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Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011.

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At Yelowsoft, our team is highly dedicated to achieve excellence in all the work that we do.We have achieved excellence in all our works in the past by continuously reinventing ourselves.This continuous process of reinvention has now become our trademark.Continuing the same habit of reinvention and innovation we have now come up with all-new version update of our taxi solution.This newer version update makes our taxi solution fast, improved, efficient and advanced.So, what is this newer version all about?Let’s have a look.Why did we move to the newer version update?The main reason for moving to the newer version update was to achieve faster speed and to make our solution more robust and advanced.
We are living in the digital age where everything is accessible at the few taps of our phone.This has been made possible with the help of on-demand services that have replaced almost all the traditional businesses of several industry verticals.The parcel delivery industry is no exception.Over the years, parcel delivery companies had to up their game to offer lightning-fast parcel delivery services to their customers.Furthermore, with COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive surge in the number of people using these services.That’s the reason why this is the best time for anyone to come up with an on-demand parcel delivery solution.In this article we will discuss the market size of parcel delivery, its importance, business models, and its must have features.
We are living in a digital age where we can have almost anything by just making a few taps on our phone.On-demand delivery services have certainly increased our appetite for instant gratification even for the things which are not needed on an instant basis.But what about the things which are sometimes needed on an instant basis?Shouldn’t they be available at our fingertips?We all can agree that medicines are one of the most important things that all of us require at some point in time.Especially, a patient suffering from a serious condition needs it on an emergency basis.However, due to increased demands we have to face a lot of hassles for buying medicines.For an instance, we have to wait in a never-ending queue at the pharmacy only to find out that the required drug is not available.Over the years, on-demand medicine delivery apps have emerged as the perfect solution to overcome all the above-mentioned hassles.
AboutGotta Go is one of the most prominent and oldest taxi services in Bermuda.It’s operational in the island for more than 40 years.They have a team of drivers who are safe, friendly, and professional.Apart from driving customers from one place to other, these drivers also provide riders with their insights about the island which includes its people, culture, features, and suggestions for best places to visit and eat.Gotta Go boasts with a fleet that has more than 200 cabs which are air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible.Furthermore, they have access to more than 400 vehicles across the island which also includes Minibuses, Limos, boats, and trucks.This variety in their fleet enables them to accommodate a group of any size easily.Gotta Go is everyone’s first choice in Bermuda whether they want to catch an early flight or need a cab to reach a hotel, meeting, dinner, or home at the time.
The ride-hailing industry has come a long way.Only in the span of 10 years, we witnessed its massive growth and more importantly rapid adoption by the customers.Uber and Lyft’s success in the US sowed the seeds for an industry which is now expected to reach the market size of $218 billion by the year 2025.The formula of an app-based taxi business which worked wonders in the US has now spread to each and every corner of the world.If we look at its journey in the Western and Central Europe, then it’s quite fascinating too.The Central and Western European region consists of 13 countries which are: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Monaco, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Hungary.In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the ride-hailing market trends, big players, and important events related to ride-hailing businesses in Central and Western Europe.
The rise of the Uber was pivotal in modern times, especially for all the businesses.It’s because it not only disrupted the taxi industry but also laid a platform in the form of an on-demand economy for other entrepreneurs to disrupt several industry verticals.Freight or trucking industry is also among those industry verticals which has undergone tremendous change due to the Uberization.Today, Freight or truck industry in the US is worth approx.Trucks are the most preferred mode of transporting cargo as 84% of the total freight spending is done just on trucks.By the year 2027, the amount of cargo moved by the trucking industry will be 27%.ATA has also estimated that the total freight tonnage will increase by 35% between 2016 and 2027.The above stats make one thing very clear that the trucking industry is booming.However, the real question arises is that how you can take the piece of this cake?
What comes to your mind first when you want to book a taxi ?If you are thinking about Uber, then you are right.As per statista, Uber has completed approximately 1.7 billion trips in the second quarter of 2020.A few years ago, no one would have imagined that the emergence of taxi-hailing apps will drastically change the scenario of taxi business markets.As per statista, the revenue in the ride-hailing markets will be $1,588.2 billion US dollar (approx.)From this, we can say that the taxi-hailing industry is going to witness an upheaval.That is why you need to create a robust app for your taxi business.Apart from giving a rich taxi-booking experience for your customers, a robust taxi dispatch solution can also reduce the time of your administrative tasks.
