to the transferred to the provinces for treatment, for example, the purchase service.
Error loading player: No playable sources foundMedical marijuana has been legalized in 23 states, including the District of Columbia and Guam.Researchers have shown many of its benefits, yet federal law still prohibits it as a medical treatment.Original reporting by Kevin Loria.
Alan RockefellerPsilocybin, the psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms, may be an effective way to treat depression in patients that have seen no benefit from other, standard forms of treatment, early results suggest.In a pilot study involving just 12 people with treatment-resistant depression, two doses of the mushroom compound cleared symptoms in eight participants—67 percent—after one week.We are simply saying that this is doable, Robin Carhart-Harris, a neuropsychopharmacologist at Imperial College London and first author of the study, told Nature.Carhart-Harris and colleagues got the idea to try psilocybin after earlier brain imaging studies found that the compound activated brain regions associated with antidepressant effects.Plus, large population studies have found that people who used psychedelics in their lifetime have lower rates of psychological distress and suicidal episodes compared to those that didn t.Moreover, psilocybin is readily converted to psilocin in the body, which can activates serotonin receptors.While the efficacy was pretty remarkable, according to Carhart-Harris, far more work will need to be done to prove that psilocybin can treat depression reliably.
Amazon Web Services AWS — the e-commerce company s cloud computing division — is also set to reach a major milestone this year, on its way to $10 billion in sales.Amazon says AWS is now bigger than was 10 years ago and is growing at a faster rate.After facing harsh criticism over the treatment of its employees in a New York Times story last August, Amazon used its letter to shareholders to comment on the company s culture:A word about corporate cultures: for better or for worse, they are enduring, stable, hard to change.They can be an advantage of disadvantage… We never claim that our approach is the right one — just that it s ours — and over the last two decades, we ve collected a large group of like-minded people.Folks who find our approach energizing and meaningful.Amazon's annual letter to shareholdersIn addition to the Amazon Web Services growth, Amazon said its Prime memberships are growing as well — up 51 percent last year.With more than ten years of marketing management experience, she has contributed to a variety of traditional and online publications, including,, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.
Users have downloaded more than 50 million Google Cardboard-enabled apps since the debut of the humble virtual reality headset developers found under their chairs at I/O two years ago, Clay Bavor, VP of virtual reality at Google, announced as he showed off Google s latest VR efforts on Wednesday at this year s I/O developer conference.Google unveiled Daydream, the new platform for virtual reality that s built on top of Android N, to take VR more mainstream.Google has been working with partners including Alcate, Asus, Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE to develop Daydream-ready Android N phones, with the first phones slated for release this fall.Google has also released reference designs for a VR headset and controller.Bavor also noted that YouTube has been built from the ground up for virtual reality to easily watch standard and VR videos.Google Photos, Play Movies and Street View will also get the Daydream treatment.
Foundation Medicine, a company that got its start with backing from Google Ventures, Bill Gates, and other major tech investors, received a patent this morning that protects its cancer genomic sequencing process.Now, it's using that patent to sue a competitor, Guardant Health."We certainly intend to pursue the value of this patent, we also have always been focused on and remain focused on a very patient-centric mission," Foundation President Steve Kafka told Business Insider on Tuesday."So our intent here is not to block other laboratories from their testing ... but really to develop strategies to recognize the value that we've captured or we've created, rather.Guardant declined to comment on the patent.Cancer genome sequencingWhen people are diagnosed with cancer, there's a pretty standard course of treatment to fight off the disease: the doctor may start with surgery or a regimen of drugs that are known to work on a particular type of cancer.But after a while, if that first round doesn't knock out all the cancer cells, the cancer can come back and be even trickier to treat.Those harder to treat and rare cancers is where cancer genomics companies, including Foundation Medicine, are trying to help.And earlier this month, the company launched its liquid biopsy test, which looks for circulating tumor DNA in the blood.That data also goes into a Foundation Medicine database, where people ranging from doctors looking for methods to treat a certain rare cancer to pharmaceutical companies interested in finding the patients who will respond the best to a drug that's in development could look at it.NOW WATCH: Only in San Francisco — inside the 232-square-foot micro apartment that sold for nearly $425,000Loading video...
