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Tegridy Farms Cannabis Online Dispensary

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FADED CANNABIS CO. – CHERRY BOMBS – 180MG THC16.99 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/fvded-cannabis-co-cherry-bombs-180mg-thc/Faded Cannabis Co. Cherry Bombs are perfect for those looking to wind-down and relax after a long day.These delicious treats are infused with the perfect amount of THC to help you ease your mind and body.Each package of Faded Cannabis Co. Cherry Bombs contains 6 cherry flavoured gummies that contain a total of 180mg THC.Buy Edibles online.Buy CHERRY BOMBS.Buy FADED Edibles.Tegridy Farms Cannbis Online Dispensary.
MARY’S MEDIBLES – CBD OIL – 250MG CBD30.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/marys-medibles-cbd-oil-250mg-cbd/Mary’s CBD tinctures are specially formulated to have little to no THC content and therefore do not induce euphoria but do have anti­‐inflammatory, anti­‐convulsing, anti­‐psychotic, anti-­oxidant, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.Buy CBD Oil.Buy MARY’S MEDIBLE OIL.Shop MARY’S MEDIBLES.Tegridy Farms Cannbis Online
E LIX – THC DRINK MIX10.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/e-lix-thc-drink-mix/Just in time for summer!drink mixes produced by E•Lix is infused with 30mg full-spectrum BHO, the truest possible expression of the plant’s complexity.Have it any way you prefer.While the standard is to mix a full packet into 250ml of water, the possibilities are endless.Buy Edibles online.Buy E LIX Edibles.Tegridy Farms Cannabis Online Dispensary
THE BUDIBLES – 200MG THC GUMMIES20.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/the-budibles-200mg-thc-gummies/The Budibles gummies are the perfect dosage option for those of you with a sweet tooth.Available in many of your old favourites, these are delicious options that will deliver a kicking high!Each package contains 200mg THC.Buy Edibles online.Buy THE BUDIBLES.Tegridy Farms Cannbis Online Dispensary
BLACKCOMB | TROPICAL STORM GUMMIES | 2 X 150MG THC20.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/blackcomb-tropical-storm-gummies-2-x-150mg-thc/BlackComb Tropical Storm Gummies, handcrafted in BC & Lab Tested.Each package contains 2 assorted sour gummy flavours for a total of 300mg of THC.Buy edibles online.Buy BLACKCOMB Edibles.Buy ROPICAL STORM GUMMIES.
IMPERIAL CROWN HASH28.00 – 395.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/imperial-crown-hash/An excellent example of a classic Afghani indica that’s creamy with a flavour profile that suggests chocolate and coffee.This potent hash is perfect for smoking in a pipe or mixed with weed or tobacco in a joint.Treat yourself today.Buy Concentrates online.Buy IMPERIAL CROWN HASHTegridy Farms Cannabis Online
MOROCCAN HABIBI HASH28.00 – 395.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/moroccan-habibi-hash/This is another example of a great hashish product.This hash produces an incredibly smooth and relaxed high.In case you didn’t know, Morocco is one of the countries where hashish has been used for hundreds of years.This is also one of the best regions for growing premium-quality hash.Buy Concentrates online.Buy MOROCCAN HABIBI HASHTegridy Farms Cannabis Online
HIGH VOLTAGE EXTRACTS – HTFSE VAPE SAUCE – 1ML HYBRID50.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/high-voltage-extracts-htfse-vape-sauce-1ml-hybrid/High Voltage Extracts are a group of highly dedicated and meticulous individuals from Beautiful British Columbia that specialize in craft-cannabis extractions.They’ve recently gained recognition for their concentrates by taking many 1st Place nominations and awards at the 2019 Karma Cup.Buy Vape Online.Buy HTFSE VAPE SAUCE.Shop HIGH VOLTAGE EXTRACTSTegridy Farms Cannabis Online
OG KUSH SHATTER AAA27.50 – 500.00 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/og-kush-shatter-aaa/Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a combination of weed plant materials and solvents.The appearance of shatter weed is typically translucent, though its coloring can range from a bright honeylike amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil.Buy OG KUSH SHATTERTegridy Farms Cannabis Online
ELITE ELEVATION EXTRACTS – DIAMONDS HCFSE49.99 CA$see more : https://tfcannabis.com/product/elite-elevation-extracts-diamonds-hcfse-2/Diamond mining has become second nature for Elite Elevation.THCA Diamonds are the purest and most potent form of THC and we offer a premium variety with or without our Terpene Sauce (HTFSE).Always made from the finest quality flowers.Buy Concentrates online.Buy DIAMONDS HCFSEShop ELITE ELEVATION EXTRACTS.Tegridy Farms Cannabis Online