Designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, one of the fathers of the modern assault rifle, the SKS, short for Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova, 1945—or self-loading carbine of the Simonov system, 1945—was manufactured for thirteen years, resulting in a total production of almost three million carbines. With the advent of the AK-47 in the early 1950s, the Soviets took the SKS out of front-line service, however the SKS remained in use in secondary capacities for decades. Today, the SKS is used as a ceremonial firearm, and is popular on the civilian surplus market as a hunting and marksmanship semi-automatic. Its age as well as its wide availability make the SKS relatively inexpensive to purchase.

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The Star Model BM, produced by Star Bonifacio Echeverria, a Spanish manufacturer of small arms from 1905 to 1997, is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol. Single-action” means that the trigger performs only a single action: releasing the hammer to discharge the sidearm each time the trigger is pulled. It does not perform the secondary action of cocking the hammer. “Semi-automatic” means that energy of a shot bullet is re-used by the weapon to chamber the next bullet. After a round is fired, the casing is ejected, and a new round is cycled into the chamber. Most pistols manage this via recoil operation, whereby only a portion of the firearm recoils, while another portion is held motionless by inertia. Although it is similar to the M1911, which was the standard-issue for the US Armed Forces for over seven decades, it differs in several respects. It does not have the 1911’s grip safety, nor does its thumb safety block the sear, instead blocking the hammer on the Star BM.

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The Uzi was designed by Major Uziel Gal of the Israeli Defense Forces following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War as part of an international design competition to create a new, more efficient submachine gun. The weapon was submitted to the Israeli Army in 1950 for evaluation, impressing the brass with its simplicity and economy of manufacture. This was due, in no small part, to its open-bolt construction. The firing pin is part of the bolt, which saves on manufacturing costs. Also, the Uzi was constructed primarily from stamped sheet metal, making it much less expensive to produce per unit than an equivalent design produced from forgings. The Uzi was officially adopted by the IDF in 1951, and introduced into the special forces in 1954. This first run of Uzis was equipped with a short wooden buttstock. The Uzi’s compactness and firepower proved instrumental to the Israeli victory in the Six-Day War.

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