In the present high-speed digital world, buying and selling of products in online is a casual thing. There is a colossal market to buy and sell products without stepping out. E-commerce sites allows to launch and purchase products of single and multiple categories.

Know about Fancy and Fancy Clone Script

Fancy is New York-based e-commerce site, users engage in socially oriented shopping through pictures sharing and feeding. Fancy is an economical e-commerce site, buying and selling of products through online is possible

Spiffy is a Fancy Clone Script with a best social e-commerce site, resembles the design of Fancy. Spiffy helps the user to interact easily and add multi-vendor concept. Sharing your products with social media, so that the product can reach customers easily. Easily customizable and provision of maintaining business with sub admin is possible.

Fancy For Buyers

As Fancy is a best e-commerce social site, it is also adapted to mobile apps, so that buying of a product can be done anywhere and anytime.

  • Hassle-free signup features in multiple social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google are possible.
  • Instant search and selection of products from organized lists make the user feel comfortable and relief.
  • The products listed are based on popular ones, new releases, recommends and editorial picks for the user from their like, view and share of products.
  • A user can edit, delete and maintain their own profile in care. Also can view products liked and recent views. A user can follow attractive products selling merchants. The is a provision to store products in wishlists
  • By viewing product details, a user selects a product store it to cart. Interest products are pushed to the payment page, where payment can be done through selection of payment gateways or at the moment of delivery. Billing includes offers and fee charges.
  • Here billing address is stored at their profile.

Fancy For Merchants

Fancy is not only a user-friendly site but also an interactive site. It provides freedom to sellers and sets a platform to launch their own products. Fancy and  Fancy Clone Script are designed and developed for all gadgets.

  • Clear and smooth signup features with Google are possible.
  • Products sellers can add, edit and delete and maintain their profile. A seller can list their products with details such as name, price amount and description.
  • Fancy provides sellers to view their product, user’s activity to their product listed. Order details and sales details can also be viewed.
  • A seller can view user’s activity like as adding, liking, following their item.
  • After submission of product details, the product is listed with admin approval.
  • Safe payment gateways or on delivery payment options must be available.

Online selling and buying become fast and convenient using  Fancy Clone Script that is developed with advanced technology. Quick customizing with the script is possible to start an e-commerce business.