Parents and teachers can have polar opinions on the right course to take, and who are we to say who's right and wrong?Nobody knows just how our children will behave as they grow up in an increasingly digital world.Excessive media use can lead to problems at school, lack of attention, eating and sleeping issues as well as lack of exercise, which can lead to weight gain.In future generations verbal communication may be valued even less.Being a parent does not mean protecting younger generations from the digital world, but instead, helping them using it effectively and to their advantage.It is vital for our kids to understand their self-worth must be found elsewhere: within a family context, as part of a sports team, in a classroom or in an office.
Samsung and AT are poised to release their ruggedized version of the flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone, the Galaxy S7 Active.As usual, the specifications for this water- and dust-resistant handset closely match those of its mainstream linemate, according to an official spec sheet shown to VentureBeat.The design of the S7 Active pictured above, in black and gold has not changed much from last year s Active model.However, its measurements are slightly larger across all three dimensions, including an increased thickness of 9.9 millimeters — over a millimeter thicker than the 8.6-millimeter Galaxy S6 Active.There s also been a 15-gram weight gain, from 170 grams to 185 grams.That increase is likely due to the S7 Active s significantly larger battery, whose 4000mAh capacity is almost 15 percent greater than the prior model s 3500mAh pack.However, the bigger dimensions do not house a larger screen, as has been rumored previously about this device; instead, its 5.1-inch, 1440 x 2560-pixel Super AMOLED display is the same as both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 Active.Besides the addition of a microSD slot, most of the S7 Active s changes occur under the hood.It s powered by a Snapdragon 820 system-on-chip from Qualcomm, and features 4GB of RAM 1GB more than last year and 32GB of internal storage.Once again, the front-facing selfie cam offers a five megapixel resolution.Finally, like last year s Galaxy S6 Active, the S7 Active will be exclusive to AT when it launches in June — likely on June 10, as the date on the renders screens suggests.
A photo of Axl Rose from 2010 has turned into a meme, and the singer isn't happy about it.The Guns N' Roses frontman recently sent DMCA takedown notices to Blogspot and GoogleUserContent, through Web Sheriff, as TorrentFreak reports, regarding one image that has made the rounds online.The photo in question has been used in a meme poking fun at Axl Rose's apparent weight gain — see a screenshot from below.The photo was taken at a concert by photographer Boris Minkevich and was published in the Winnipeg Free Press, as you can see here.While you might assume the photographer has the copyright, Web Sheriff says that photographers at Axl Rose's concerts sign contracts that give rights to the musician and his team.Minkevich himself can't remember if he signed such a form.Rose and Web Sheriff have filed multiple DMCA requests regarding the image, but it is still searchable on Google Images as of this writing.NOW WATCH: Hidden Facebook tricks you need to knowLoading video...
What's more, eating more of certain types of fats may help move the scale in the other direction.Men and women in the study who followed a high-fat, Mediterranean diet that was rich in either olive oil or nuts lost more weight and reduced their waist circumference more than the people in the study who were simply instructed to reduce their fat intake, according to the study.The findings of the new study show, on the other hand, that a diet rich in dietary fats and vegetables, such as the Mediterranean diet, does not promote weight gain, Estruch said.Both olive oil and nuts contain relatively high amounts of fat, but the fat in them is primarily monounsaturated fat, which is thought to be better for health than the saturated fat found in animal-based foods such as meat and cheese.The researchers found that after five years, the people in the olive oil group had lost a small but statistically significant amount of weight, compared to the control group: The people in the olive oil group lost about 1 lb.In addition, both the olive oil and nut groups experienced slight reductions in their waist circumferences compared to the control group, according to the study.
