Most ebikes are just too big. At least, that’s how I always feel whenever I get a new ebike to review. They arrive in a giant box, take up too much space in a small Brooklyn apartment, and are a pain to maneuver around narrow hallways. This is compounded by the fact many ebikes under $2,000 weigh over 60 pounds, at least if you want decent battery capacity and powerful motor. Mind you, I’m 6 feet tall, so it’s not that I need a smaller bike. I just appreciate the practicality. That’s why I’ve come to love Ariel Rider‘s M-Class, a… This story continues at The Next Web
Shroud is going back to the platform that made him famous
Dell’s Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise is a premium PC that packs performance and features.
Scientists are attributing the mysterious bright spots on Ceres to a gigantic reservoir of salty water beneath its crust.
Home secretary Priti Patel has engaged in a war of words with an ice-cream manufacturer over the controversy surrounding migrants crossing the English Channel.More than 4,000 migrants have made the dangerous voyage across the world’s busiest shipping lane this year, with at least 597 arriving between Thursday and Sunday.The surge has been seized on by the media, which has sent reporters out to the Channel to monitor the crossings, with some receiving criticism for the tone of their coverage and accusing them of “voyeurism”. It follows Patel deploying the navy and a campaign by ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage highlighting the “invasion”.On Tuesday, the official Ben and Jerry’s UK Twitter account posted a series of tweets tagging the home secretary, which began: “Hey @PritiPatel, we think the real crisis is our lack of humanity for people fleeing war, climate change and torture.” Hey @PritiPatel we think the real crisis is our lack of humanity for people fleeing war, climate change and torture. We pulled together a thread for you..— Ben & Jerry's UK (@benandjerrysUK) August 11, 2020 The ice cream maker also cited a HuffPost UK report that revealed the UK hasn’t resettled any refugees since March, despite the fact that “wars and violence continue”, it added.“What we need is more safe and legal route,” said Ben and Jerry’s. It continued by insisting that “stronger borders aren’t the answer” and urged ministers to talk to “expert organisations”, including charity Refugee Action.The thread ends: “Let’s remember we’re all human and have the same rights to life regardless of the country we happen to have been born in. “And once more for the back: PEOPLE CANNOT BE ILLEGAL.”In response to the thread, the BBC reported a “source” close to Patel branding the firm’s product as “overpriced junk food”. OOOF! Home Office source: “Priti is working day&night to bring an end to these small boat crossings, which are facilitated by international criminal gangs&are of serious concern. If that means upsetting the social media team for a brand of overpriced junk food then so be it.”— Chris Mason (@ChrisMasonBBC) August 11, 2020 The Home Office source told the BBC: “Priti is working day and night to bring and end to these small boat crossings, which are facilitated by international criminal gangs and are rightly of serious concern to the British people.“If that means upsetting the social media team for a brand of overpriced junk food, then so be it.”Ben and Jerry’s was founded in 1978 by best friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in Vermont, US, and was bought by multinational company Unilever in 2000.Immigration minister Chris Philp on Tuesday promised a “new, comprehensive action plan” to stem the latest surge in migrant Channel crossings after talks with French officials.Philp and newly-appointed clandestine channel threat commander Dan O’Mahoney travelled to Paris on Tuesday to seek stronger enforcement measures.It comes as lawyers representing asylum seekers who arrived in the UK by crossing the Channel on small boats launched legal action to halt their deportation, which is due to take place on Wednesday.Related... Using Navy To Stop Migrants Crossing The Channel Would Be 'Unlawful And Dangerous', Amnesty Warns Refugee Resettlement Scheme Still Closed Despite Record Channel Crossings Priti Patel Accused Of 'Sabre-Rattling' Over Reports Navy Could Turn Back Migrant Boats
In-depth dive into protocols exposing countless gadgets to miscreants DEF CON  More than 3.7 million. That's the latest number of surveillance cameras, baby monitors, doorbells with webcams, and other internet-connected devices found left open to hijackers via two insecure communications protocols globally, we're told.…
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In the images leaked today, the Microsoft Surface Duo was shown from several angles along with likely accessories and/or in-box peripherals. The Microsoft Surface Duo device is Microsoft’s next big product running Android. It folds up like a notebook, but where a keyboard and touchpad would normally be, this machine has a second display. The Microsoft Surface Duo is shown … Continue reading
Use of the tech needs to be narrower to conform to human rights law, court held.
