Paint thickness gauge is also known as paint meter is used in order to determinethe thickness of a dry film. It is one of the most important calculations in the industry related to coating as it impacts the entire process of coating, its quality as well as the amount of money involved in the process. It is also a major calculation that helps in the evaluation of the expected life of the coat, the appearance of the product, its performance and it ensures the fulfilmentof the quality as per the International Standards.

In order to measure the thickness of a Dry film, a Paint Thickness Gauge is used. Now we will determine, how is Dry Film Thickness measured? So, there are two major ways in which the thickness of Dry Film is measured: the destructive thickness measurement method and non-destructive method.

Destructive coating thickness measurement method of a dry film: In this method, the coating is sliced into the substrate with the help of a cutter.

Non-destructive coating thickness measurement method of a dry film: In this method, there is no damage caused to the film on its coating or substrate. In the non-destructive coating thickness measurement method, the thickness is measured on the magnetic steel surfaces or the non-magnetic metal surfaces including stainless steel or aluminium.

Now let us know more about the features of the Paint Thickness Gauges

  • The colour LCD display of the paint thickness gauge has transflective technology that helps in enhancing the sunlight readability
  • It helps in measuring the thickness of a coating system
  • It can store up to 250 readings and you can either check the stored reading or download it
  • It is a simple machine that is ready to use and you do not have to adjust the calibration for most of the applications
  • It is equipped with single hand menu navigation
  • It has a flashing display that is perfect for the noisy environment
  • It is durable equipment that has resistance for solvents, acid, oil, water and dust

We hope the above-mentioned information is valuable and help to understand the hidden features of the Paint Thickness Gauge.       


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