Its high time to stand up for what is right. Global sustainability trends are creating an increased demand for purification of air and water, as well as more environmentally friendly process alternatives. Eco green takes pride in being the best water purifier in Chennai. We have non-toxic, green and sustainable products like 

  • Carbon Pellet
  • Impregnated Carbon
  • ABEK

Our products include Activated Carbon filters, Launched as a premium Custom Designed Carbon Blocks engineered with the art of technology

  • NSF 61 Vegetal carbon powder Activated Carbon
  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Chemical contaminant reduction

We also expertise in granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, made from the virgin coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon.

  • Remove Odours and other contamination in water
  • Bacteriostatic
  • pH adjust

Eco Green Cleantech Pvt Ltd recognized as one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of activated carbon. Eco Green Cleantech Pvt Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of virgin & speciality Eco Green Cleantech Pvt Ltd. They are manufactured out of coconut shell & wood charcoals by steam activation. Various grades of our products are currently, being used in many applications. If you are looking top-quality water treatment plants  we suggest looking out for eco green products which are well equipped in house lab facility for testing. All the parameters required for evaluating the Eco Green Cleantech Pvt Ltd performance are fulfilled by us. The online quality monitoring system, raw material inspection/testing, pre-activation screen testing, feed material quality testing, periodic Kiln process parameters monitoring, Ex-Kiln testing, Pre-final inspection, Packing inspection, Final AOQL inspection, Strong R&D facility to make pilot runs and evaluate product performances. Looking for water treatment plants in Chennai, we have PP SPUN the features are

  • Virgin food grade
  • High strength and pressure-resistant


Features & Benefits:

  • High surface area and low ash activated carbon
  • All materials are highly bio-degradable or can be recycled
  • Remove Chlorine and Volatile Organic compounds (VOC)
  • Remove Odors and other contamination in water
  • Bacteriostatic
  • PH adjust


Features & Benefits:

  • High Adsorption rate, Surface area and microporosity
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Chemical contaminant reduction
  • Compressed and Extruded technology
  • Functional & Customized block as per customer’s requirement. 

Time to switch to sustainable living with eco-green. Book the best water purifier in Chennai now.