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The Artisan and Company

The Artisan and Company is an online lifestyle boutique curating aesthetically effortless and minimalist designs.

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Shop our beautiful basket collection of bohemian cowrie, Tribal shell purses that is purely handcrafted using all-natural sustainable mending fibre and cowrie shells to make the perfect Summer handbag.Our entire basket collection consists of eco-friendly bags and made from sustainable materials, all thoughtfully and ethically crafted by local artisans throughout Bali, Indonesia.The passion behind this emerging brand is our utmost care for quality and its value to uphold sustainable fair trade practices while maintaining accessible prices.Great and perfect for carrying around your daily essentials.For more information visit us: 
Women are unpredictable, but one thing every woman is predictable at is handbags!Women’s love to buy handbags and often feel excited as they get immense pleasure from it than any other item on their shopping list.To know more visit us:   
Shop our beautiful collection of sturdy genuine leather and woven backpacks made for your everyday essentials, school, work, or your next big travel adventure in Indonesia, California, New York, Texas, and Australia. Local artisans in Indonesia sustainably handcraft our quality sturdy leather backpacks. Timeless designs-made to last, each bag is made using hand-selected premium leathers. To know more visit us: