Zodiac Ei-25 Chlorinator, a simple to use salt chlorinator

Sometimes we do not change products or pool accessories for fear of not knowing how to use them or because we think they will be too sophisticated, expensive or difficult to change now. And it is not changing what can cause you to lose many advances that can help you in maintaining the pool.

On the issue of chlorinators , the best known are chlorine but saline chlorinators are also giving very good results and therefore, one that is easy to install, maintain and operate with it, is the brand Ei Series salt chlorinator Zodiac(well-known brand in the pool market), a device that you can install and configure in less than fifteen minutes yourself, without the need of an expert professional who has to explain anything to you.
Turning a chlorine pool into a saltwater pool that is also healthy has never been so easy. You just have to easily install, with the “DIY” or also known as “do it yourself” this product by adjusting the clock, timers and output. With adding salt to the pool you won't have to worry about much more.
The device will be responsible for the maintenance of the poolThanks to its electrolytic cells that have an automatic self-cleaning function (with reverse polarity) to get you forget about the pool and all the things you have to do in it. It is the perfect product if you are tired of chlorine and do not want to continue with it because you only need salt to keep the water.

The installation of the EI Series saline chlorinator is easyWell, you only need two holes in the pipe and a quick fix adjustment. In a short time you can use the pool as if you had not changed anything. Once installed, you will only have to add salt to the pool thus relieving red eyes, skin irritations and the problems that chlorine entails, obtaining water that will closely resemble seawater with what will be as if You will bathe on the beach without leaving your own pool.

In addition, there will be a balance between your body and the pool water.
This chlorinator is one of the easiest to use and does not mean that it is complicated but you can have an efficient chlorinator that helps you change the pool water for a healthier and more suitable for your family and for you same.
Technical characteristics
Models: Compact - Media.

Production rate of chlorine grm / h: 18 - 25
Salt Level: 4000 ppm
Maximum Salt Level: 35,000 ppm
Auto output: No
Plumbing capacity: 40mm and 50mm
Power Requirements: 240V
Dimensiones: 165mm (L) x 125mm (W) x 275mm (H)
Electrical equipment dimensions: 245mm (L) x 110mm (W) x 330mm (H)(Zodiac Chlorinator Timer not working)