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ASNU Air Conditioning Warehouse

Looking for wholesale air conditioning supplier & accessories in Brisbane? ASNU is the one-stop-shop to purchase residential & commercial ac accessories.

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The turbo torch Mapp gas kit is air fuel equipment.Hence, it is highly essential that it is dealt with the utmost care and resilience.These are available at the official website of ASNU Air Conditioning Warehouse for you to buy at reasonable rates. 
If you want your AC to get smarter, then with the air conditioning installation accessories, you should also buy the Wi-Fi adaptor, to make your AC smarter.After the installation of AC and the Wi-Fi adaptor, to have the bi-directional contact with your AC, you need to follow the following steps:Wi-Fi Control App - For the complete control on you AC, you will need o to have the Wi-Fi control app in your phone, tablet, or the computer.With this app, you can send the instructions to the AC.Then After within a minute, the AC will receive your instruction and will act upon it.After it takes action, confirmation of the same will be sent to you as well.Because to receive the notification from you through the server, having the strong internet near the AC is required.Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Adaptor - Now, to let the AC read the instructions and catch the network, the Mitsubishi electric Wi-Fi adaptor is a must must-have.
ACs are no more the appliances that we can ignore to have.They are the appliances that have become a part of our lives and can’t be excluded.The roasting summers and chilling winters need the air conditioners to heat and cool the air, all the time.So, when you indeed have to make this investment and would want to have an appliance that has a long life and works efficiently, but at the best price as well, then you should choose to get the same, and also its accessories like copper elbows for pipe fittings, pumps and other things from the wholesale air conditioning supplier, for many reasons.
When you are buying a new AC, you surely would want it at a feasible price.Well, if this so, you can get the AC of any popular brand with any feature at a wholesale air conditioning supplier in Brisbane.As wholesalers have all the brands and models of the ACs, they have them all at a very lower price as well.
If you are planning to get a new AC, then get it from the wholesale air conditioning supplier in Brisbane that is from ASNU.We have an extensive range of ACs of different brands for the commercial and residential, big and small all the places at the best price.