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Pelican Drones is your one stop shop for full service aerial & drone photography and video production, drone sales and drone training in Destin,

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Drone Photography for a Professional PerspectiveThe art of photography and videography is literally taken to new heights by the use of drones, as they create new possibilities, in an easy and safe way, for photographers and videographers.Taking pictures from a higher perspective transforms simple pictures to remarkable pictures.Their built-in high-resolution cameras can rotate and swivel, allowing the photographer to shoot from several angles.Imagine, having the ability to reach and shoot, hard-to-reach areas easily; allows huge opportunities.Professional pictures help inspire creativity and uniqueness, allowing attractive marketing photographs for your upcoming projects.Specialized drone service companies not just take pictures, but also transform the pictures by editing and creating videos to improve your site listings.By showcasing your real estate projects from striking angles, you can attract potential clients.You can also show potential clients, if there are important services such as schools and hospitals near your location.Drones can also be used for aerial photography Destin, to monitor construction sites, track work progress and more.
Since the last few years, drone photography has gained immense popularity for the kind of pictures it offers.A quadcopter or a drone with an HD camera helps a professional photographer take brilliant aerial shots of places.Moreover, some travel bloggers can be seen around, using a drone to shoot and capture their travel memories.If you are planning to organize a big event and want to cover the footage of the entire program in the best possible way, then you must look for a professional drone photography Florida.It can be a smart move to hire the services of the experienced and professional to do the task.Well, if you consider some key points, choosing the best, can be much easier.Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best drone photography services:Go through the portfolioMany reputed companies which provide services for drone photography Panama City FL, will have a well-maintained portfolio of their work.It can either be a portfolio made specifically to show their clients or of their past work of any event.
Nowadays aerial photography and videography have become more innovative, affordable, convenient, portable and less intrusive than a manned helicopter with a film crew.With the advent of drone technology, this entire endeavor has become easy and affordable, particularly for the small business owners.For the best aerial videography, all you require is a multi-rotor drone armed with precise video making equipment.Drones can be beneficial in a number of ways.A lot of people in America and other parts of the world are embracing the concept of utilizing the drone services for the best effects.The demand of drone services is increasing with each passing year.Due to its innumerable benefits, many people are looking forward to own these unmanned aerial vehicles and bring about a revolutionary change in their lives.AffordableTo grab the attention of potential clients, an aerial video shot is the best way to go with.However, it was quite costly and beyond the reach of a common man a few years back.But with the evolution of Drone Videography Florida, you can achieve detailed aerial shots at an affordable price and within your budget.
Pelican Drones is your one stop shop for full service aerial & drone photography and video production, drone sales and drone training in Destin, Pensacola, Panama City, Mobile, Naples, Florida (FL), Alabama (AL).
Pelican Drones is a full service Drone Photography Mobile AL company.We are approved by the FAA for commercial use and fully insured.Please call before stoping by our office as we may be in the out flying.
Drones help you explore the areas where most helicopters and planes would not reach.They can take photographs just from 300 feet above the ground.Also, you can enjoy the services for a competitive price.Drones vs. HelicopterWith a drone, you can enjoy different aerial footages, as well as results.Drones are quieter than helicopters; they fly closer to the subjects and can be deployed faster in keeping with the weather, and need of filming.Obviously, it costs a fraction of what you need to pay for a helicopter.Services that you enjoyA premium Drone Photography provider in Florida can help you enjoy an array of useful services.They include, but do not remain confined to the following:360-degree photography: You will find this service handy for aerial panoramas, 3D virtual trips, ground-based panoramas, as well as for Google street view.Inspection for damages and monitoring for progress: You can use drone photography Florida for planning applications, roof, and building surveys, construction sites, and tower, roof, and chimney inspections.
