The world is mobile and so is the service sector. On-demand taxi booking app With the popularity of Uber, the service sector is rapidly adopting on-demand service applications. Go-jek took a step back.

Now there are plenty of on-demand mobile apps development in the Uae for everything. For example, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, Freshmenu, and a thousand other apps offer more or less the same on-demand food delivery services. On-demand taxi booking apps like Ola, Viawan, My Taxi, Gret, Blablacar and more like Uber. There are apps for on-demand doctor house calling, on-demand medicine delivery, on-demand it and on-demand and on-demand everything.

Well, that’s a definite problem. If all service providers had their own personal applications for personal services, people would not download them, because not all of the mobile has great storage capacity. An app like Go-Jek comes into the picture. Go-Jek is a popular app from Indonesia that combines all the popular on-demand services into one neat package.

Go-Jek app

As of October 30, 2018, Google had invested $ 1,200,000,000 in Go-Jek in the Corporate Round of Funding. If Google invested more than 1 billion in Go-jek, there must be a reason, and it is even better. In fact, Go-Jek’s business model is the reason. It was very successful in Indonesia and is still in its early stages in Singapore. This is very popular because it is a jack-of-all app for a variety of on-demand services. There are plenty of services you can order from the Go-Jek app.

Features of the Go-Jek app

Using the Go-Jek app, you can book tickets for a two-wheeler, taxi and movie, and events. He can order food, send couriers, find nearby businesses, order groceries, medicines, and other items to cater to his hunger woes and call for a cleaner, mechanic, beautician, and massage. But the list does not end here. One can pay his bills, recharge his prepaid mobile, send money and find deals and discounts. It also provides reward points for using the mobile app and redeeming those points in the same app.

There are plenty of iOS mobile apps and Android mobile apps that offer such on-demand services, but they either offer them in person or some of them are like Corner Shop. On the other hand, Go-Jek offers everything in one package, like a shopping mall.

Advantages of the Go-Jek app

An app like Go-Jek has many benefits for end-users, business owners, delivery drivers, and app owners.

Benefits of end-users

By providing so many services in a single app, an app like Go-Zeke creates an ecosystem. Once the user has invested in the ecosystem, he is more likely to use the same app for all his needs than moving to other mobile apps. Google used this strategy. Google is primarily a search engine and an online promotion company. But they have created so many great and free products, such as Gmail, Chrome, Drive, and Photos, that users are hooked on the Google ecosystem. So, no matter what devices they use, they will always connect to Google.

Benefits of Business Owners

This creates a conducive environment for businesses to grow. Think of a corner shop and a huge shopping mall. Customers are more likely to visit a shopping mall if their needs are met under one roof than visiting individual stores for their personal needs. This simplifies the scenario if the business owner is dealing with multiple businesses. For example, if a business owner is in the taxi and food delivery business, he must personally register for Uber and Uber Eats. On the other hand, once a business person is properly registered and certified for mobile applications such as Go-Jek, they can get away with a lot of trouble dealing with multiple businesses.

Benefits of drivers

The same applies to drivers. They must be registered and verified only once. Then they can use their time to the optimum level and increase their income. If the motorbike owner is registered as a driver in the Go-Jek app, he can offer his services for a bike ride, food delivery, grocery delivery, and courier. So, drivers get more money for their time.

Advantages of app owners

Application owners or aggregators always cut all transactions. They charge for advertising on the app. By providing plenty of service through one app, they make huge profits. That’s the reason why Google has invested more than $ 1 billion in a mobile app like Go-Jek.

How much does it cost to generate an on-demand app like Go Jack?

You need a good pair of clothes for the occasion. So, before you buy anything, you have to make up your mind for some things like context, your time, your budget. If it’s a wedding, you’ll spend a few days there and you’ll need at least two pairs. If the wedding date is very close you will have the luxury of choosing a ready-made garment, if not, you have a boutique. Your choice of clothes also depends on your budget.

The same goes for the development of mobile applications. Before you get a quote for the app of your dream you need to make up your mind for some things. First, you need to decide on the OS. iOS, Android, both. Then, decide whether you want a website or not. You need to decide what services and features you want to include.

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