Bad weather has delayed the delivery of mail to different parts of Southern Finland this week and late last week, the Mail told.the Delays have been on the evening of the day of distribution, i.e. the so-called letter mail.most commonly, these have been one-day delays, but the post has been able to even remain completely without sharing two consecutive weekday.the end of the year delays should no longer be.
the Post shared so far every weekday in the same way.the Post, according to decision of distribution of days of reform initiation has been moved to the summer, when the originally planned changes should come into force early in the year.the Reform of the distribution of the rhythm of the different days so that Tuesday will not be shared, inter alia, letters or magazines, if you start the week the shipments have been distributed as early as Monday.the Post release, before the reform, the introduction of a correction to the basic distribution of the emerged periodic distribution of the disturbances.Now to reform, the distribution of the number of days remains the fifth business day, and no change impact on early delivery of newspapers or packages in the distribution.
Slack announced that its team communication app is seeing continued growth, with more than 3 million weekday daily active users.This is up 1 million from just six months ago.What s more, the company now has 930,000 paid seats, which is a 31 percent increase from February, when it reported 675,000 paid seats.Alongside this news, Slack has also hired former Salesforce senior vice president for commercial sales in Asia Pacific Robert Frati as its vice president of sales, which is noteworthy since the company claims 77 of the Fortune 100 companies use its product.The addition of someone skilled in dealing with corporations could be part of a major push to bring the communication app into more businesses besides startups and other collaborative environments.And as Frati has specialized in the Asia-Pacific region, perhaps he can also establish more partnerships with companies in that area of the world?Slack has been on a growth spurt, adding more than 1 million daily active users practically every six months for the past year.In June, the company counted 1 million DAU and then doubled it in December before hitting the 3 million mark today.It also shared that more than 2 million users are connected to Slack s communication app simultaneously, meaning that at any given moment, most of its users are interfacing with each other on the platform.While a reason for the increased usage hasn t been officially released, it could be the new integrations and developer platform Slack has created, easier integrations with third-party apps, the spotlight on bots, or perhaps those funny commercials that the company is airing.
The new Focus RS packs almost 350 horsepower, is four-wheel drive and has a button for 'Drift mode'.A car that brings four-wheel drive to the Focus for the first time, and has almost 350 horsepower, 'Drift mode', and so many awards and accolades that Ford's mantelpiece needs reinforcing.In fairness, my first few hours with the RS involved driving across central London on a weekday evening, followed the next day by a trip 200 miles north to Manchester.Switched into Sport mode sharper throttle, more antisocial-but-addictive pops and bangs from the exhaust, even firmer suspension , the car came alive.The quick steering just two turns lock to lock talks clearly to you through every corner and weights up beautifully as you point the front towards each apex – which you will hit every single time because the grip simply beggars belief.Ford Focus RS 2016 specs:2.3-litre, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine345 horsepower and 470Nm torque0-62mph 100km/h in 4.7 secondsTop speed of 165mphPriced from: £31,000Price as reviewed: £35,135
The startup competes in the incredibly fierce market of food delivery startups in Paris.Compared to its competitors, Nestor has a full stack approach and focuses on weekday lunches for office workers.The good news is that Nestor is opening up deliveries in La Défense, the large business district with hundreds of thousands of workers.While Nestor doesn t really compete with Frichti directly, everything I wrote about Frichti s full-stack approach still holds true for Nestor.Food delivery startups operating in Paris, like Deliveroo, Foodora and Take Eat Easy, need to make sure that restaurants can generate margins using their services.Like in other industries, managing every level of the stack lets you bring the prices down or generate significant margins.
Would you believe me if I told you that hordes of people would be willing to drop what they re doing during a weekday and head to the local movie theater to watch an E3 press conference?That may sound a bit extreme but it s exactly what diehard PlayStation fans did when Sony partnered with Fathom Events in 2014 to simulcast its E3 press conference to several theaters across North America.Sony did the same thing in 2015, adding even more theaters to the equation.That said, they still didn t have enough participating theaters to meet demand.They ll have a limited number of seats reserved for waitlist attendees, we re told, but note that they ll be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis.Those in attendance will receive some PlayStation swag including a commemorative Coca-Cola E3 Experience Cup and 37 from the PlayStation collectible card series that was first introduced at last year s event.
