Laser for toenail fungus is now the Fungus Eliminator Review latest treatment available with success rates being reported upwards of 80%. I have chosen the Cooltouch CT3 plus zoom 1320nm laser after research over the past several years. Originally, I looked at the Pinpointe laser and the Noveon laser and have found the Cooltouch to be superior and this is the one laser that has finally met all of my criteria.

The bottom line is that lasers produce heat and can lead to death of fungus. I have found that the Cooltouch has excellent control of temperature and produces the most even heating of the nail and underlying skin or nail bed. Once the optimal temperature is reached a cold puff is released keeping the treatment comfortable.

The Cooltouch wavelength is 1320nm and this wavelength has an affinity for collagen, keratin and skin which makes it the absolute choice for toenail fungus treatments and treatment of the underlying nail bed. This wavelength stays concentrated in the important areas to obliterate nail fungus. This is not true of other wavelengths that have an affinity for deeper tissues, fat and blood components. These lasers are more ideal for hair removal and spider veins and several are actually dental procedures.