More than one third of all women who give birth to children in Sweden is overweight or suffering from obesity.A new study has been performed at Karolinska institutet to further examine the relationship between weight gain and complications of the newborn child, writes the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet.the Results show that the risk of including syrebristrelaterade damage in newborn babies increase more in the cases where the mother at her first pregnancy has a normal weight, a BMI under 25 , then go up in weight to face the other.Of mothers who are already overweight before the first pregnancy and is increasing in importance in the face of the other, the risk is lower. "Our main message is that one should try to aim for a normal weight before each pregnancy," says researcher Martina Persson to the newspaper.Get the news you are going to talk about in your facebook feed — like Metro Sweden
Celebrities, they re just like us.Guns n Roses frontman Axl Rose has filed DMCA requests to Google demanding that unflattering photos of him being fat-shamed in a meme be taken offline.When Google receives requests for content to be taken down, it sends them to the Lumen Database at Harvard University for publication.It has since turned into a meme where users add slabs of Guns n Roses lyrics onto the image, with slight changes to poke fun at the singer s weight gain through the years.The only way celebrities get past embarrassing moments is to embrace and own it.Read next: 3 things you should consider before building a business app
McDonald's Show some restraint, America.That's the message the Mars candy company of all possible groups may soon spread.Or a Dairy Queen and ask for an M "Blizzard."Here's the logic behind a candy company claiming it can help cut sugar intake.Stir in a serving of M, with their 7.5 teaspoons of sugar, and the total sugar in that one treat exceeds the maximum 12.5 teaspoons of sugar that WHO recommended for your whole day.And as we've reported before on Tech Insider, too much sugar can have devastating effects on your body, including but not limited to :cavities as any dentist will tell you weight gain and obesity diabetes liver failure kidney failure increased risk of multiple types of cancer All of this makes it hard to know how to think about this possible Mars move.
Americans will soon start seeing calorie labels on many beer bottles and cans, thanks to new guidelines from the beer industry.Some of the biggest U.S. beer companies have agreed to list the number of calories, along with other nutritional information about their products, on their labels, according to a statement from the Beer Institute, a trade association of companies.Companies that have agreed to the new guidelines which are voluntary include Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Heineken USA, Constellation Brands Beer Division, North American Breweries and Craft Brew Alliance, which together produce more than 80 percent of the beer sold in the U.S., the statement said.Americans have long been able to check labels or menus to find out how many calories are in their Starbucks latte or can of Coke, but many alcoholic beverage manufacturers aren't required to list nutritional information on their products, due to differences in the way that alcohol products are regulated.Public health advocates have said that this is problematic, because calories in alcoholic beverages can contribute to weight gain."Alcohol can be a major source of calories for many Americans, and the absence of calorie labeling on cans and bottles has helped obscure that," Michael Jacobson, president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy organization, said in a statement.
In theory, smartphones are some of the most fitness-friendly tech, because they re portable and can be used while walking, running, or working out.In practice, smartphones are probably at least partially responsible for the rise of obesity in the U.S. Studies even show that phone usage is linked to lack of cardio respiratory fitness, i.e.the more you use your phone, the less likely you are to be in shape.Face it: Your smartphone is not a good workout buddy if anything, it s an enabler .Forget distracted walking, distracted eating is the real problem.You can order food in seconds
In today s wearables-obsessed tech environment, there are devices to help you lose weight, gain sleep, and, now, get pregnant.Meet Ava and its Ava bracelet, a fertility-tracking wearable that wants to help women conceive.Branded as the first fertility-tracking device to identify a woman s most fertile days during her cycle in real time, this bracelet is constantly collecting data on your body, and promises to detect in advance an average of at least five fertile days per cycle without the hassle, messiness, and invasiveness of other methods like ovulation sticks and BBT thermometers.To take advantage of Ava s functionality, simply slap the bracelet on at night, and sync it with the companion app in the morning.In clinical studies, researchers found that this wearable was able to detect an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle for women with an accuracy rate of 89 percent.And this degree of confidence, experts say, could be a game-changer for those looking to start families.
Right now, you're using some form of mobile device or computer to read this article, and it's likely you rarely stop to put it down for more than a few hours – except when you re sleeping.According to a study by Nottingham Trent University, every day, the average person checks their smart device about 85 times and spends 5 hours browsing the web.We ask the experts about the common health complaints caused by over reliance on gadgetry.Remember the old saying that your eyes will go square if you stare at the television too much?Dr Colin Parsloe, who works at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, explains that devices like tablets and smartphones can cause dry eye symptoms and problems with blinking.He says: staring at computers, tablets and smartphones for too long results in lack of blinking and then dry eye symptoms.
Right now, you're using some form of mobile device or computer to read this article, and it's likely you rarely stop to put it down for more than a few hours – except when you re sleeping.According to a study by Nottingham Trent University, every day, the average person checks their smart device about 85 times and spends 5 hours browsing the web.We ask the experts about the common health complaints caused by over reliance on gadgetry.Remember the old saying that your eyes will go square if you stare at the television too much?Dr Colin Parsloe, who works at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, explains that devices like tablets and smartphones can cause dry eye symptoms and problems with blinking.He says: staring at computers, tablets and smartphones for too long results in lack of blinking and then dry eye symptoms.
