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Xebia is a specialized global IT Consultancy and Services company focusing on Enterprise development, Agile development, DevOps, and Outsourcing services.

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This Cloudera Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop in Pune is the most in-demand as companies move towards Big Data.The Cloudera Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop in Chennai provides technical roles to qualified and certified people that are highly-compensated.It is a four-days hands-on training that provides the key concepts to expert developers on the use of Apache Spark.This knowledge of Apache Spark helps them to develop parallel applications that are high-performance by using Spark Streaming to conduct real-time processing from a variety of sources that stream data and use Spark SQL to query structured data.This training also helps developers use core Spark to write applications and to perform ETL processing and iterative algorithms.The course covers all aspects of executing Spark applications on a Hadoop cluster and working with big data that is stored in any kind of distributed file system.This course helps prepare participants to be prepared for any real-world challenges they may face and be able to build applications to execute better and faster decisions, gain interactive analysis, and apply this knowledge to a wide array of cases, industries, and architectures.This course is designed for engineers and developers who have a few years of programming experience.Basic familiarity of the Linux command line is assumed and an ability to program in a suitable language is preferred.
SAFe is one of the most sought after certification with any of the leading SAFe training in Atlanta for the IT industry.It has a set of processes and specific supporting roles for its cross-functional teams that help drive the deliveries.While SAFe which stands for Scalable Agile Framework is an approach to scale up SCRUM that helps it to be applied to larger enterprises and larger teams who are working on a product that SCRUM recommends.In a nutshell, while Agile is a way of working or a mindset, SCRUM is a framework that claims it is based on the values and principles derived from Agile.SCRUM users also found problems with program management and the overall process of project portfolio management and product management in such scenarios.To take care of these problems two popular methods emerged, one being the scrum of scrums or the SOS and the other one being SAFe.Both methods are good starting points to help scale up Agile in any organization.This small group comprises ideally only the technical representatives from each team.
Agile movement in software provides dynamic and humane workplaces suitable for today and the future world.Its design unearths people's hidden potential through a continuous focus on improvement and by questioning everything.In addition, to join the bandwagon of agile users, it is time to join Agile training in Chennai.Chennai is in the first place for higher education in the country for a long time and has produced more software professionals than any other city in India.Chennai being the bedrock for software professionals around the world, it is now helping them to be the best with SAFe Agilist training in Chennai.Unlike techniques with limited boundaries, agile is an attitude without borders.Rather than being paralyzed with too much planning, the agile approach is to start work with the minimum plan for maximum development consistently.The state of the agile 12th report confirms many stats that make agile practice necessary for all organizations.On average, around 40 to 60 percent of enterprises have established the following, after utilizing agile practices.Speedy software deliveryBetter management of the continuously changing prioritiesIncreased productivity and maintainabilityImproving business, team morale, engineering discipline, and IT alignmentEnhancing software quality and delivery predictabilityReduced project risk and cost Higher ROI with AgileApart from the above benefits of agile that make enterprises better, there is one more vital factor that all want.
Firstly, it is necessary for you to understand what is DevOps, it’s actually a abbreviation of DEVelopment and OPerationS and it’s a gathering of the systems, culture as well as the technology. With this combination, a company is quickly able to understand value from the immediate operative flow of work via development with test and deployment alongside stabilizing the operational reliability, performance, and safety. Know the advantages of opting for DevOps practices Qualtiy – 50-70% decrease in the disappointment ratio Agility- upto 90% decrease in the delivery and disposition time Effectiveness- 15-20% decrease in the IT expenses Achieve the DevOps Training and Certification in Gurgaon You get the knowledge in 3 main areas with this course: DevOps: People There are DevOps challenges that accepted cultural norms. You understand the changeover from gladiatorial battles between functionally specialized silos to multitasking teams functioning with a single focus, for the common welfare is a journey that your people need to stay prepared for. DevOps: Processes The three ways of the DevOps are flow, feedback, and continual learning and experimentation, endorse to the high-trust culture and a scientific approach to organizational development that makes a change into reality. Acceptance is not very easy, however, getting knowledge of the DevOps ways of functioning allows the team to reach close to the target every day.