We at Yelowsoft believe in the mantra of indulging in continuous introspection and improvement to achieve perfection.Years of experience have made us realize that to remain relevant and future proof in a fickle and chaotic market; you must reinvent yourself from time to time.This is the reason why we have come up with so many changes and updates in our solutions over the years.Continuing that tradition, this time we have come up with a mega-update in the form a Super App.Yelowsoft has finally come with its own Super App which enables our client to offer multiple services from the same platform.Before we talk about Super App, let’s understand what Super App actually is?What is a Super App?Super App can also be termed as an umbrella app which consists of many apps within.Super App enables customers to access a number of diverse services from the same app.Chinese giants WeChat and AliPay popularized the concept of Super App.
IntroductionThe rise of Uber in 2009 has revolutionized the global taxi-hailing business.It allowed its customers to book a cab in a few clicks on their smartphones.As per statista, revenue in the ride-hailing segment will grow at approximately 461 million USD in 2020.From this, we can say that the taxi-hailing industry would be going to see massive growth.After witnessing a huge potential in the taxi-hailing business, various players are looking for creating the best ride-hailing solution for their startups.The ease of booking and enhanced passenger comfort is also the key reasons for this growth.Why is there a demand for ride-hailing businesses in the Middle East?Middle East countries have attracted the attention of the global ride-hailing industry due to its reputation of being a center of economic development.The tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in the Middle East.As per statista, the total contribution of the travel and tourism sector is estimated at around 486.1 billion US dollars (approx.)
AboutClick To Go is an advanced platform that bridges driving partners and users with the help of a mobile application.Click To Go offers top-notch ride-hailing services.Its application also offers its drivers with detailed reports and insights like income earned, hours travelled, kilometres travelled, etc.Click To Go leverages precision of technology along with the support of trained personnel to offer a reliable and safe service to its users via their intelligent interface that enables their drivers, sellers, and users to interact effectively.Apart from ride-hailing services, Click To Go also enables users to order items from the supermarket, instant food deliveries from the restaurants and many more.Click To Go has become a saviour for drivers who are looking to earn some extra money as it provides them with several users who wants to ride around or wants food to be delivered to their doorsteps.The ride-hailing market in Mexico has increased in the recent past similar to other countries of the Latin America region.If we look at the stats then according to Statista, the total amount of revenue in the ride-hailing industry is estimated to reach US$2,464m in 2020.READ MORE  : Yelowsoft delivers Super App to its Mexican client Click To Go
The ride-hailing industry is in the hibernating phase due to the COVID-19 impact.Nothing much has happened in the recent past except the adverse economic impact of COVID-19 on the ride-hailing industry.But even in such a phase, Uber managed to grab everyone’s attention with its latest acquisition of U.K based company – Autocab which is known for selling SaaS solutions to private hire and taxi companies.Till now, the price of the acquisition has not been disclosed.Moreover, Uber has also declined to comment on the terms of the deal.This acquisition move is a crucial one for Uber as it helps them to expand their operations’ footprint in the UK.It’s important to note that currently, Uber is operational in only 40 towns and cities.Most UK towns except London have the presence of independent private hire taxi firms.
COVID-19 pandemic is changing all our lives.This health catastrophe that has inflicted unimaginable destruction by causing the death of millions has also turned out to be a global economic disaster.This is mainly due to the preventive measures taken by authorities which include strict rules of social distancing and lockdowns that has adversely affected almost all the business sectors.However, even this gloomy scenario has a silver lining for a few businesses like on-demand grocery delivery and food delivery.There has been an unprecedented surge in the number of downloads of on-demand grocery apps around the world.As per Apptopia, grocery players in the US like Walmart Grocery, Shipt, and Instacart saw a surge in their daily downloads by 160%, 124%, and 218% respectively.
AboutThe black ride is one of the prominent ride-hailing services in Ghana.The black ride allows its passengers to ride in Ghana’s coolest cars by making requests via mobile apps or by simply making a phone call to their control centre.This service allows even those passengers to book a ride who don’t have the BR app on their phone.With the TBR app, the passengers can book both black rides as well as the regular clean taxis.Not only this, but the passengers can also schedule their ride for later dates too.The main objective of The Black Ride is to redefine the transport industry in Ghana with its advanced technology platform that connects drivers with riders in a clean and safe way.They believe that their venture would initiate a new professional environment which is the need of the hour in the country’s transportation industry.Moreover, they are also looking to generate employment for the people.
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unimaginable mayhem in most parts of the world.First, the obvious one is the massive number of loss of lives.And the second outcome is of its impact on world economics.COVID-19 has either slowed down or shut a huge number of businesses across the world.The fear of catching the virus has forced people to stay inside their houses.Moreover, the restrictions imposed by governments like lockdowns and curfew have also caused a massive impact on both small as well as big businesses.If we go industry-wise, then the magnitude of impact varies from one industry to another.Businesses that rely on more human contact are severely impacted.
