Park Skazka

An event congregation "Skazka" (Russian: Детский парк "Skazka") was made dependent on Russian national fantasies and current kid's shows. You will find there charmed spots like the Hut on Chicken Legs or the Kashchei mansion, and many intriguing exercises including a Dinopark; Husky Land, an entertainment mecca with exciting rides, rides and merry go rounds; Ferris wheel; a rope park; staggered climbing dividers; a petting zoo; an Interactive Geological Museum "Enchantment Cave"; Clownarium; an indoor skating arena; a film; a journey château and many, some more.

It is situated close to the beautiful extension in Moscow. This park is no not exactly a fantasy land and even has diverse animation characters in it so kids can make some incredible memories around them. This is the best spot for youngsters, as they can appreciate all the rides and convey the best recollections from the excursion alongside them. Kids can make some incredible memories in the Rides, Carousels, Husky land, Climbing the dividers, Petting, Magical cavern, Skating arena, Cinema, Quest castle.

The Pax Company produced fifteen distinct models of exciting ride over a quarter century time frame between 1988-2013. The longest by some edge is the 900 meter Golden Arrow, which includes more than double the track of the littler Camel Trophy, Formula Pax, and Wild Train 15 structures. The sole model debuted at Damanskiy Island Amusement Park in mid-2013, however its stay there was outstandingly short; after only four months in situ it was dismantled and set into capacity.

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