The bot, which you can access directly here, is able to suggest interesting articles and videos for you, but you can also use it to find content yourself.The reasoning behind the bot is simple: We aim to provide world- class content discovery, wherever our users are, and increasingly, you are sharing and discussing the best of the internet in messaging apps.In short, Digg doesn t want to put you through the horrible hassle of having to switch between multiple apps to find and share content.It wants to bring the content directly to where you re already spending a lot of time: Facebook Messenger.Digg today also launched Digg Editions, which are basically an expansion of the Daily Digg email that goes out each weekday.Although Digg Editions will be the same for everyone at launch, they will become personalized and customizable based on your interests, networks, and behavior.While the concept sounds intriguing, Digg Editions will unfortunately be your first experience with the Digg bot.The other way that the Digg bot works is via search:These are all decent options, albeit not particularly sophisticated.Except that if you ask Digg, it s not a bot:But no matter what the company says, it s still a chatbot.
This week, the US patent office issued 6,883 patents.The latest patented bike includes folding pedals and handlebar mounts, a folding chain stay component, two or more pivots of the frame coupled together at a single locking lever, and the wheel couplings and wheel axles.Moreover, when folded the motor can be activated to assist in the towing of the folded bicycle.Charge your phone with your handA Korean research institute has patented a technology that allows mobile devices to be charged through human skin.Forget solar power: Boeing wants to produce electricity from airport noiseAirports generate a great deal of noise during aircraft take-offs and landings.For example, if a user makes a call each weekday when within a given distance of a geographical location, such as within a mile from a workplace, the device can prompt the user whether the device should initiate that call or text the next time the computing device is in that location.
Snapchat doesn t just care about video.The company is behind a new online magazine called Real Life, which will publish roughly one article each weekday on the subject of technology, starting on June 27.In a blog post describing the new initiative today, Snapchat employee and social media critic Nathan Jurgenson writes that Snapchat is now funding Real Life.It won t be a news site with gadget reviews or industry gossip.The publication will cover beauty, power, privacy, and relationships, among other things, and we aim to address the political uses of technology, including some of the worst practices both inside and outside the tech industry itself, writes Jurgenson.So now Snapchat will technically have content on the Web, which is visible on desktop computers.And at least initially the medium will be primarily text, unlike the video stories and snaps the Southern California company has become known for.That could one day turn into a new venue for ads that can help Snapchat bring in more money ahead of a potential initial public offering IPO , although right now, we re focused on the writing and ideas, Jurgenson told VentureBeat in an email.Real Life will have editorial independence, editor in chief Jurgenson writes.So he and his team, including Rob Horning, Alexandra Molotkow, Sarah Nicole Prickett, and Soraya King will presumably have the final say over what goes on the site, not Snapchat executives.
Snapchat doesn t only busy itself with creating filters or adding clients to its Discover platform.It s now becoming a publisher in its own right, starting with Real Life, a new online magazine.Set to launch on June 27, Real Life will be headed by Nathan Jurgenson, a social media critic and researcher at Snapchat.It won t be a news site with gadget reviews or industry gossip.We plan to publish one piece of writing every weekday, though we may eventually expand to other mediums and formats as well.Jurgenson noted that Real Life will have editorial independence from Snapchat, even though it owns and is funding the new venture.
From June 27, Real Life will publish approximately one story each weekday on the intersection of life and tech."It won't be a news site with gadget reviews or industry gossip.In terms of what will be discussed on Real Life, Jurgenson says that articles will look at identity, power, privacy, surveillance, relationships, and beauty, as well as a number of other topics.In his blog post, Jurgenson writes that Real Life is financially supported by Snapchat."The support means we can focus on writers and writing rather than clicks and shares."Real Life Other people working on Real Life include senior editors Rob Horning, Alexandra Molotkow, and Sarah Nicole Prickett, and managing editor Soraya King.