When fall begins to pass into the short days and long nights of winter, millions of people will slide into a depression known as seasonal affective disorder SAD .They ll have difficulty sleeping, they ll feel lethargic and irritable, and they ll suffer weight gain as they begin craving starchy and sweet foods.Since the primary cause of SAD is thought to be reduced serotonin levels in the brain—a reaction to the reduction in sunlight—the conventional therapy has been for sufferers to sit in front of a bank of fluorescent white lights that mimic sunlight.As effective as this treatment can be, it s just not an enjoyable experience for the person being treated.A team of Massachusetts high-school students has come with an invention that could be even more effective because it feels less artificial.So Reid and a team of fellow students created the Life Light, a phototherapy light that looks like a normal window covering.
Eat small meals every few hours.Myth: Eat a Hearty Breakfast, First Thing in the MorningSorry, there s nothing special about eating breakfast.For years, people especially cereal marketing companies touted the benefits of breakfast because it supposedly kept you from overeating, jump-started your metabolism, or .A study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that most research on skipping breakfast and weight gain was conducted with the explicit intent to force that correlation.Similarly, the argument that school-age children who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight seems compelling, but the focus is more on the school s breakfast program and whether a child eats enough at home, rather than breakfast itself being some game-changer.
Just as the medical world finally announces an alternative to female contraception, men have decided that already, it s just not for them.Just so we re clear, they re talking about women being protected from THEIR own sperm.They ve pulled out of clinical trials after complaints about acne, low libido and pretty much all of the symptoms women have dealt with on hormonal contraception.Faced with what women have been dealing with since the average age of 16, they just couldn t hack it.Most women reading this will be infuriated with the hypocrisy and laziness displayed by these men.We were left to deal with huge weight gain, spots, and mood swings akin to some kind of horny, angry, swamp troll.
Speculation over North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's apparent weight gain has been a source of growing fascination in neighbouring China, where government censors have been blocking offending nicknames on social media.The terms "Kim the Fat" - and variations, such as "Kim Fat III" or "Kim Fatty III" - have appeared on social media sites throughout the year, particularly on China's most popular platform, Sina Weibo.But in response to unverified reports that North Korea had asked China to stamp out the abuse, Weibo users have been coming up with more creative names.The latest to appear online - and it doesn't translate easily - is "Kim III half-moon".The "third" in the title refers to the fact that his late father and his revered grandfather were also called Kim.The reported North Korean intervention has also peaked the interest of other users, with the various nicknames continuing to appear in the top 10 of censored searched terms on the platform, according to monitoring website Free Weibo.
gal Don't blame your lack of will power or poor time management skills for your inability to get stuff done.According to psychologist Tim Pychyl, a leading expert on procrastination from Carleton University, the fickle habitAt its heart, Pychyl tells Business Insider, procrastination is"We could both put something in our schedule, and then we get
The good news though, is that from now on we're going to get a bit more daylight every day.The Winter Solstace lasts 7 hours, 49 minutes, and 41 seconds in the UK, which is nearly 9 hours less than the longest day inIt happens when the Earth's tilt means that the North Pole is the furthest away from the Sun, giving us the least amount of
If the transition into 2017 has got you questioning your life choices and ever growing waistline, it's probably time to start working on that New Year's fitness plan.Don't worry though, your already Christmas-depleted bank balance doesn't need to take another hit by joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, with a couple of choice apps, that phone in your pocket is the only fitness accessory you a traditionally run tracker with a stomach-loosening difference - you're been chased by a hoard of the living dead.Pairing zombie noise with vocal guidance for your audio adventure, every ratting groan and guttural moan will be piped straight to your ear holes alongside upbeat tracks from your own playlist.With more than 200 missions to work your way though, you'll still be fleeing the undead come next New Years.Not afraid to call out your weight gain, it's an app that brings a comical take to the traditional 7-minute workout, filling your training sessions with exercises including Celebrity Face Punches, Mt.
When it comes to isolating weight loss or weight gain on different parts of your body, it s a lot more complex than just tracking a single number.ShapeScale, competing today on the TechCrunch CES Hardware Battlefield stage, is aiming to build a more visual way of tracking your fitness.The company s product, a connected smart scale, creates 3D scans of a user s body and tracks weight loss/gain and muscle definition.The companion app can then help you visualize progress over time and create heat maps of areas of your body where you ve had success or need a little help in the fitness department.From here the app delves into goal setting, allowing you to see how targeting specific areas of your body will improve your overall physique.If you want to, say, grow the mass in your biceps 5 percent while taking 10 percent off your belly, then the ShapeScale app can help you identify whether you re making progress with your current diet and workout regiment.