Planning a winter vacation is not an easy task. Always well plan your trip especially if you are travelling from Karachi or Lahore. We had a few questions which answered by Pakistan tour packages travel experts, answers may help you in managing your trip.

Top places to visit in Pakistan for the winter season


With cold temperatures, every peak covered with snow, Attabad lake freeze to ice is the main attraction to sight, always bring extra warm clothes as temperature go down to -25 Celsius.

Malam Jabba

New road infrastructure and hotel lease to the private sector with zip line and chairlift facility, Malam Jabba has its attraction for tourists. In peak winters Malam Jabba is the main attraction for skiers to play and enjoy with accommodation at a 5-star hotel.

Pir Chinasi

45 minutes drive from capital of Azad Kashmir most scenic destination which comes with panoramic views, neat n clean curly road and the dense forests. 9200ft from sea level is the best during winter due to snow-covered peaks and the shrine on top.

Keep the following points in mind to stay healthy during a travelling to Pakistan during winters.

To remain warm always use inner warmers, mufflers, gloves, sunglasses, Jackets and avoid sudden temperature changes for your body.

Drink Lukewarm water don’t ever drink cold water which increases the risk of throat infections.

Use Anti vomiting medicine as per your doctor’s prescription.

In extreme cold situation use masks.

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