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What happens in the moringa?Moringa contains several safe compounds, like:A-VitaminVitamin (thiamine) B1B2 (riflovine)Niacin (B3), B-6The ascorbic acid and folate (vitamin C)Calcium VirusCaliforniaIronworksMagnesium alloyPHOSPHOSEZinc-ZincThis is relatively low in fats and does not contain unhealthy cholesterol.What are the advantages?It is believed that Moringa has many benefits and its uses range from health and beauty to help prevent and cure diseases.Moringa's perks include:Protects and nourishes hair and skinMoringa seed oil is helpful to protect the hair from free radicals and keeps it safe and clean.Moringa also contains protein which helps to protect skin cells against damage.It also contains elements that hydrate and detoxify, which also boosts skin and hair.And this is the reason people opt for moringa oil natural hair.Dealing with edemaEdema is a debilitating disease in which fluid occurs in the body's different tissues.Moringa's anti-inflammatory properties can be effective in preventing developing edema.Protecting the liverMoringa helps to shield the liver from damage caused by anti-tubercular drugs, which can improve its cycle of repair.Preventing cancer and its diagnosisMoringa extracts contain properties that could help prevent the development of cancer.