How Much Does it cost to Make an app like Flipkart

The number of smartphone users in India has gone up considerably higher and almost all of them would have used or at least heard of Flipkart. It is the largest e-commerce company in India selling a wide variety of products like phones, home appliances, office supplies, mechanical tools, stationery, and the list goes on. Even though it was Amazon that started the industry of E-commerce in India, credit must be given to Flipkart for making it reach to a larger audience. As the mobile apps gained popularity, they were available on smartphones and from then it has reached another level. In recent times, Flipkart is covering the major portion of E-commerce traffic in India. This success of the app has become a benchmark for many ventures to start an E-commerce app like Flipkart and the best mobile app development companies like Brill mindz would be the best choice for it.


The app can be downloaded on app stores like Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS) or the Windows Store (Windows Phone). Once the users download the app they will have to sign up and login to the app. Users can search for their required products or they can select them from the list. It has the best filter option that helps in finding the right product without having to look through the unwanted items.


Unique features of Flipkart Mobile App:

Covers all hot Categories:

Flipkart has all the running categories in the market among households, furniture, clothing, electronics books, etc.

Quality check:

Flipkart provides the “Flipkart verified” option for all the products that have been checked by them for quality.

Tracking orders:

Flipkart offers its service in a large number of locations and you can track the orders easily with its geolocation features. 

Promotions and Offers:

It has one of the best and genuine offers with massive discounts and points redeeming options for future purchases. 

Payment modes:

It supports all the modes of payments available in India along with COD (cash on delivery) which makes life easier for users.


Factors Influencing the app development cost for an app Like Flipkart:

App Platform: Mobile app development investment is hugely dependent on the type of platform employed like Android, iOS or hybrid. The software used for Android is a bit less costly than iOS. But the time required to build the app on Android would be much more than that of iOS since the emulators utilized for the process are slower than that of iOS, Also as devices that use Android are in large number and hence the app has to be tested on all those devices. Therefore, even though the hourly cost of iOS platform development is more than that of Android, with all the above factors combined, Android proves to be much costlier. The cross-platform app is one more app development choice, but if the required aim is to give a rich user experience, native app (Android or iOS) is the best choice. Hence it is very important to associate with the best and experienced mobile app development company that guides you in the right way for development. 

App Design: Creative design plays a very important part of the marketing and sales of an app like Flipkart. It should have proper sync between functionality and appearance. Mobile app development has different types of techniques to aid in the development of apps with user-friendly and innovative design. Best mobile app development companies will employ useful and standard design templates that will need very fewer modifications. More level of complexity and advanced designs may surely provide the users with high-tech designs but it comes with an increased cost of the overall development. Hence it is very crucial to have a settled aim and know the target customers to have a simplified design that suits the app.

App Size:  App size is dependent on the number of features and level of functionality that is used in the app. Application size can be a decisive aspect of gauging the final price of the application. An app like Flipkart needs various features like integration of third-party services and features that will surely impact the overall cost of the application. 

Development: The total development cost of the application relies heavily on the technical expertise of the engineers of a company that is involved in development. Development of E-commerce apps requires the integration of many features and functionalities which will involve many complexities which makes the overall cost to be on the higher side if not properly planned. There should be the right choice of technology use and the features included to make a mobile app Flipkart a pure success. Therefore, it is very important to use the services of a highly skilled and experienced app development company for a valuable investment.

Mobile Wallet: As the Flipkart like app gives the best way for users to shop for any products without the issue of delivery and originality of the product, it would be less impactful if there is no option of the mobile wallet. It is evident that with the addition of extra features, the cost of development will rise, but this mobile wallet feature will aid the user to make a secure payment with the luxury of building a feeling of belief on the application. With proper implementation of technology and having the right vision of the requirements will surely help in decreasing the mobile development cost and also help to take the branding to the next level.


The mobile app development process involves different stages and challenges faced during every stage will influence the final cost of the application. With the top-ranked mobile app development company like BrillMindz, you will be assured to get the best mobile app development services in building a top mobile app like Flipkart that adheres to your requirements and customer delight. Contact us at [email protected] with your ideas and witness us in guiding you to the best way of brand success.