Well known economist, E.F. Shumacher mentioned in his 1973 essay collection Small is Beautiful that “today, we suffer from an almost universal idolatry of gigantism.It is therefore necessary to insist on the virtues of smallness—where this applies.”Today, after almost four and a half decades later his words are truly put to practice with micromobility – a rapidly increasing transportation service which includes electric scooters, dockless and docked shared bicycles, e-bikes, electric skateboards, etc.The concept that was introduced to the market in the latter half of the 2010s has resonated with the needs of the consumers which is quite evident from the rapid adoption of micromobility in just a matter of few years.Micromobility is seen as an effective solution that can establish a better connection between people and public transport.This connect would reduce reliance on private vehicles and also help in reducing congestion in urban areas across the globe.Having said that, micromobility service like many other new entrants in a system is facing strong resistance and backlash both from the city governments and the e-scooter providers.In this article, we will discuss the evolution of micromobility.We’ll also discuss micromobility programs and the various steps taken by the micromobility program service providers.READ MORE  : Evolution of micro-mobility: From past to present 
AboutMyCar is a Malaysia-based e-hailing ride application that offers their riders with on-demand passenger transport services in 14 major cities of the country.MyCar is owned by the platform apps Sdn Bhd, which is a technology company founded by Mohd Noah Maideen.MyCar officially started its operations on February 2018.Today, there are around 113,800 drivers registered with MyCar, out of which 20% are women drivers.More than 2 million riders use MyCar’s services in a month.MyCar’s vision is to become the most preferred e-hailing service in the region with its most affordable transportation offerings.The traditional taxi services in Malaysia don’t have a good reputation.This is evident from the fact that the list of the world’s worst taxi drivers which was published by is primarily the reason why riders choose app-based ride-hailing options other than the traditional taxis.The market of ride-hailing in Malaysia is ever-increasing.
The food delivery businesses are booming across the world.Uber Eats, GrubHub, Swiggy, and other food delivery app’s success stories are a testimony to that fact.Well, the answer is quite simple.Food delivery apps offer quick, easy, and convenient food delivery option without much human interaction.It offers customers the luxury of ordering their favourite cuisines from their favourite restaurants by simply making a few taps on their smartphone.Well, that was from a customer’s perspective, but why one must build an on-demand food delivery app?The answer lies in the ever-increasing demand and popularity of on-demand food delivery applications.As per the eMarketer research, almost 23%of the US smartphones will be using applications for delivering food by the year 2023.
The delivery businesses are booming all across the world thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and tools that are enabling these businesses to offer rich customer experience along with pushing the delivery standards higher and higher.Most of you might have heard of on-demand deliveries.The food delivery businesses that satiate your hunger with instant delivery of your desired cuisines are an example of an on-demand delivery business where the food is delivered on your demand.Similarly, there are on-demand taxi booking services like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and many more which enables you to book a cab on your demand.In these businesses, the delivery person gets money for each delivery.These were the prime examples of on-demand deliveries.Then there few delivery businesses which don’t work on-demand business model.Ecommerce delivery is the best example of this type.
AboutSandra is a taxi application based in South Africa.Sandra’s aim is to emerge as the best local on-demand taxi app service that can offer the best customer service whether the customers are travelling alone, riding with someone, or making stops along their journey.According to the industry reports, around 70% to 80% of entire South Africa’s population is completely dependent on public transport for commutation and mobility purpose.The minibus taxi is the most chosen mode of transport by the South African population.That’s the reason why these minibus taxis have an annual turnover of between R60bn to R90bn.Sandra knows this fact very well and that’s why they want to offer a better alternative to the people of South Africa with their fast, affordable, and convenient on-demand taxi service.With Sandra, the users can book a ride immediately or can schedule it for later.Moreover, Sandra’s app also allows its riders to track their driver’s location, view ride history, and get fare estimation.With Sandra, customers can select any cab type of their choice from normal sedan to premium sedan or a minibus.
The taxi booking business has rapidly boomed in many countries of the African continent.Especially countries of the West African region have witnessed big taxi players like Uber expanding their business in the region.Moreover, it has also seen the emergence of local taxi startups that have done well in many countries of this region.The West African region consists of many countries like Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Togo, Saint Helena, Niger, Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Ghana, and Mali.In this article, we will focus on the latest developments taking place in the taxi booking industry in this region.We’ll see the taxi booking market stats, major players, and other major incidents that have shaped the taxi booking landscape in this region.Let’s have a glimpse of some taxi industry stats of this region.READ MORE  : Ride-hailing companies West Africa