Monosodium glutamate, a food additive most commonly known as MSG, has been a controversial ingredient for decades, with some claiming an allergy to it that results in headaches or other issues — something that may be, in fact, simply a sensitivity to the additive when consumed in high doses. Regardless, the ingredient is still commonly used in many food products … Continue reading
However, there are concerns over whether its creators have sidestepped safety protocols in order to rush distribution.
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NHTSA will evaluate the cause of multiple interior fires in the minivans, which could result in a recall.
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The Democratic challenger makes good on his promise to choose a woman as his VP running mate. Here's how that could affect the technology industry.
Gutted Sears, JC Penney locations could become 'fulfillment centers' Amazon is reportedly in talks with realtors to buy and remake the US locations of bankrupt Sears and JC Penney into Amazon fulfillment centers.…
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Looking for the best camera for making YouTube videos, without breaking the bank? This could be it.
Move would bring Amazon in line with Apple Music and Spotify as it ramps up growth
Just over two years after it first started hunting for new exoplanets, NASA’s TESS has completed its primary mission – now, it’s on to the next. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite only began snapping images of the galaxy back in August 2018, and now NASA has a huge database of high-resolution imaging of distant stars. It’s not just fodder for … Continue reading
It looks like Xbox Series X is going to be launching without its biggest franchise in tow. Today, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced that Halo Infinite has been delayed. Originally slated to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X (and release on the Xbox One simultaneously, for that matter), Halo Infinite now won’t be launching until sometime in … Continue reading
A cable broke and tore a hole in the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico on Monday. The telescope had just reopened to study a potentially dangerous asteroid, shortly after Tropical Storm Isaias passed over the island. It's unclear why the cable broke, but the facility is closed again as engineers assess the damage. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One of the world's most prominent astronomical observatories has a hole. On Monday, a 3-inch-thick cable at the Arecibo Observatory broke, tearing a gash 100 feet long in the reflector dish of the 20-acre radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The observatory had just reopened after a temporary closure due to Tropical Storm Isaias when the cable, which helped support a metal platform, snapped at about 2:45 a.m. ET. Now the facility is closed again as engineers assess the damage, according to the University of Central Florida, a co-operator of the telescope. It was not immediately clear how the cable broke or whether the damage was related to Isaias. Astronomers use the telescope to study hazardous asteroids as they fly past Earth, in hopes of identifying space rocks on a collusion course early enough to intervene before they strike. Scientists have also used Arecibo to search for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life. In 1974, Arecibo beamed out the most powerful broadcast Earth has ever sent to communicate with potential aliens. Then in 2016, the telescope detected the first repeating fast radio bursts — mysterious space signals of unknown origin.  The cable's fall also damaged six to eight panels in the telescope's Gregorian Dome: the part that focuses its radiation to the points in space that astronomers want to study. It twisted the platform used to access the dome as well. "We have a team of experts assessing the situation," Francisco Cordova, the director of the observatory, said in a statement. "Our focus is assuring the safety of our staff, protecting the facilities and equipment, and restoring the facility to full operations as soon as possible, so it can continue to assist scientists around the world." Tropical Storm Isaias passed over Puerto Rico on July 30, before it developed into a hurricane, leading observatory operators to shutter the facility for a few days. They turned it back on earlier this month to study a potentially dangerous asteroid the size of five football fields, which was passing Earth at an optimal distance for the observatory to check it out. NASA had previously calculated a 1 in 70,000 chance that the space rock could impact our planet between 2086 and 2101, so astronomers wanted to track it more closely to better calculate the odds of an impact. But when a team at Arecibo trained the telescope at the asteroid to determine its shape and orbit, they discovered that it likely won't pass close enough to Earth to pose a threat in the future. During those observations, the telescope was functioning well. "Fortunately, the storm passed quickly without damage to the telescope or the radar system, and the maintenance and electronics teams were able to activate the telescope from hurricane lockdown in time for the observations," Sean Marshall, an observatory scientist who led the team doing those radar observations, said at the time.SEE ALSO: A handful of new telescopes are about to transform the hunt for alien life and our understanding of the universe itself DON'T MISS: SpaceX and NASA plan to launch astronauts on the Crew Dragon spaceship again next month, with at least 4 major changes Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Here's how astronomers took the first image of a black hole that's located 55 million light years away
Only a handful of countries (Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, and China) have nation-wide earthquake early-warning systems. Isn’t that weird? Many other countries have alert systems in place for certain portions of the population but a significant portion of the estimated 2.7 billion people who live in daily risk of experiencing a dangerous earthquake remain uncovered. IBM Developer Advocate Pedro Cruz in a recent interview said: In early January, the largest earthquake I’ve ever felt hit Puerto Rico, a 6.4 magnitude. While some cities are equipped to face earthquakes, Puerto Rico’s island infrastructure and construction woes make our local community fearful of… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: IBM
Available in four colors, these snazzy cases also include a clip for easier transport.
