Images is the part of every website. Almost all websites, whether it is e-commerce, news, fashion websites, blogs or travel portals. Having just texts in your webpage can make your page looking very boring. But having too much image can slow down your site.

Optimizing images on your website can be broadly divided in 3 categories — load lighter, load fewer and load faster.

Here are some simple techniques you can use today to make significant progress on optimizing your website.

Resize your images

This is a must have. Resize your images to exactly what is required on your website. The resized images are much smaller than the original image and will load much faster than the original image.

Optimize your images

Choosing the right format for your images.

The most common image formats on the web is being are JPG, PNG and GIF. Using the image format called WebP that combines the best of these image formats, is 30% smaller in size and is supported on almost 75% of the modern browsers.

Load fewer resources

Even after you have optimized all your images, but the loading speeding is still slow. Try to remove less important content.

With this technique, you can speed up the loading speed of your site. Or you can find a web development company in Singapore to make the best website design for you, that is attractive and speedy.