We all know that Snapchat's meat and potatoes are selfies and videos, but that doesn't mean the company isn't interested in exploring new ideas.It's not video-related this time; instead, it's text — no, not text messaging.Scheduled to debut on June 27th, the social platform has announced "Real Life," an online magazine that will offer "essays, arguments, and narratives about living with technology."Snapchat employee and social media critic Nathan Jurgenson will serve as editor-in-chief and run the publication.Real Life will publish one piece of writing every weekday, the announcement says, but readers should expect gadget reviews or news about the industry."We may eventually expand to other mediums and formats as well," Jurgenson adds.
Slack is on a mission to make it easier for us to get things done, supported by the launch of new message buttons — interactive elements that enable better interactions with some of the 500 apps in Slack s marketplace.Among the early launch partners include Trello, Kayak, and Riffsy.The idea behind message buttons is to streamline the work done on other daily tools.So you might be able to approve and submit invoices or expense reports, for example; create cards and details in a Trello board without leaving Slack; or search for flights, hotels, and rental cars with a single tap.Although Slack said that the new feature is about providing a more convenient experience for its 3 million daily active users, it s also an effort to increase the time users spend in the company s own app.Slack views its product as an operating system for the workplace — the central repository for all communication — and so it needs to retain as much of our attention as possible.We re already spending an average of at least 2 hours per weekday in the app, according to Slack.The complete list of launch partners for the message button release are Trello, Kayak, Greenhouse, Qualtrics, Talkdesk, PagerDuty, Kip, Kyber, Riffsy, Abacus, Current, and Talkus.The launch of message buttons adheres to the schedule Slack laid out in its platform roadmap, which means that soon we ll start to see analytics roll out, along with a developer dashboard and deeper integrations.The new feature comes weeks after Slack rolled out its sign-in buttons that third-party developers can add to let users authenticate with their Slack logins.
Jonathan Ernst / ReutersAt the United State of Women Summit last week, Oprah Winfrey asked Michelle Obama how men can help in the fight for gender equality.The First Lady s words were so magical that one genius man created a ringtone called Be Better: The Ringtone featuring Oprah, of course .Zak Griffler, a New York City-based filmmaker, told The Cut that his friend jokingly said she d love FLOTUS be better remarks as a ringtone and — voilà!Being a multimedia person who went to art school, I thought this is exactly the sort of thing that a best friend casually makes near midnight on a weekday, Griffler told The Cut.The filmmaker put it perfectly when he said: Isn t it great that when you get a phone call you can have Michelle Obama tell anyone in a decent proximity to your phone that men can be better?Yes, yes, and more yes.
In DCO, a variety of ad components — such as main body backgrounds, main images, overlay text, and so on — are dynamically assembled when they are served, according to the particular needs of the impression.While DCOs can assemble versions that are built on-the-fly, its sibling CMP offers a computer-aided tool so creative staff can pre-build lots of ads for specific segments.The platform might employ machine learning, automated picture cropping, automatic size and design generation, and other computer-assists to help a person generate a large variety of completed ads.Although both platforms allow for performance feedback to create a Darwinian selection of the fittest, where only the best performing ad offspring survive for later generations, the differences point to different goals, just as a restaurant meal and prepared food have different goals.For that kind of remarketing, it s hard to imagine any other way to pull a product shot and specs from hundreds of products in that one retailer s catalog, immediately generating an ad to remind you of what you virtually walked away from.No stats yet, though, about DCO-generated ads versus CMP-powered ones.
Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%00:00The ScenePlayMute00:00Current Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00FullscreenNeed TextNo compatible source was found for this video.Ars reviews Brewlock's beer delivery systemshareplaysaveI am a skip button.We're sorry, something went wrong.Bartender John Olson and owner Dan Lilly of Pinky's Pizza Parlor show us the latest in keg technology from Walnut Creek, Calif.At Ars we're often under deadlines to churn out reviews quickly.Let's begin at a local East Bay high school football game where a beer-salesman friend of mine told me that he had started distributing a few beers housed in this new keg technology called Brewlock.But as luck would have it, while I was working one weekday afternoon around Christmas, saddled up to the bar at Pinky's Pizza Parlor in Walnut Creek, California, I noticed that the bartender was now using the Brewlock to dispense Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale.
