To set up your Alexa Echo application, download the application first. For this, you can visit the Amazon Echo App . download the application. You can likewise visit the upheld application store on your gadget to download the application.

After you Echo Dot App Download, turn on your Echo gadget by associating it to the force connector and afterward electrical plug.

After to turning on the gadget, move to the Amazon Alexa App for Echo App and login to the application utilizing your Amazon login accreditations.

You will see the orange light on your Echo gadget showing that your gadget is in the setup mode.

Presently, you have to associate the App to the Echo gadget for the Alexa application setup. You can do this from the system settings on your cell phone gadget.

When your Alexa dot app for Echo App and Echo Dot App gadget is associated, you have to interface Alexa to the remote system. Enter the wifi organize security key to get associated.