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Because of the Halloween event, developers have offered the feature of wearing Pumpkin Head during the match.Indeed, cosmetics are usually equipped before the match, but developers have made some changes to the Halloween event.However, fans are slightly disappointed that the Pumpkin head is only available for a limited time.Despite being a limited item, finding Pumpkin Head is fairly simple, and it can be burst into flames as well.To burst flames out of Pumpkin’s head, all you need is a skill, ammo, and some luck.To get Pumpkin head in Call of Duty: Mode rn Warfare, players have to eliminate three opponents in a single life.Players need to eliminate a total of 10 opponents to ignite the Pumpkin head.
In the game, the spawn rate of villains and hero presence on the radar has increased.From the reports, it has been confirmed that new pumpkin spice will come up along with the Halloween themed-event.The newest feature that Epic Games has added to the game is Shadows.The Shadow concept is not new in the Fortnite game.Fortnite had this feature in the Chapter 1 Season 6 Battle Pass.In the following season, players had the task of locating the Shadow Stones on the map.While being in Shadow form, players obtain special abilities like they run faster, no fall damage, invisible while standing still, and jump higher.
 Days Gone is packed with plenty of challenges, and the most challenging thing comes when the giant hordes chase players to get their meal.In the game, players have to survive the zombie attacks with strategy, skills, and essential items.If you are new or don’t have enough experience, then here is the guide you need to follow to take down the hordes.Fight Hordes During the DayThe first thing you need to remember while facing the hordes is always fighting against them in the daytime.Usually, hordes sleep during the day, so you’ll face less number of them.Once you’re in the hiding spot, you can throw the explosives on them and take down a lot of them in a few attempts.However, you need to take chances and make sure not to get their attention.
In the game, candies are scattered throughout the map, and players who usually don’t take an interest in weekly challenges, are now excited to find these sweet candies.These candies are exciting because they just don’t offer shield or restore health but offer some incredible abilities, according to the consumer.Epic Games has added plenty of challenges this week.Every challenge looks new and interesting, and a certain challenge asks the players to eat 25 candies.By finding rare candies, players can earn some valuable rewards as well.Among the wide range of candies, some offer jump abilities, and some boost the speed.Apart from the gifts, candies are available on almost every side of the map.The Marvel-themed event is not over yet, but Dr. Doom is getting a break for the decorations.
The iPad is an advanced gadget, and there is everything on this device that can get things done effortlessly for you.Split View saves a lot of effort and time that goes into switching between two different apps, and with Split View, you can get done with things in less time and in a more effortless way.The process of switching to Split View on your iPad is easy, but it can look a bit difficult if you are trying it for the first time, so we have got you covered.The next step to follow is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your iPad, and it will open the Dock.You will see several apps appearing in the Dock, but you have to find the one you want to use in Split View.After finding the app that you want to see on the corner of the screen, touch on the app, hold it, and drag it to the left or right of your screen towards the edge.
To hack a Linux computer is nearly an impossible task.It is considered to be the most flexible operating system.If you are looking to buy a Linux laptop, you should look for “GeForce GTX 980 Ti Linux support.” It will ensure that your system is compatible with Linux.You can also find out your laptop’s compatibility status by typing the model number of your laptop along with the phrase “Linux support” on Google search, and your job will be done.Here are some of the best Linux laptops available in the market.Dell XPS 15 9500 Laptop B0897WZSZ6Dell XPS 15 9500 is an excellent and powerful laptop highly designed for Linux operating system.It also features a fingerprint sensor on the power button so that you can log in quickly.Lambda Tensorbook Laptop B08FXYQHKLLambda Tensorbook is an inexpensive and powerful laptop designed for both Windows and Linux operating systems.It allows you to install some of the most useful frameworks based on Machine Learning like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and more with Lambda Stack AI software that is pre-installed in this laptop.
Over the years, many video-on-demand streaming platforms have successfully made their way to everyone’s houses.Fortunately, Spanish TV has also become affordable and easily accessible due to the streaming platforms.You even have the option to choose between paid and free plans.If you want to watch some Spanish shows, movies, news, etc., these are the following platforms you should subscribe to:PeacockPeacock is a streaming service app by NBC Universal.It mainly focuses on providing the traditional TV browsing layout from where the users can find trending news clips, live streams, on-demand shows, and more.You can easily find Peacock on most streaming devices, except for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, and it is also available on iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox.You can stream content from your computer, phone, tablet, or TV without subscribing to the satellite TV plans.
