Controversies surrounding GTA 5

Undoubtedly, the Grand Theft Auto series has ruled the hearts of many, ever since its release. The GTA 5 was considered as one of the best-selling games ever produced by the Rockstar Games. The GTA series gained much popularity overnight because of the stunning graphics and action-loaded adventurous missions. However, there have been many controversies that came into limelight with the release of GTA V.

The infamous controversies

The GTA game series is nothing less than a virtual world where the main protagonist has to accomplish the assigned missions in the game. But GTA 5 garnered much attention because of the violence and portrayal of women in the game. The missions, which the GTA game revolves around, require the player to use the equipment, which is mainly used for torturing and creating a nuisance. The violence-based missions were highly criticized by anti-torture charity groups and welfare organizations.

The obnoxious portrayal of women in GTA V

The depiction of women in GTA 5 is beyond acceptance. Most of the time, women have been shown as suffering wives and humorless girlfriends. The portrayal of females in the Grand Theft Auto series clearly indicates their poor condition and agony. The male protagonist has given more importance in the game. GTA 5 received much criticism as the game glamourized the violence and exploitation taking place against the women. The role of women in the GTA series was limited as compared to men. According to the makers, the favoritism towards the male protagonist has benefited the game.

The controversial mission

The fifth game series of GTA has a mission named ‘By the Book’ and is touted as the most outrageous scene. The most insanely violent mission consists of a scene where the Trevor has to torture someone and all you have to do is to pull out the tooth of a random man with the help of pillars or electrocute the man and hit him senselessly. The depiction of extreme violence in this scene was considered inappropriate for fair gameplay and was the main reason behind grabbing the eyeballs of critics.

Not a Kid’s gameplay

The GTA 5 was released with an 18+ rating and was made exclusively for adult players. The plot of the fifth GTA game series involved murderers and hookers. As per the video games rating system of Europe, GTA 5 was rated for players who are 18+ but despite the ratings, there were many instances where kids had easy access to this gameplay, which generated a lot of controversies regarding the inappropriate plot of the game.

Unethical missions

In order to accomplish the assigned missions in the game, the player has to cross the line. The main protagonist in the game has to fulfill many unethical tasks in the game for winning the challenges. The obscene acts along with dreadful violence are not everyone’s cup of tea. The players have to hit the people recklessly to secure a top position in the GTA 5 game. Various illegal activities are involved in this game such as robbery and snatching, which can throw a negative impact on the player.


Despite the criticism, Grand Theft Auto still enjoys a massive fan following all over the world as it had raised the bars of action and adventure to another level. GTA 5 is not suitable for kids, but it has been an all-time favorite for adults. The depiction of colossal violence and unethical missions has not affected the strong fan-base created by the GTA. This game is still loved and enjoyed by the people, irrespective of the criticism and controversies.

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