In a crowded metropolis like New York City, it's always been a formidable job to keep high-traffic interior spaces clean. But with the arrival of COVID-19 and required new disinfecting protocols, it's crucial to have the best commercial cleaning NYC has to offer. From disinfectant spraying to hand scrubbing daily, every business must have an outstanding performance from its janitorial service. It goes equally for medical and dental facilities as well as offices, retail stores, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, and many more. Never before has such a priority been placed on commercial cleaning.

When you're comparing among commercial cleaning contractors in New York City, have a thorough list of questions in mind. For example, inquire about staff training and equipment. Reliable sanitizing and disinfecting depend on adequately applying the right products. You want an experienced team of professionals that are dedicated to consistent and effective service. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial to protect workers and ensure complete sanitization. Although the research is continuing about coronavirus transmission, there is agreement about sanitizing surfaces.

Having janitorial service at least once a day and possibly more depending on your needs also is essential. Gone are the days when weekly cleaning or part-time janitorial service was sufficient. Now things need to be wiped down and disinfected continuously to maintain a healthy and safe office. In restaurants, retail stores, and fitness centers, social distancing, and hyper-clean surroundings work together to reduce transmission of the coronavirus. The imperative is to prevent individual cases and more significant outbreaks alike. With public health in the spotlight, keeping things clean is a civic duty.

Once larger gatherings are ruled safe again in New York City, event clean-up will be among the most significant commercial cleaning priorities. Spaces will need to be sanitized and disinfected as they are turned over from one group to the next. Enhanced protocols will include the use of disinfectant sprays in addition to customary janitorial services. Building management will have ever-increasing responsibilities to deliver a pristine space to all who enter. There is no margin for error, and inspections will have higher standards than ever before. Everyone takes COVID cleaning seriously.