the roof of snow and ice to drop in should choose companies that have experience snow loss of work, the central chamber of commerce to remind the release.“When the subscriber has selected a snow drop as the contractor, before starting work on the reason to draw up a written agreement, the agreed rules of the game and a liability of subscribers and possibly to a third party arising from personal and property damage,” said central chamber of commerce, lawyer Raisa Harju.Ridge recalls that as a proactive measure and contract basis before winter maintenance starts, it would be sensible to make use of the roof surfaces review, which will provide clarity about what the potential problems on the roof is the previous winter's snow drops retarded, for example, the old holes.“the roof in the snow pudotuksissa is important to take into consideration below of the walking and car traffic areas of delineation, marking and traffic control of the drop time.City or urban area, it is also important to trail work, such as pedestrian route cleaning lumikasa as well as anti-icing,” said the central chamber of commerce approved by the commodity inspection (HTT), the builder Juhani Leijamaa.
The reasons can range from dissidents to espionage, according to James Clapper, without going into details. According to one source told Reuters it can move on to find out details about the upcoming foreign policy, or internal campaign strategies. Before the last two years, the presidential candidates on both sides suffered cyber attacks, including linked to Chinese hackers. Yet, said Matthew Prince, CEO of security firm CloudFlare, who provided including Trump with IT security solutions, it has so far been a "surprisingly civilized" cyber landscape. - We have not seen anything that would indicate the sophisticated level one would expect of a foreign power la whole weight behind it, he says. Will get briefing The two who are appointed to the respective party's presidential candidate in the summer will receive a briefing on IT security by the authorities.
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Furthermore, the fingerprint reading tech Apple describes in the patent could offer even faster and more accurate readings than the current Touch ID sensor, which is already best-in-class.In this type of sensor, two transducers are placed on the x- and y-axes of a plate of glass–one each for receiving and transmitting–for propagating ultrasound waves through a glass plate; when the finger is placed on top of the glass, the finger impedes the waves and the receiving transducer can measure the alteration in wave patterns, the patent explains.With the help of these new technologies, Apple could also combat various hacks used to unlock an iPhone after stealing the owner s fingerprints.But the patent does prove that Apple is indeed working to ditch the home button and increase the phone s screen-to-overall-size ratio.On a device where size and weight are limited, the addition of this module can be costly, Apple explains in the patent.Show entire article
Cheap 128GB Flash DriveIf you ve been on the prowl for a new flash drive but you were hoping to save some money on a drive with a large capacity, your hunt may be over.From now through May 28th, Amazon is offering a killer price on the PNY Attache 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Navy Blue P-FD128ATT3NB-GE .This drive is now on sale for just $24, and it ships for free in two days if you re a Prime member.In fact, in many areas it qualifies for free same-day Prime shipping.Here s what you need to know:The durable, light-weight design of the PNY Attached USB 2.0 Flash Drive is the ultimate mobile storage solutionThe sliding collar, cap less design protects your important content when not in useThe included key loop easily attaches to key chains, so important files are never out of reachFree technical supportPNY Attache 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Navy Blue P-FD128ATT3NB-GE : $23.99 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web
Eating a little less and exercising a little more, over the long term, won t produce large, long-term weight changes.For a half century, experts have talked about the 3,500-kilocalorie kilocalories are what we call calories in everyday speech .That means for every 3,500 calories you burn or don t consume, you lose a pound.More recent data, the authors say, shows that people lose much less weight when they burn it over a longer period of time.It s not important to set realistic weight loss goals to avoid frustration.Be ambitious instead.
Beyond everything else though, the most important realization for me personally was this: weight loss is a game of numbers.It s a wonderfully simple concept but it can be incredibly difficult to maintain, and I discussed several ways I managed to do it.As the saying goes, every little bit helps, and a reader just emailed me a note about a nifty calorie-cutting invention that couldn t be simpler.In an effort to address that issue — and to generate some buzz — an advertising agency called BBDO Bangkok partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to do something about it.30 calories doesn t seem like a lot, but as I mentioned, every little bit helps.Thanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
Jemisin s Fifth Season, and fire-under-rusting-Earth there s so much to talk about it.Katie Palmer, Senior Associate Editor: Once I hit the interlude, everything started making more sense to me—and I started noticing the artful lack of knowledge in the world.Less willful ignorance, more the kind of narrow focus necessary in the face of disaster, of which there s no shortage in The Fifth Season.Rubin: I can t believe I m admitting this in print, Jay, but you pointing that out is the first time I d confronted what happened to Crack beyond oh hey exile too bad kid BACK TO THE STORY.Fallon: Which is interesting, because some themes, of course, Jemisin is grabbing you by the shirt collar and shaking you and saying, Here, this is a thing you really need to think about!Dayrit: Homosexuality, bisexuality, gender identity, transgenderism, all the issues that bog us down in our society are given little weight in The Fifth Season, perhaps because the moral code of the Stillness is rooted in actual hellfire and brimstone from the ground, not from some patriarchal god floating somewhere in the sky.