Sure, this BBC show smells like Boardwalk Empire from Over There, but it tastes just as good as—if not better than—the pulpy gangster series that came before it.Set in the 1910s and 20s, Peaky Blinders traces its eponymous Birmingham, England street gang from ragtag to big time while also following the evolution and/or devolution of the Shelby family that runs it: Tommy played by Cillian Murphy , the moody, merciless head of the family; Arthur Paul Anderson , the unhinged older brother with a cocaine habit and the worst undercut outside of Williamsburg; Ada Sophie Rundle , their sister who falls in love with a communist on the run; and Aunt Polly, the matriarch of the family, magnificently played by Helen McCrory.The boys have just returned from the trenches of World War I, and are suffering their way through recovery: flashbacks, addictions to their drug-of-choice, and lots of unnecessary violence.Although the series is about the entire Shelby mob, Peaky Blinders best moments come when Tommy s gloriously quiet swagger is matched up against his milieu of adversaries: morally rigid Major Campbell; the mercurial Italian gangster Darby Sabini Noah Taylor ; the sneering baker and bootlegger from Camdentown, Alfie Solomons a terrifying Tom Hardy ; the delightfully irate horse race fixer Billy Kimber Charlie Creed-Miles ; the outcast Russian oligarch Grand Duke Leon Petrovna Jan Bijvoet ; and the scariest of them all: the sinister, somber priest Father Hughes Paddy Considine .Over the course of the three seasons, you get to watch the Peaky Blinders transform from street gang to semi-legitimate business to the criminal enterprise running southern England—all against a backdrop of campy period detail, set to a soundtrack that includes Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Tom Waits.You watch Peaky Blinders largely for the visuals, rather than the plot: much of the show s appeal lies in the scenes of dimly lit Birmingham alleys and Tommy Shelby s hard-jawed blue-eyed stare.
Today, Facebook has developed a low-cost open source wireless hardware platform, US regulators are investigating claims of a second crash involving Tesla's Autopilot, the NHS's controversial data sharing scheme has been shut down and more.Get WIRED Awake sent straight to your inbox every weekday morning by 8am.The updates, which aren't the final versions and should be downloaded and used with caution, represent some of the biggest changes to Apple's software in recent years.macOS, the new name for OSX, adds Siri, picture-in-picture and universal clipboard functions.The government's Committee on Climate Change CCC says fracking can go ahead if key tests on methane leaks, gas consumption and carbon budgets are met BBC .Climate change experts had argued fracking would make the UK's global warming targets impossible to achieve, but the CCC has claimed this isn't the case.
Twitch is now a game-streaming juggernaut while YouTube has embraced gaming and live streaming in a big way, and seemingly everyday people have become well-paid Internet personalities because they play video games and chat.All you need is some decent bandwidth, an extroverted spirit, and hopefully decent skills in at least one Android game.In case you re not one of the millions of gaming fans tuned into Twitch and YouTube on a regular basis, here s a quick rundown of the live streaming phenomenon.Even on a weekday morning, 26,000 people tune in to watch a game of League of Legends on PC.The peak totals get dramatically higher than that.It could also just give you a look at real, unedited gameplay so you can decide whether or not to buy a game for yourself.
If Facebook wants to be the YouTube of digital live video, Twitter apparently wants to be the Hulu.Twitter has struck another deal to bring traditional live TV programming to its platform.Bloomberg will syndicate three of its live TV shows — Bloomberg West, What d You Miss?and With All Due Respect — on Twitter every weekday at the same time as they air on TV.The shows will carry ads, and Twitter and Bloomberg will split that revenue, according to a person familiar with the matter.A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the ad portion of the deal.