The best auto dialer for real estate is used in customer retention and lead generation and agencies can maximize the productivity of their sales and support teams. Businesses activating in the field can increase their revenue and lower operational costs, all by spending less time on manual work and repetitive tasks. To take advantage of the benefits offered by an auto dialer, it is necessary to choose the right one, as it will have a great impact on the result. There are many popular choices on the market, Phoneburner being one of them, but sometimes a Phoneburner alternative might perform better and meet specific business requirements.

Why Focus on the Best Auto Dialer for Real Estate

In the real estate world, it is necessary to act fast to close deals, to always stay in touch with potential clients, respond to their needs, present offers, view listings at all times, and more. There are different types of call dialers, depending on the lead source and product type. It is not recommended to mix them, because the effect is not desirable. However, the best auto dialer for real estate can double and triple the efficiency of your team. Knowing the popular dialers and what they have to offer helps to choose the right one.

Firstly, it is essential to know what an auto dialer is, how it benefits your business. The software application dials phone numbers from the given list, on behalf of agents. If someone does not respond, it leaves recorded messages. Since technology evolves, the software becomes more and more sophisticated, with new features added each time. Agents can only benefit from this aspect, because they will rely less on manual work, they save valuable time, and become more productive, as the software does some of their work.

Why Find a Phoneburner Alternative

Phoneburner is highly popular power dialer that boosts productivity for outbound sales. The platform has evolved and offers many capabilities, including email tracking and contact management. More than that, it offers reports, so that teams have everything needed to achieve sales growth. However, the investment is considerable, especially when you review the monthly costs. This is one of the reasons why people seek a Phoneburner alternative, because they want similar features, but not at that price.

Providers activating in the field respond very well to such requests, as competitors are present and ready to surprise clients with their offers. To be able to choose the right solution, it is necessary to research the market and analyze your internal requirements. How many agents do you have? What type of work they do daily? What clients you contact, which is their demographics? What features do you need to focus on? Knowing these factors helps to take the final decision. Of course, pricing matters and asking for quotes is strongly recommended.

The best auto dialer for real estate offers some of the greatest features. Take for example the predictive dialer. It dials phone numbers automatically and answered calls are routed to agents. It has an algorithm that makes the outbound call when it is the right time. This feature reduces the drop rate and increases the agent’s talk time. The algorithm does something else too, it measures the number of calls that do not connect, and the time spend by agents on calls. Afterwards, it starts dialing numbers so that agents can pick up once they finish the previous call.

All these points make the predictive dialer a highly efficient and fast way to reach clients, without wasting time with idle time and many businesses can use it, those activating in real estate, telemarketing, sales, and more. It is one of the best auto dialer for real estate solutions. Another example of a dialer is the progressive dialer. This is similar to the predictive one, but it dials numbers only when agents are available to take calls. Once they are connected, it does the same to other agents and stops dialing until one agent is disconnected and ready to take another call.

There is a lot of pressure on the best auto dialer for real estate and choosing the right one depends on many factors. For instance, the size of the organization. If there are many agents, a predictive dialer is recommended, because there are many people to reach out and agents can maximize their time on the phone. Efficiency is maximized, because agents will not remain idle for too long. Make a list with the features that you need, such as speech recognition, campaign management, a preview of customer information, and more.

How to Choose a Phoneburner Alternative

Choosing a Phoneburner alternative depends on several factors, one of them being the objectives of calls. What type of clients you reach to? If they are of high value, then dropped calls are out of the question and a progressive dialer is a good idea, because it starts dialing a number only when an agent is available. If your business is focused on sales calls and telemarketing, then a predictive dialer is better, because it estimates the number of calls that will be unsuccessful and dials over to compensate for them.

Ask yourself some questions before deciding over a Phoneburner alternative. How large is your customer base? Are your clients from a single country or spread around the world? You can find the right auto dialer when you know these aspects. In case you already have CRM or plan to implement it in the near future, it is essential to look for a dialer that integrates easily. All customer data is stored in CRM and the auto dialer should offer quick access through an intuitive and easy to access interface.

Investing in the best auto dialer for real estate is an important decision and it is critical for your business. It can help it grow at a rapid rate, moving ahead of competition. If you take into account your requirements and your future plans, you should be able to find a solution that meets your needs and budget.