Workout regimens are also longer-term commitments that don t produce results overnight, so how does hitting the body with a splash of cold manage to do the same thing?This leaves a vacuum of heat that leads to cold.The body doesn t have to be at freezing levels to get the effect in the tissue because the brain will already be activated between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit 5-15 degrees Celsius .The mild process of cooling is designed not to be aggressive in attacking the body with a temperature change.You can even sleep with it on.Wearing it during workouts isn t advised because of profuse sweat seeping into the circuitry.
Parents and teachers can have polar opinions on the right course to take, and who are we to say who's right and wrong?Nobody knows just how our children will behave as they grow up in an increasingly digital world.Excessive media use can lead to problems at school, lack of attention, eating and sleeping issues as well as lack of exercise, which can lead to weight gain.In future generations verbal communication may be valued even less.Being a parent does not mean protecting younger generations from the digital world, but instead, helping them using it effectively and to their advantage.It is vital for our kids to understand their self-worth must be found elsewhere: within a family context, as part of a sports team, in a classroom or in an office.
To put that in perspective, NASA has previous noted it's "big enough to encompass a football stadium".The weight of the balloon plus payload is 4,500kg, or "roughly 10 grand pianos or 2.5 mid-size cars", or indeed "55 kangaroos, 100 toilets, or 1,000 cats", as NASA nicely put it last month.On the ground, the SPB displays sub-stadium dimensions, but it's still impressive, as the launch vid grabbed on Monday at New Zealand's Wanaka Airport shows:SPBs are designed for "ultra-long-duration flight of up to 100 days at mid-latitudes", carrying scientific payloads to a more-or-less constant float altitude of 33.5km, as a budget alternative to sending them into orbit atop rockets.For this mission, the massive sandwich bag is carrying the University of California's Compton Spectrometer and Imager COSI , which will "probe the mysterious origins of galactic positrons, study the creation of new elements in the galaxy, and perform pioneering studies of gamma-ray bursts and black holes".While NASA hopes the SPB will stay aloft for over three months, the current flight record is 54 days, on a 2009 mission which began at the previous launch site in Antarctica.The first flight from Wanaka in 2015 lasted 32 days, five hours and 51 minutes before a leak prompted NASA to abort the mission over Outback Australia.
Why watch your weight, when your plate can handle the dirty dieting work for you?It s called the Absorb Plate, and it s perforated with 500 tiny holes – just like a sponge – so that grease is absorbed, rather than pooling around your meal.The THPF states that it's the world s first plate that makes Thai food less greasy.That doesn t sound like much, but that small deficit will add up over time.It s also only a concept for now, so there s no exact release date.Let us know in the comments.
Forty feet wide and 80 feet long, the Stiletto is nearly three times the size of a World War II PT boat yet less than a third of the weight.With a carbon fiber hull, the Stiletto is light enough 45 tons, unloaded to be craned onto a cargo ship for transport—but it can also carry 20 tons of cargo and tear through most sea states at high speeds.Now operating from Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek near Norfolk, Virginia, the Stiletto was originally intended to be part of a new Navy combat concept—groups of small, highly networked boats carrying sensors and weapons and working as a group to take on enemies in coastal, river, and shallow ocean waters.Built with special operations in mind, the Stiletto has a stealthy profile and a unique pentamaran hull that essentially acts as a surface effect hull at high speeds, allowing the craft to rise out of the water and reach speeds of 60 knots 69 miles an hour, or 110 kilometers per hour .But it is funded directly by the Department of Defense's Office of Research, Test, Development and Evaluation RDT .Earlier this year, Stiletto served as the "sea" leg of a Marine Corps Warfighting Lab test of using teamed ground robots and aerial drones to find and direct fire against targets ashore.
Unless you have been living under a rock the daily commute is changing.From folding bikes to electric gizmos the way we travel is changing from home to train, from train to office and back again.This May two new electric skateboards are hitting the market – the Boosted v2 and Evolve GT.But there are other issues to consider.NEW: The Evolve GT has a top speed of 26mph ON THE MOVE: The GT is reported to be 7.9kg in weightPlay VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVERemaining Time -0:00Playback Rate1ChaptersChapterssubtitles off, selectedSubtitlescaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedCaptionsFullscreenThis is a modal window.Foreground --- White Black Red Green Blue Yellow Magenta Cyan --- Opaque Semi-OpaqueBackground --- White Black Red Green Blue Yellow Magenta Cyan --- Opaque Semi-Transparent TransparentWindow --- White Black Red Green Blue Yellow Magenta Cyan --- Opaque Semi-Transparent TransparentFont Size 50% 75% 100% 125% 150% 175% 200% 300% 400%Text Edge Style None Raised Depressed Uniform DropshadowFont Family Default Monospace Serif Proportional Serif Monospace Sans-Serif Proportional Sans-Serif Casual Script Small CapsDefaults DoneThe GT is reported to be 7.9kg in weight and travel at speeds of 26 mph it will be released in May 25.
