Resails  Handcrafted

Resails Handcrafted

Founded in 1996 by Christian Schlebach, ReSails was the first in the market to manufacture sail bags and accessories out of re purposed sails. M

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The world has understood the negative impacts of using plastic bags and switching to recycled bag options in the last couple of years.The importance of recycled sail bags is much more than protecting our environment.Protect marine life- Constantly increasing plastic waste eventually enters the oceans and causes danger to the entire marine life.Using the recycled bags in place of disposable plastic bags can save the lives of more than one million seabirds and 100,00 marine animals every year.The use of recycled bags will help to reduce the amount of constantly generating plastic waste.Preserve fossil fuel- Since plastic bags are made from oil, switching to recycled bags means more oil left in the ground.Using recycled bags not only save fossil fuel but also helps to reduce the carbon emission.Using recycled bags will help you degrade the use of plastic waste and ultimately help save the environment.Save money and use it for other vital purposes- The cost of cleaning up the plastic litter and transport it to the landfills remains quite higher.