We can help. when you want you, (g)"of the rna with all of your noise problems. Click the här för läsa, more information about how we can help. to help you. We'll find you a quot;solution. "t unto you.

Akustikhj function.

Akustikhj”the function, can offer you with the help of the"lp on, if you don't know what you are going to the v”to follow. N", when it comes to acoustics, so it ’s“the many factors that come into play. How much of the left, is there? The material is the world in the walls? What do you get for the roof? And more.

(Därför, we set up a b"service"to help”to help you in your selection of the absorbers. What you do is, you take the cards at their premises and send it to us-s", "comes back with"a proposal for you. This is a free of charge service is a service.

of Course, the more cards you send, the better we can help. to help you out.

if you Have any of your own images to use. to use, so you may want to check in at the rat's gallery, or on the Pixabay.com d&r m&w images which can be used to use for the absorbers.

please Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your own images, or use the"na kontaktformuläster I’m in.

you Can use the"use any image?

" Yes, no problem, the important thing is the size. If you are going to a s“constellation eg-google images p." "it's fine if the image is at least 2mb big.

“you have to have your own picture?

No, it’s good”to choose from, and the v&rats, large photo gallery.

the g&t’s best"to keep the picture out of your gallery?

A. you will have to do for the best. issue's" enter the image no. in which you can find in the gallery.

and Watching you, so the image is working before you make it?

" Yes, we are bitter”, and the like, so it will fit cleanly storleksm,"price" of the size you can. pts.

if you Have a couple of tips where you can find good pictures?

I can tell you about www.pixabay.com and unsplash.com


lång äs the delivery time?

This is a bit different from the two from one product to another, but, briefly, it can be" (ga 2 to 3 weeks. it is all printed.



the Silent Socks Original.

But the Socks, the m&beltassar sliding the chair on the way, which means you don't have grinding noises, cracks in the floor, the stubborn, fl can be and lifting heavy weights. In addition, (d),"fight But the Socks "krockljudet" such as the chairs and table legs. The internal gummibollen with his head,"individual pcs" (d) contribute to the Silent Socks are sitting in"safe" stolsbenet. But the Socks "it is an american product developed in the r&r st"open"rsstolar and this suitable for grinding noises up to-18db; jämfö, compared with the originaltass. Already have a d&applications by 8 to 10 dB is perceived as a halving of the ljudniv”.

the Visit for more information: < https://www.silentdecor.com/