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David Berkowitz is a serial marketer, where marketing meets tech, innovation meets scale, and strategy meets execution. You need the best for your marketing.

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You may log into the web-based configuration utility on the D-Link DAP-1520 to perform the following tasks:* Begin the Setup Wizard* Upgrade firmware* Modify wireless and network settings1.Plug the DAP-1520 into an available outlet near your router.Choose the option to connect.Wi-Fi Network NameInput the following details (from the Wi Fi Configuration Card).Password.3.Open an internet browser that you can use, like Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari, Safari, Chrome, or Chrome.http://dlinkap.local./.You can also input the IP address* of the DAP-1520.Note:If you're logging in for the first time on the DAP-1520, it will take you to the Setup Wizard.
Now connect your system to the WiFi network (typically a laptop/computer) that has a name, (SSID), associated with 'DXXX5GHz.There is no need to ask for a password, security key, or any other security information as this is the first attempt at connecting to the network.Here click on the "Setup" tab.Select "Extend an established wireless network" from the menu.You can now choose the wireless connection from all available networks that matches the Wi-Fi router.Once it is done, enter your password and click the Next button.
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