Recognizing new paradigm in automotive sheet steel performance PROVIDENCE, R.I.– BUSINESS WIRE –May 20, 2016– NanoSteel , a leader in nanostructured steel materials, and the company s joint development launch partner, AK Steel Corporation, have won the Platts Global Metals Breakthrough Solution of the Year Award.This award is in recognition of NanoSteel s advanced automotive sheet-produced by AK Steel-which brings the combination of both high strength and high formability to automotive lightweighting.Our material also provides all the benefits of steel, making it more cost-effective than alternative metals and easier to integrate into a supply chain and parts manufacturing footprint that has successfully produced steel automotive components for more than 100 years.This multi-year partnership between two innovative companies is uniquely positioned to advance steel s leadership in vehicle lightweighting.The Company s primary focus is proprietary alloys for use as sheet steel in automotive lightweighting applications.Founded as a spinoff of the U.S. Department of Energy s Idaho National Laboratory in 2002, NanoSteel has developed multiple generations of ferrous materials innovations including metallic coatings, additive manufacturing powders, and sheet steel protected by over 300 patents filed and/or granted worldwide.
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Roboticists at Harvard University in the US have added new capabilities to their RoboBees - these flying microbots can now perch during flight to save their energy, in a similar way to bats, birds and butterflies.That means they're able to stay in the air longer without using up too much extra energy, explain the research team.Eventually, these little flying droids have the potential to be used in search and rescue operations and for other similar kinds of tasks.Key to the new energy-saving mode is a technique called electrostatic adhesion, achieved through a small electrode patch and a shock-absorbing foam mount.A small electrical charge is used to keep the RoboBees 'stuck' to a leaf or other surface while they rest up.On robots this small, carrying around bulky batteries isn't really feasible, so any changes need to be made while adding as little weight and using as little extra power as possible.
It was only a few months ago that we slapped a five-star rating on the Asus ZenBook UX305 and now the company is back with the Asus ZenBook UX306.Well, the most immediately noticeable changes are the addition of a USB Type-C port and backlit keys, but you can expect beefier specs too, as under the hood you're looking at an Intel Core i5 6200U or Core i7 6500U processor and up to 16GB of RAM, which will hopefully be enough to address our concerns about the graphics capabilities of the UX305.The ZenBook UX306 is launching with a choice of 256GB or 512GB of solid state storage and has a 13.3-inch anti-glare screen in either 1080 x 1920 or 3200 x 1800 resolution, which is largely in line with the UX305.Familiar good looksThe stylish aluminum build looks largely similar and at 324 x 226 x 13.9mm and 1.19kg the dimensions and weight aren't much changed either.Other features include a full USB 3.0 port for all those accessories that aren't USB-C-ready , 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the promise of up to 12 hours of battery life, plus the company's IceCool technology built in, to prevent the palm rest heating up.The big remaining questions are what it will cost and when you'll actually be able to buy it, but sadly Asus hasn't answered either of them yet.
The Sesto Elemento you see is almost entirely made of Carbon, whether that s in the alien-like carbon-fibre dashboard or the matte black carbon fibre body work.AFP via Getty ImagesPut simply, this car is a rocket engine bolted onto a luxury italian shoe which is then dipped in some of the world s most advanced materials.The results are, well, equal parts stunning and terrifying.That s about the same weight as a particularly large polar bear.Attached to this featherlight frame is Lamborgini s V10 engine with all-wheel drive.Thankfully this owner had no problems showing off just how a utterly bat-like this car is and b how utterly ludicrous it sounds.
Wireless ear plugs that even no cable between the plugs is not unique. But now it has emerged into a headphone Swedish project on Kickstarter. And Truu has a couple of unique advantages. Among other things, they are charged also wirelessly by simply putting them on the charging pad. Photo: Truu Wireless The plugs can be put together thanks to magnets, which also allows them to be turned off to save power. Frequency response: 18-22000 Hz Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL - 2dB Weight: 5 g Duration in stereo: Up to 5 hours Duration in mono: Up to 15 hours Standby time: 240 hours Charging time: 70 minutes Read more on