It is necessary to call the médiamat à to buy it but don't just make great éloges à l’company. To be able to show the momentum d’a business to customers is très important. Follow the shown interestés latestères hotés l’company is éalso a press relations 2.0. Customers are fond of the genre d’information such as publications d’évèevents, product launch, appointments for major. From there, they will be able to éassess the course of the’company and dédecide to trust him.Have a article about their company on blogs, newspapers or other is a rockin ' considérable to l’image de l’company. The media relations are good ways to cause this boost. Companies are increasingly calling for journalists and news outlets to talk about their activités. How are they s’y take ? Here are 10 tips to talk with her about her business.