Machine guns have drastically altered the course of modern warfare, and as a result hold prized places in the collections of historical collectors, reenactors, and those who enjoy firing off rounds at the range. Many models that were widely used throughout the early part of the 20th century were groundbreaking for the developments in their action operations and cooling systems that influenced later designs. Because of their value, some models are scarce, and finding machine gun parts kits for them can be daunting, time-consuming and expensive.

That’s not the case, however, when you shop at Sarco Inc. That’s because Sarco Inc. has dedicated its business mission to providing the most expansive selection of firearms and parts for widely used and rare historical models to make it possible for you to find machine gun parts kits that would otherwise be difficult to find. Right on their homepage, you can navigate through their site to find parts for the platform you need based on caliber or make. Search through their offerings for 106mm and 57mm models, or by manufacturers such as Gurinov, Lewis or Bren.

As an example of the expansiveness of their catalog of products, only consider what they offer for the Browning M1919. The M1919, an air-cooled modification of the water fooled Browning M1917. It made great use of the widely effective ballistics of the .30-06 Springfield that remains popular in many circles today and saw widespread use through WW2, Korea and Vietnam. As a result of its historical import, it is a popular platform, and finding parts kits for it can be tough.

Sarco Inc., however, makes it easy to find otherwise scarce parts kits for platforms like the M1919. Consider their M1919A4 .30-06 Parts Set, which includes all of the parts necessary to build an M1919A4 except the right-hand side plate and rivets.

In addition to parts kits that contain just about every part you need to build or rebuild a given platform, Sarco Inc. offers parts for sale individually that you might need to repair or tune a platform. Right on their site, you can find grips, flash hiders, muzzle bearings, sights, barrels, springs and much more. If you’re looking for a hard to find part or set of parts for an M1919A4, Sarco Inc. is your best bet to find it.

They offer many other parts and parts kits for equally influential models as well. If you’re looking for parts for the M60, for example, Sarco can set you up with the parts you need for repairs or replacement. Whether you need cleaning supplies, a buttstock, or hard to find minute parts like ejector pins and springs, they can set you up with them.

If you are looking for parts for another iconic model like the Lewis gun which was put into widespread use by the British during WW1, Sarco Inc. has barrels, bolts, extractors and much more that you may have been looking for. Essentially parts like these can make all of the difference, turning a model that won’t feed or eject properly into a smoothly operating version of itself.

These are only a few examples of the machine gun parts and kits offered by Sarco Inc., and to see them all you’ll need to visit Not only is their selection broad - their expertise is broader. They have years of experience offering hard to find firearms and parts for sale, so if you’re looking for a part and can’t seem to find it, just call up their team at 610-250-3960 and let them know what you need. They’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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