1. Delight customers with Power Router


Connect leads to the right account owners and success managers with Lead to Account Matching instantly


2. Go account based in Saleforce


Implement account based selling in Salesforce. Identify key accounts and route based on account data.


Get a view of all leads and contacts for your key accounts and provide the right context to your team.


3. Why match leads to accounts?


It helps your customers.


Give your customers a better experience by connecting them directly to their account managers or success managers.


It helps your team.


Empower reps to close deals faster by providing the right context and by saving time to do lookups to identify customer & prospect accounts.


4. Match + Route = Better together!


Avoid reaching out to an existing customer with a prospecting email. It leads to a bad customer experience.


Route customer leads directly to the success manager of the account.


5. Greater productivity for your team


With lead and contacts automatically matched to Accounts in real-time, your team has the right context when they reach out to a prospect.


Eliminate duplicates and Convert leads directly to matched accounts through automation.


6. Match with Confidence


Power router’s Matching algorithm is powerful, real-time and efficient.


Find the best match for any lead by using a combination of features like fuzzy matching, multiple domain support, tie breakers and configurable assignments.



Source: scheduling software is the automated meeting