Your organization needs a new intranet when:

  • Your current solution is decades old, it is slow, has outdated information and an unfriendly interface.
  • Your intranet doesn’t offer your employees the tools they need to do work and so they are using other tools and apps to make their work easier.
  • Your intranet doesn’t provide personalized content such as videos, pictures, a social feed, recognition stories, etc.
  • Your intranet is not cloud-based and doesn’t offer anytime, anywhere access to information.

A modern intranet solution is what you need and here are some compelling features you should look for to serve you in the long run:

Personalized Content - Modern intranets use machine learning to offer personalized content to specific users or user groups. AI capabilities enable it to draw links between people, content and activity within an organization and provide users more relevant and useful content.

Seamless Integration - Intranets needs to be able to integrate with a variety of applications and provide a unified experience. It should offer a single sign-on feature that brings all business-centric capabilities under one roof.

Enhanced User Experience - Modern intranets are simple to navigate and extremely easy-to-use. It also helps reduce confusions and creates a more streamlined user experience.

Robust Search - When users get quick and relevant search results, it saves substantial time resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Mobility - Many employees have dynamic schedules which include remote and work from home benefits. They need tools and information at their fingertips, wherever they are. A mobile intranet offers the ability to access work - check and send emails, start conversations, share documents, update tasks, and connect with other employees.

Automated Processes - Automating operations can have the advantage of boosting productivity, reducing errors, and avoiding employee burnout.