This is the Opel Flextreme diesel concept car from 2007, the same year the EU published its loophole allowing Opel s defeat device.Today, German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told the press that General Motors European subsidiary Opel, in a meeting with regulators, admitted to using a diesel defeat system in at least one car, as Automotive News Europe reports:Opel confirmed during the meeting that the exhaust treatment systems shut down under certain speed and air pressure conditions to protect the engine, Dobrindt said.And there s good reason for the EU to have such a provision—European agencies have found evidence of European carmakers cheating on their emissions tests as far back as 2006.That s nine long years before researchers in West Virginia busted Volkswagen s American operations.Last year, the European Federation for Transport and Environment T published this report detailing how Opel, BMW, Audi, VW, and Mercedes-Benz put out five times the legal limit for NOx in the real world while they all pass the EU s laboratory tests.Not only have EU regulators known that their home carmakers have been cheating with defeat systems for years, they ve even been aware of which companies have been doing it and to what degree.
Colourbox Professor of Traffic Medicine Timo Tervo evaluated in Helsingin Sanomat that the doctors do not necessarily have to comply with the instructions given in the assessment of driving ability. I have known quite certain cases. Sometimes it was even suggested that the patient has been threatening, and not because the doctor did not dare to deny this authority for the movement. Tervo says that doctors do not always want to follow the instructions, and this allows for the fact that the Directive has been the possibility of an exemption. Tervo, this is a mistake. Basically, the situation may be, we have a drug addict, who is in substitution treatment but disappears after Subutex car from the parking lot because the doctor considers him in running order, Tervo says.
And if the Reanima project succeeds, we will have to revise our concept of brain death and possibly the status of some patients.The tougher, ethical question is whether this actually would help the deceased person, or assuming it works even bring about a new person.For someone to survive, we are generally discontent with mere bodily survival, there has to be a person with some psychological continuity, too.Exactly what kind of continuity is often glossed over in standard philosophical considerations about personal identity since these are more often concerned with the metaphysics of what is going on than the messy issues of radical personality change or brain damage.In the best possible case, the proposed Reanima treatment would miraculously restore the previously-declared dead person.Disrupting death is unlikely to be easy, but as author Seth Godin said: Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.
Previous installment in the Blackview rugged outdoor phone series BV5000 managed to record pretty good sales all across the board so no wonder the company is trying to repeat the success.Upcoming model Blackview BV6000 should be better in almost every aspect and on top of that bringing the IP68 certification compared to only IP65 in the previous model.So what exactly the IP68 certification means ?First number describes the level of dust protection and the 6 means the highest one, complete protection against contact dust tight .The second number is the water resistance level and here the 8 is also the highest possible grade meaning the equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water, depth is usually specified by the manufacturer, generally up to 3m.For more info about the IP certifications you can ask uncle Google for example here Code .BV6000 carries on board even some reasonable hardware specs for a pure rugged phone, 4.7-inch display with HD resolution and 3rd gen Gorilla Glass protection, octa-core Mediatek Helio P10 processor MT6755 clocked at 2 GHz 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of expandable storage, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and of course the aforementioned IP68 certification.Not sure if it s a valid IP certification test, but we have a pretty funny video of Blackview BV6000 surviving the washing machine treatment so don t forget to check it out.
As the product of £50 million worth of research investment, you can see why the Dyson dryer costs nearly twice as much as its salon-grade rivals from other manufacturers.The humble fridgeSamsung have stepped up to the plate with their Family Hub fridge-freezer, which is a great deal more than the 'tablet embedded in a fridge door' models that are currently emerging.And then there's the fact that the fridge can source recipes, share notes and sync multiple calendars, allowing family members to identify the best times to shop and eat together.You can then access those photos from the supermarket to scan for any missing essentials although the doors are out of shot, making harder to spot the holy grail of fridge content: milk .The unassuming kettleThe electric kettle was a big step forward for committed tea drinkers, but purists will tell you that although it speeds up the process, it doesn't guarantee a decent cuppa.Lucky, then, that a student from the Indian Institute of Technology is shaking things up with a tea-making app that schedules your kettle to boil and controls the temperature to which the water is heated.