With drone photography, get a detailed picture of a landscape, or property with details that you cannot discern from ground level.That being said, you might want to hire a professional Aerial Photography agency in Destin to get the right kind of help.Here’s how:On protecting the natureIf you are involved in a project that involves environmental aspects, then drone photography can help in different ways.The inspection drones can come handy in different ways, from damage assessment, utilities, agriculture inspections, or even hazmat.You can also request for a live broadcast of the drone images to your corporate office directly.A collection of quality pictures would help to size the projects correctly.Thus, they can assist in accessing inventory, suggest ways to involve minimal risks, and ensure that the environmental regulations of any given place are aptly met.Moreover, if you involved in meteorological projects, then aerial photography can also help you to keep a record of seasonal changes, thus making comparisons easier.The Architects’ choiceIf your architectural firm is planning a new building project, then aerial photography can save you both time and money.
However, using standard methods of video recording may not yield expected results at all times.The good thing is you can now hire agencies offering drone videography in Florida.When drone-based photography and videography can be useful?In a number of situations, using aerial video and photography services can be of help.It can be especially valuable in large scale industrial setups.In areas where getting access through the land is hard, including marshy water-body and dense forests, using drone videography is the best option.Even news agencies can use these services to shot coverage of violence and riot-affected zones without hassles.It would be prudent to seek the services of a company that has become an expert and enjoys a reputation in this sector.Clientele and work samples- When you contact any company offering aerial and mobile Video Production in Alabama –ask for work samples.
The Aerial Photography Panama City FL are experts and will provide you with ground and aerial solutions which you have never seen before.They use camera equipment with the latest techniques to produce results that are exceptional.You can have peace of mind when you hire their services as they are licensed, insured and certified by FAA.Today with Pelican drones you can get videos and photos with high definition for commercial and residential real estate.Drone Photography in PanamaPelican drones are FAA authorized to operate drones in Florida for videography, aerial photography, picture filming of close set motion, and collection of aerial data.You can get drone photography of high quality and video production services that are award winning, and UAS commercial operations all over United States.They serve a wide range of areas which include Panama City Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Navarre, Scenic Hwy 30A, Fort Walton and a lot more.Drones can help you with aerial cinematography for real estate marketing, Drone Photography Panama City FL and media production.If you want to hire their Drone Services Alabama you can view their aerial footage by going to their video gallery.They can also help you with a TV commercial, promotional video or a feature film from beginning to the end.
You can contact the photographers in Destin who have a portfolio of beachfront development imagery. The photographers are involved in taking photographs of Drone Videography Florida from Pensacola right to the Panama City Beach which can show you the communities and neighborhoods and also the view of the coastline with state parks and other structures. Pelican drones provide you with the best aerial Video Production Mobile AL, photography, and drone industrial services at cost-effective prices. The Pelican drones are based in Pensacola and provide their service to the entire area of gulf coast. To invest in property, you can get photos and videos of a wide range of properties whether it is Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery or Mobile. The photographers will visit the site and get you descriptive and beautiful photos from the sky.
They provide premium photography at an affordable price and also specialize in converting video to vibrant media which can attract the attention of the audience.Today drone photography has become the trend and is used to photograph events, marriages, and birthday parties.The Pelican Drones are based in Pensacola Florida and serve the entire gulf coast area in aerial Drone photography Panama city FL whether it is for a public event or an aerial view of the property for a real estate agent.Why choose Pelican Drones?Pelican drones are fully insured and is the first company to get a commercial license from the FAA.They can provide visuals that can help in business marketing whether it is a bungalow, plot, or property for sale.Brokers can contact them for luxury yacht photography so they can sell their yachts faster.Pelican drones can provide beautiful photos of vacation rentals so you can stand out among your competitors.Pelican drones can provide beautiful aerial photos of commercial and residential properties so the real estate agent can sell them faster.The advantages of DronesDrone photography mobile AL are unmanned aircraft systems that can be used for a lot of practical applications.They can be used in manmade and natural disasters to save lives, survey damage, locate injured and stranded victims and access threats without risking lives.