It is one of the best ways to share a paper document digitally and quickly.In today’s digitalized world, a scanner plays a crucial role in making most of the office work paperless, reducing the use of paper, and saving a lot of time.A scanner can also make an old physical document readable within seconds.Raven Pro Document Scanner B087D498KRRaven Pro Document Scanner is a great digital scanner that takes significantly less space because of its compact size and can work even without using a computer.It can make the pages straight with the help of an automatic de-skewing feature.It is also capable of detecting the colors automatically.
Here are some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.JBL Flip 5JBL Flip 5 is an excellent waterproof Bluetooth speaker available in the market.It has a wide variety of colors and delivers excellent sound quality.You can buy this powerful Bluetooth speaker for USD 120.Bose Soundlink ColorBose Soundlink Color is one of the best compact waterproof Bluetooth speakers.It comes in six different colors and has a playtime of eight hours on a fully charged battery.You can get this waterproof Bluetooth speaker for USD 130.COMISO Mini Pocket SpeakerThe COMISO Mini Pocket Speaker is another excellent waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can deliver great sound quality.It comes with IPX5-level waterproofing and produces 5W sound.
 Bullet hell games are a pretty unique gaming subgenre.Here are some awesome bullet hell games that you can play on your Android device.AirAttack 2AirAttack 2 is quite a decent bullet hell game that contains a survival mission, 22 campaign missions, five different planes to play with, and good looking 3D graphics.Bullet Hell Monday SeriesBullet Hell Monday is one of the best games in this genre, and there are three games in the series, including Bullet Hell Monday Black, Bullet Hell Monday Finale, and the original Bullet Hell Monday.All the games in the series have retro-style graphics and many bullet hell actions, various chapters to play through, simple controls, and multiple upgrades to unlock.You just have to dodge the bullets to move to the next level of the game.The game is very easy to play and is available for free; it even offers a premium version for $2.49.ShooMachiShooMachi is a pretty decent vertical shooter bullet hell game that does not take place in the sky but on the ground.
There can be thousands of reasons due to which your computer or Windows might not boot.But luckily there are few things that we can do to fix this problem.So, let us learn about these tips in detail.Here’s how you can fix your Windows computer system.Check Your Power CableIf your Windows is not booting, then the first thing you should do is check the power cable of your computer system.Because if it is not connected correctly or is broken, then your system might not receive adequate electricity to function correctly, due to which your Windows might not boot.If it is broken, your computer might not receive adequate electricity from the power outlet due to which your computer might not function properly may start to misbehave.If it is on, then there might be some problem with your computer’s power button, and you must get it repaired by an expert.Use Beep and Post CodesIf your computer is not booting, then this might be due to hardware issues or hardware failure, and by using Beep and Post codes, we can easily find out why our computer is not booting.
Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also one of the most popular and commonly used social networking platforms among millions of users worldwide.Creating an account on any social networking platform is easy, and that goes with Twitter.And here, in the following article, we will get you the ways to do so.Twitter is considered a microblogging platform, and it enables the users to send and receive posts with 140 characters, and those posts are called tweets.That username appears in your profile URL, and you use it for several other purposes as well, like for sending and receiving posts and direct messages.Here, we have mentioned the procedure for all the devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.So, now let’s see what you need to do to change your Twitter username:The Steps to Change the Twitter Username on Android devicesIf you use an Android device and want to change your Twitter username, then please follow the below-mentioned steps:To change your Twitter username on any of your Android devices, you will first have to open the app on your device.
Apple has recently unveiled the new iPhone 12 during their virtual event.So, let’s get started and learn about these spectacular smartphones in more detail.Google Pixel 4a 5G (Price: $499)Google Pixel 4a 5G is a fantastic mid-range smartphone that has lots of great features in it.The phone comes with a price tag of $ 499 and runs on Android 11 and Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G chipset.Overall, it is a great device that can make you fall in love with it.Motorola One 5G (Price: $444.99)Motorola One 5G features a 6.7-inch LTPS IPS LCD display (Gorilla Glass 5) with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.The phone has a  quad-camera setup  (48 MP, 8 MP, 5MP, 2MP) on the backside and a dual-camera setup on the front side (16 MP, 8MP).The phone comes with a price of $444.99 and runs on Android 10 and Qualcomm SDM76 Snapdragon 765 chipset.Samsung Galaxy A51 5G (Price: $324.99)Samsung Galaxy A51 is another great smartphone that features a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display.