Android Marshmallow rolling out for Galaxy Tab A 9.7in SamsungThe 9.7in Galaxy Tab A bearing model number SM-T550 is another lucky Galaxy device to make it to the list of those receiving Android Marshmallow.Earlier this month, the update was rolled out to Tab S2 8.0 starting with users in the UK; now the sweet Marshmallow treatment is seeding for the Wi-Fi variant of Galaxy Tab A.With the latest Android version 6.0.1, the update moves the build version of your Galaxy tablet to T550XXU1BPE1, which is now live for users in France.If you are in the firmware supported region head over to Settings About device Software update menu to check if the new Marshmallow build is available for your tablet.Along with the new Android version, expect a bunch of Marshmallow features including the Doze mode for a better battery life, and more control over app permissions.Firmware detailsModel name: Galaxy Tab AModel: SM-T550Country: FranceVersion: Android 6.0.1Changelist: 7931139Build date: 4 MayProduct code: XEFPDA: T550XXU1BPE1CSC: T550OXA1BPE
It s a plan to gamify healthcare or incent good behavior in a way that the company s founders liken to the good driver discount that conscientious drivers receive on their insurance.The founding data scientist at Propeller Health and the architect of an epidemiological data product at Practice Fusion, had an experience where she walked away from a prescription when she realized it would cost her $150 out of pocket.You do things every day that save the health system money.Companies like GoodRx and Blink Health are also aiming to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but they re aiming to do it across the board, by giving consumers the option to comparison shop in the case of GoodRx or the ability to find the lowest priced drugs online and pick up the prescription at their local pharmacy Blink .Sempre s approach is different, and the founder argues that it s more compelling, because it reduces costs across the board no matter what, and it encourages better behavior from patients in the process.The company routes claims through partnerships with claims adjudicators to reduce costs and gain access to every pharmacy in the U.S.To ensure and encourage compliance with treatment regimes among patients, the company provides prompts via sms and other platforms, with a lot of the management handled by enterprise partners who work with the company s software as a service to take advantage of the data being generated as part of a online platform with dashboards.
Mitochondrial replacement therapy, or three-parent IVF, is an effort to eliminate rare mitochondrial diseases in embryos, which can damage the brain, heart, liver, skeletal muscles, and respiratory systems.Unfortunately, inherited defects in mitochondrial DNA can lead to severe or even fatal results, and it happens in about one in every 5,000 births.Despite the controversial nature of the procedure, the U.K. approved the practice two years ago, and the U.S. is on the verge of giving it the okay.It s worth pointing out that Egli s experiment was conducted on embryonic stem cells, and not in real world conditions.As reproductive biologist Mary Herbert pointed out in Nature News, levels of mutant mitochondria fluctuate wildly in stem cells.The U.K. s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority HEFA took note of the new study, and said it will wait for further experiments before approving the first mitochondrial replacement in humans.
The new technology has been developed by Cambridge-based Owlstone Medical and uses a tiny microchip sensor which can measure the volatile organic compounds in the the patient s exhaled breath.Current techniques often involved using large, room-sized pieces of equipment and can take a long period of time to produce an accurate result.Gladden Willis via Getty ImagesCo-founder and CEO of Owlstone Medical Billy Boyle believes that now they can effectively shrink the technology they ll be overcome many of the barriers that prevent effective treatment of the disease.Only 10 per cent of those diagnosed live for more than five years, and it s believed that late diagnosis plays a key role in that statistic.Before the biopsy each patient will then do a breath test, the biopsy will then be carried out and the results compared.While Boyle sees his breathalyzer making it into GP surgeries, he has even greater ambitions for the technology.
Along with VR and driverless cars, the Internet of Things is set to play a big role in how technology develops over the coming years.A new IoT banking platform has been launched by Surrey-based Intelligent Environments, and it includes a wristband that will administer an electric shock when users spend beyond a set limit.The Pavlock wristband raised £193,000 on Indiegogo in 2014, and works with the IoT banking platform to warn you when you get close to a predetermined limit with a quick vibration.You can set your own limits using the IoT app, and decide how the program should respond to changes in your bank account.If you're spending too much money, the app will automatically turn your thermostat down to help you save on energy bills.All pretty clever stuff, but the guys behind the project are yet to get any banks onboard.
Instead of vouchers is used more, The Association informs. "Home care support municipal supplement municipalities can direct families to choose the particular case of small children caring for a child at home. the size of the supplement may affect the type of treatment and the parents' income in addition to the child's age and the duration of treatment, Association says. In 2012, the voucher was only available in the 25 municipalities and 23 municipalities designed to enable it for. The 2014 survey found that 38 municipalities had the voucher in use in early childhood education and 24 municipalities designed to enable it for "Lahtinen says. The survey said 86 percent of Finland's 256 municipalities.
Photo: BSIP/Universal Images Group/Getty ImagesA company has been created to develop "novel technology" to help treat type 1 diabetes and potentially negate the need for insulin injections.Islexa, formed after successful pre-clinical studies, will now concentrate on more pre-clinical development, the hope being that trials can take place "in the next few years."Insulin regulates levels of glucose in our blood.Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas produces no insulin, while type 2 diabetes refers to when not enough insulin is produced, or when our body's cells "don't react to insulin.""This is a really exciting technology that has the potential to bring life-changing benefits to these patients," Keith Thompson, CEO of the CGT and Islexa director, said."The collaboration has already delivered promising results and the formation of Islexa will accelerate the development of these lab grown islets and ultimately get this potential treatment to thousands of patients," he went on to add.