WHO also announced the status of the epidemic global emergencies along with the continued increase in casualties that positive infected virus corona. Nevertheless, the WHO has not recommended travel restrictions of foreign affairs and trade of the world.

nevertheless, a number of countries, Indonesia is one of them, began to implement a ban on entry against foreigners who come from China.

the Market is concerned this condition could potentially reduce the rate of economic growth of the country with a gross domestic product (GDP), the largest in the world, and sparked a selloff in the stock market and global finance.

this Article has been published in the Katadata.co.id with the title "the Hit by Corona Virus After the Lunar new year Holiday, the Stock of Chinese Loss of 8.73%" , https://katadata.co.id/berita/2020/02/03/dihantam-virus-corona-usai-libur-imlek-bursa-tiongkok-rontok-873
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