As the name suggests, direct selling agents or the DSA are experts brought direct business to institutes.With increasing competition in the banking sector, the banks and financial companies have assigned business developers as DSAs works in the field and giving clients for the financial goods provided by the banking industry, such as loans, credit cards, etc.They are paid a fixed percentage commission on the bank’s business.

In any of the finance institutes, the functions and roles of a DSA are similar to those of the bank itself, although there are also special requirements for any particular bank, so the DSA agreement should be read well before entering into the agreement to act as a DSA for a bank or finance company.The basic purpose of a DSA working in the banking sector is to locate a customer who would eventually be a potential customer for the most common retail loans to a particular banking product.

The basic work done by a DSA can therefore be defined as:

– Locate and list for the financial services of the bank, such as credit cards,personal loan,home loan,business loan, mortgages loan, deposit schemes etc.

– procure the completed loan applications forms.

– Check the applicant’s data.

– Check the records or documents that were received.

– Sumbit all checked and finalised documents to the bank for further process.

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– Is often used as a secondary source of income.

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