We all have lots of old gadgets like mobiles, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, etc.Keeping this in mind today, we are sharing with you five innovative ideas that you can use to make your old gadgets useful again.So, let’s get started.Use Your Old Smartphone or Tablet as a Security CameraThe very first thing that you can do with your old smartphone or tablet is to use it as a security camera that will allow you to monitor and track activities that are going on inside of your home when you are not there or are out of town.Use Your Old Phone or Tablet as a Media RemoteYou can also do with your old smartphone or tablet instead of throwing them away to use them as a media remote/hub.For example, you can use your iPad with your Apple TV to stream your favorite show or movie.Similarly, if you have a chromecast dongle, then you can use your Android smartphone or tablet with it to stream your favorite song from YouTube Music or your Spotify playlist.Use Your Old Laptop as a Storage Device or Media CenterIf you have recently bought a new laptop for yourself, then you can use your old laptop as a storage device and store your videos, music, pictures, files, etc.
Apple doesn’t offer too many laptops, but still, it is not easy to pick one.So, if you are thinking of switching from Windows or just want to upgrade your system, here are some recommendations for amazing Apple laptops that you can buy right now.You can purchase it for $2,399 if you don’t need optional improvements.The laptop’s base version offers you a 9th-gen Intel Core i7 processor along with 512GB of storage and the latest Magic Keyboard with scissor switches.The Core i7 gives you a standard speed of 2.6GHz along with 4.5GHz turbo speeds for a little extra power.It comes in Silver as well as Space Grey colors.MacBook Pro (13-inch)This one also comes with the new Magic Keyboard and four Thunderbolt 3 ports.The base version of the device features 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, but you can upgrade it to 32GB and 4TB, respectively.
 A vast number of announcements have been made for smart-home owners within a couple of weeks.In the previous month, Amazon had revealed its range of new speakers and displays equipped with a smart assistant.The gadget is now available for sale.Lenovo’s latest smart product not only uses Google Assistant like Nest Audio but also has a comparatively smarter display that shows you about the day, time, and temperature.This price is comparatively cheaper than Amazon’s Echo Dot with Clock.It offers full voice support with built-in Google Assistant.It has an ambient light sensor that helps you view the on-screen details from any desired angle or brightness.You can set the alarms either with a voice assistant or manually by using the keys present there.
Even though this conclusion is wrong, it won’t be right to blame anyone for thinking that.It is quite easy to find a number of similarities in the otherwise contrasting worlds if one looks closely.Both deal with the complexities of human relationships and morality, which sometimes takes a very dark turn.The Legend of Korra and Dark Knight Rises both have antagonists who have their complicated moral code, which has evolved from their experiences throughout their lifetime.They also make a public appearance to address the masses – Zaheer over the PSA system and Bane – at the football game.Zaheer also killed Earth queen while Bane killed the neutron bomb’s inventor, both of whom were important characters.
Due to the increasing attention on photography in the last few years, Apple has mainly focused on the iPhone 12 lineup camera and its powerful A14 Bionic processor chip.The new iPhone 12 comes with an improved camera technology along with the latest 5G connectivity.It also comes with the fastest mobile phone processor ever by Apple.If we talk about the camera features of the four newest smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 12 has an identical camera to the iPhone 12 mini.On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max share similar features in the camera area and are equipped with a more advanced set of features.Each phone has more capabilities as they can capture better pictures and also have the ability to record better videos.The ultra-wide camera has the same previous generation’s lens as well as the sensor but with faster processing due to Apple’s powerful A14 processor, which enables the camera to show brighter images, even in the dim-lighting situation.
The time in which we are living is full of artificial-intelligence-based technology.It has provided us several awe-inspiring innovations, including voice assistants.Amazon provides Alexa, Apple provides Siri, Microsoft provides Cortana, and Google provides Google Assistant.Have you ever noticed that most voice assistants have a human name, but we see a robotic name- “Google Assistant” when it comes to Google.Whenever you need Google’s voice assistant, you have to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google,” which might seem a little boring.You may want to change the default “Hey Google” command to something else.In this guide, we are going to change the old-school “Hey Google” command to something that would feel cool.Changing OK Google to Something Else- A Step-by-Step GuideWhile there is no official method to change this old-school command, we still have some smart ways to use our own voice command to wake up Google Assistant when needed.Therefore, if you want to use something else instead of Hey Google for your Google Assistant, please follow the instructions given here carefully:    First and foremost, make sure you have installed the latest Google Assistant version on your Android phone or tablet.In order to use the Open Mic+ application on your device, you first need to disable the hot word recognition feature in Google.To do so, first, disable your Google Assistant.
Do you want to host or join parties on your PS4 gaming console? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Joining or creating a party on PS4 is one of the best features that we can use in the console right now. Worry not, as we are here to help you out. In the main menu, you should see the Party icon on the top. So if you want to invite a person that hasn’t started a conversation with you on PS4 yet, you must start a conversation with them first.