In the digital era there are lots of online ticket reservation system in the world but which is the best you don’t know. Which is the smart system in your bus system, I am sure you are worried about this matter. If you want to keep pace with the era, you have to be familiar with the new system. We are here to help you with this.

CodeWare ltd is the best ticket boking system and this system are right only for you. Created this system is the automated which is the seat reservation online network. We have developed the system which is the picking up the right place and boarding point.

What is the online ticket reservation system?

A bus reservation system has been created to automate the purchase of tickets online through an easy-to-use online bus booking system. Embed our online bus ticketing system on our website and enable your customers to book tickets for different routes and destinations. Bus Ticket Reservation System lets you store, manage client data and passenger lists. You can define routes, determine seat availability, upload an interactive seat map, and let customers choose their seats.

Easy to use customer dashboard:

First of all customer select his/her destination or route. Click the next button then he/she will saw the dashboard. Which is including by departure time, date, or seats details.

To use the online ticket reservation system passengers can choose their seat as per their choice. Next, they will select the boarding points they need and move on to the next step.

Passengers can easily buy their tickets. Using this system payment getaway system is too much easy. Passenger can use it without any hassle. Complete the process system is sending the SMS by Mobile phone or send the Email for confirmation.

Get the smart online ticket reservation system:

  • Agent Management System
  • Manage payment and credit accounts of sub-agents
  • Admin interface of agent allows them to control their individual mark ups
  • Centralized Management (Customers and Subagents)
  • Agent can create easily multiple branches and multiple users
  • Also Agent can manage multiple branches and multiple users
  • Agent can Manage bookings and payments
  • Flexible and easy options for activating and deactivating agents, users, and suppliers
  • Centralized ticketing for all sub agents
  • Manage multiple mark-ups and discount structures

Benefits of Development a Bus Reservation Software:

  • Easy search and you can get the best options from multiple suppliers
  • User-Friendly design for easy selection of seats
  • Easy and secure payment gateway
  • Detail reports for managing trips
  • Email and SMS Notification

So, if you are thinking our online ticket reservation system is the best for your business then you can contact us without any hesitation: [email protected]