Pinterest's high-profile former COO Françoise Brougher has filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the company, New York Times' Erin Griffith reports. The lawsuit explains why Brougher left the company suddenly in April without explanation after two years in the No. 2 role. The suit comes after the explosive exit of two Black Pinterest employees, Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks, and Business Insider's full investigative report. Read the full story: Former Pinterest employees describe a traumatic workplace where managers humiliate employees until they cry, Black people feel alienated, and the toxic culture 'eats away at your soul' Pinterest's high-profile former COO Françoise Brougher has filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit explains why Brougher left the company suddenly in April without explanation after two years in the No. 2 role. Brougher says in the suit that she was fired after she had a heated exchange with Pinterest's chief financial officer, Todd Morgenfeld, after he allegedly made disparaging comments about her in front of peers and gave her feedback that she viewed as sexist, complaining she wasn't "collaborative enough," the lawsuit claims.   "I believed Pinterest would judge me based on my job performance. But instead I was treated unfairly because of my gender," Brougher said in a statement emailed to Business Insider. She also claims that she was left out of important meetings, not invited to go on the corporate road show in the runup to Pinterest's IPO in 2019, and that she discovered she was paid less than the male executives only after the company filed paperwork to go public. (Although she was the COO, Pinterest did not reveal her salary in its prospectus documents.) And she said that, unlike her male peers, her stock options were backloaded, meaning most of them vested over the last two years of a four-year vesting schedule. She said that after she complained, the company adjusted her compensation.  Brougher says she complained about Morgenfeld's comments to the head of human resources and to CEO Ben Silbermann, and Silbermann fired her over a video call. She says she was asked to announce her departure to the staff as a resignation and she refused. Prior to Pinterest, Brougher was well-known in the tech industry for her executives roles at Charles Schwab, Google and Square. "I'm speaking out because I want to be part of the hard work of dismantling systems of gender bias that punish women for the type of strong leadership rewarded in men and that impedes female leaders' ability to be successful," Brougher said in her statement. Pinterest did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment but told the New York Times it was reviewing the lawsuit, a company spokesperson said. "Our employees are incredibly important to us," the spokesperson said. This lawsuit comes after the explosive exit of two Black Pinterest employees, Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks, Pinterest's former managers of Public Policy & Social Impact. After the two publicly quit in May, they discussed their struggles with the company with Business Insider from fighting for pay, to fielding internet threats. Business Insider talked to nearly a dozen former employees who described being fired or "pushed out" of the company with no real explanation, managers that humiliated employees until they cried, and the particular alienation that Black people felt, the company. Since then, the CEO of the company, Ben Silbermann, has apologized and has promised to conduct a full investigation into its culture and policies. Now read: Former Pinterest employees describe a traumatic workplace where managers humiliate employees until they cry, Black people feel alienated, and the toxic culture 'eats away at your soul' The inside story of Pinterest's toxic workplace that caused CEO Ben Silbermann to admit to employees, 'I'm embarrassed' The two Black employees who took on Pinterest explain why they quit, their fight for pay, the death threats, the private investigator: 'It was a torturous experience'   SEE ALSO: The 17 major IT certifications that you can take to help you land a gig that pays over $100,000 Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why thoroughbred horse semen is the world's most expensive liquid
Judges are still split on whether or not forced access is constitutional.